A Country Rag--Whole Woman
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Wired woman 3 A Country Rag
Whole Woman

by Jeannette Harris

The author created A Country Rag in 1996 and is its current Chairperson and Publisher. She has not received a speeding ticket since moving back to Jonesborough TN in late August of 2007.

"Gray is all theory; green is life's glowing tree."
-- Goethe

"[People] love abstract reasoning and neat systemization so much that they think nothing of distorting the truth, closing their eyes and ears to contrary evidence to preserve their logical constructions."
-- Dostoyevsky, Notes from Underground

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"For existentialists, the darkness is part of the truth and so much be sought after. Life is not always a series of clean, deductive arguments, reasoned from premise to conclusion, inevitably leading to progress and light.... To acknowledge the richness and variety of human experience is perforce to embrace its tragedy as well as its joy. Existentialists do not deny the seductive power of systems. But they insist on the value of ambiguity and the inevitability of uncertainty."
-- Diane Barsoum Raymond, Existentialism and the Philosophical Tradition (1991)


Within two days, I learned:
  • Ten states border Tennessee

  • The Smoky Mountains are not on the way from Nashville to Johnson City

  • Neither is Alabama

  • Just say no to unidentified roads

  • After 30 miles of unmarked pavement, any route sign is comforting, even if it's wrong

  • Binary probability theory doesn't work in choosing a correct exit lane

  • The pretty symbol over route designations isn't a gift from the State Art Council; it means "scenic," defined as "original one-and-a-half lane mountain byway with unmarked killer curves and six-inch high pre-civil-war stone guard rails"

  • If it seems like the wrong road, turning off it arbitrarily will probably not be right either

  • Never drive into a setting sun, especially if you're traveling East

  • If you're higher than 2,000 feet in the dark, stop

  • Unless one finds interstates boring, the eighteen-hour, two-day trip including an overnight stay atop the Appalachians between Nashville and Johnson City will take approximately six hours.

Wiser now.

Jobo TN Getting Home

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".... much of philosophy ignored the richness and diversity of concrete experience in favor of universal generalization. Philosophers have, for example, generally ignored or disparaged the realms of sense perception and emotion as too changeable, too subjective, and linked to the body.... Feminist philosophers have argued that such approaches ignore the experiences of half our population, and Marx claimed that they are ahistorical. Political philosophers and anthropologists have pointed to the dangers inherent in an ethnocentrism that reduces all experience to that of Western, usually white male, society. Existentialists reject systems that erase individuals for the sake of a bland oneness. Such systems fail to capture the richness of concrete experience, and they ignore or trivilize those experiences that do not fit."
-- Diane Barsoum Raymond, Existentialism and the Philosophical Tradition (1991)

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