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"Vapor: The Undefined Word"

This is a difficult concept to convey: considering the catalyst for positive awareness and change Dylann ("a boy named Sue"?) Roof actions have been, we might ponder that God set him on that course and perhaps contemplate life sentences rather than capital punishment. What was that barely adult young man thinking during the hour he sat in Bible study with the human beings who soon "met God face to face" and became his material victims, earthly martyrs to the Christly cause?

Weirdly also, in Charleston SC today the confederate flag is flying *full-staff above* the half-staff state and federal ones. What does that really signify/symbolize/represent? What does that emblem stand for in truth and actuality? Some totally alien entity? Under what circumstance/s does it legally fly at half-staff? If all is well everywhere [and there's no profit to be made from Evil (harm, ill-ness)]?

This is where at least Hinduism and Judaism -- two culturally-distinct, mythically allegorical, spiritual apprehensions of two anciently indigenous peoples/"races" -- collide: Yahweh created Lucifer/Satan, out of Himself to be His nemesis/arch-rival in a central aspect of the divine mystery that permeates a comedic-tragedy drama, the story of our lives -- the yin-yang dynamic of cosmic existence. There's a trinity: the three (Asian, Indian and African, really) major root paths of spiritual journeying for knowledgeable ascendance and transcendence from temporally material constraints.

If we were nicer to Jews, they might be enabled to share with us what the Hebrew Bible we obeiscently revere really says behind the Latin/Roman interpolations. Poetry is notoriously difficult to translate for subtle reasons that poets, and musicians (meter may matter to meaning and rhyme to reason, alliteration to intrinsic allusion), know. Romans weren't famed for their poetic sensibilities.

Languages of accounting are woefully inadequate to extrapolate communicatively the poetic physics of true and real existence, the essence of value or meaning.

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