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A Country Rag The Winding Road

Graphic below: Music, collage by jH
Music, collage by jH
Collage is a wonderfully artistic and inexpensive way to savor and save beautiful and interesting photographs from magazines and to rearrange them, individually and uniquely, in conveying a personal message or reality. An historic craft, collage has been explored and expanded imaginatively into this century to incorporate many new materials and presentation possibilities.

“The Vision”[song lyric/chords]

Mountains are more than just piles of stone,         
They're alive with a heart of their own,               
And the creatures who roam there, live there and die there,
This, they all seem to know.                          
Oh it starts like the thunder, a faint distant roll,        
But it hits like the lightning when the wind starts to blow,   
And it touches you deep , its the wild in your soul,    
It's the windsong.   

                            (Repeat Chorus)    

I come here searchin' for my share of dreams,   
Lookin' for songs on the way,               
And the tunes that I heard, were all sung without words    
But the wildwind sure had its say.            
I heard the coyotes question, and the elks answered call,
The bluebirds sing to the water's sweet fall         
     And the Earth sang her blessing to each one and all, 
     With her windsong.              
                        (Final Chorus)   


by Walkin' Jim Stoltz

I Walk In Beauty

A Celebration of Life and a Thanksgiving of Wonder

Every day there is something that I experience that brings me joy, pauses me in wonder, amazes me in gratitude, thrills me in appreciation, and wraps me in beauty. This is a wonderful Earth we live upon. It is a miracle of Life we breathe.

While walking along the mountain ridges last summer (2008) I wandered constantly in beauty. The views were near constant. The flowers were prolific. Everywhere I turned my heart sang with the wonder of it all. One day as I pushed my way through shoulder high beargrass blooms I realized that I was not walking "thru" beauty, but rather walking "in" beauty. A song came to me that day. It went something like this:

I walk in beauty, I walk in beauty
The water I drink, and the air I breathe, 
Each step I take, my heart awakes,
I walk in beauty
I walk in beauty 

I walk in wonder, I walk in wonder
The flowers of the field, and the feathers of the forests
The tracks in the snow, I’d like to know
I walk in wonder
I walk in wonder 

I walk in harmony, I walk in harmony
The falling of tree, the rising of the sun
The stars in my eyes in when the day is done,
I walk in harmony
I walk in harmony 

I walk in grateful joy
I walk in grateful joy
For the life in my blood, the wonder in my eye,
The song in my heart and the beauty on the rise,
I walk in grateful joy
I walk in grateful joy

I walk in beauty, I walk in beauty
The water I drink, and the air I breathe, 
Each step I take, my heart awakes,
I walk in beauty
I walk in beauty 
The song became my mantra. I sang it as I walked. I sang it when things got hard and I struggled to stay in the moment. I sang it when I reached the top of the mountain. And I sang it when I was at the bottom. I still sing it. It grounds me and has become a living prayer of Thanks. This page is a result of that song.

I want to share the beauty, the wonder, the heartfelt joy of what I see, hear, smell, taste and feel. In the days ahead I will use this page to post a variety of things. Stories, pictures, words, and thoughts. Each will share a moment of wonder. I'll always have the most recent "beauty moment" posted item on top so you won't have to scroll through the ones you've already seen. I hope you'll enjoy these little treasures of life as much as I do.

Text republished by owner permission from Walkin' Jim Stoltz website. Listen to his music here and get his song lyrics and chords here.Musicians United to Sustain the Environment memorializes the Stoltz "Forever Wild" concert and that active ecological concern.

Natural art photography courtesy of Kim Upton (Hillbilly Mystic).

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"Walkin' Jim Stoltz set off on his last forever wild hike on Friday, September 3, 2010. Our master troubadour and dear friend fought a heroic battle with cancer in Helena, MT. He was 57 years old.
Walkin' Jim is widely known throughout the U.S. for his unique combination of long-distance hiking, original songwriting, and photography. Jim was an adventurer, artist, poet, photographer, author, and environmental activist.
In his lifetime, he accomplished numerous long-distance treks including the complete lengths of the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, an east to west cross-continent hike, the entire U.S. Continental Divide, trips from Yellowstone to the Yukon, and many others. In total, he hiked over 28,000 miles of long-distance trips.
When not on a long trip, Walkin' Jim could be found on any of the many trails in southwest Montana for a day hike with family and friends. He was also an avid cross-country skier. Jim also enjoyed wilderness travels by canoe. Between trips, Jim would create, produce and perform original shows of his travels with photography and music, always incorporating his keen sense of environmental awareness and justice for all things wild. His musical, hiking, and environmental career spanned 45 years.
Jim was born in Royal Oak, MI, June 8, 1953, to Wilbur and Audra Stoltz. He graduated high school from Royal Oak - Kimball High School.
Walkin' Jim began playing the guitar when he was in the 4th grade. He performed in several bands during the 1970s. He attained his love for the outdoors and hiking beginning with the Boy Scouts. His first long-distance hike was on the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 1973.
The following year, Jim began his Ocean to Ocean walk beginning in West Quodyhead, ME, and ending on the Olympic Pennisula, WA. The entire trip followed dirt roads, railroad tracks, and trails.
Jim's first recording was "Spirit is Still on the Run," in 1986. He also recorded, "Forever Wild," "Listen to the Earth," "The Long Trails," and many others. Walkin' Jim produced over eight musical albums and one music video for children, "Come Walk With Me."
Jim was an accomplished poet. His poetry was published as, "Whisper Behind the Wind." Walkin' Jim wrote a book, "Walking with the Wild Wind: Reflections on a Montana Journey," highlighting his inspirational travels and wilderness philosophy.
A few year's ago, Jim discovered his talent for painting. He developed an extensive array of work in oils specializing in interpretive environmental themes. He liked to work in the medium of oil-based cattle markers on canvas. Many of his paintings reflected themes from his songs and poetry.
Walkin' Jim founded Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (MUSE) with Craig Wagner, and Joyce Rouse. MUSE is a group of professional touring musicians who are concerned about the health of our planet. Many of them draw their inspiration from the land, and feel the need to give something back toward protecting it. Walkin' Jim stood at the forefront of many environmental causes throughout the U.S.
Jim helped with the planning and design of several trails throughout the American Southwest. A short segment of U.S. Forest Service trail in northern Arizona was recently created and named the Walkin' Jim Trail.
To spread his love of people and song, Jim was employed for nearly 30 winter seasons at Lone Mountain Ranch, Big Sky, MT, driving horse-drawn sleighs to festive dinners where he performed his extensive repertoire of music.
Jim's life is richly entwined by a web of countless dear friends, including thousands of children throughout the country who have learned and loved his stories and songs.
Walkin' Jim is survived by his true friend Leslie Stoltz, Big Sky, MT, brother Mark Stoltz, Honor, MI, and sister's Susan Grace Stoltz, of Fairbanks, AK, and Lisa Mohr, Wixom, MI, and many nieces and nephews.
Jim's life work and dreams centered on his desire to share the beauty, the unique character, the mood, and the value of wilderness through his music, writings, art, and activism. He leaves a special and enduring legacy to his family, friends, and enumerable list of fans. A legacy directing all of us to live lives of happiness while sharing in and protecting all things wild."

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text © Walkin Jim Stoltz Estate, digital graphics © Jeannette Harris, Decemberv 2012. All rights reserved.

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