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Americana Travel Tweets Anthology

ACR, Tsagali Sunset by Jeannette Harris

ACR, Gifts ACR,'The Nest' -- click to enlarge
ACR,'H.M.S. Petunia' -- click to enlarge ACR,'Caravan' -- click to enlarge

  1. Alaska!
  2. "And there'll be dancing..."
  3. "Boone, NC"
    ACR,'Caravan' -- click to enlarge
  4. Country Calendar-- "Field Report from the Appalachian Heartland" -- "High Country Ramblin'" -- "Completing the Circle"
  5. Country Calendar-- "Apprehension and Alchemy"
  6. Country Calendar-- "It's Raining Men, Hallelujah!"
  7. Country Calendar-- "Messin' With The Best"
  8. Country Calendar-- "Small Town America Lights Up"
  9. Country Calendar-- "A Windie Town"
  10. Country Calender --"On The Road"--"Go Rest High"--"God's Spell"--"Seeds"
  11. Country Calendar-- "Travelin' Mercies"--"Takin It To The Streets"--"Bringin It All Home"--"Just One Of Those Nights"--"And One Of Those Days"
  12. Country Calendar-- "The Fourth in the First"
    ACR,'Caravan' -- click to enlarge
  13. #Eye of the Beholder -- American Folk#
  14. Here's to the Parks!
  15. "Holiday Home"
  16. "Loose Change"
  17. "Loss"

  18. *Mountain Empire ArtAbout Listings*
  19. #The No-Time Zone -- Hypnotic Anime#
  20. "Perspectives"
  21. #PitStop Arcades A and B#

  22. "Quick Vacations"
  23. Tanasi: The Spirit of Freedom-- "Fun Fair" -- "Community Eats" -- "The Town Meets" -- "Revolutionary Reenactment" -- "And The Bands Play On" -- "Art Is Forever" --"Heroes and Heroines" -- "Boo!" --"Back To The Future"
  24. Street Music!
  25. "That Home Town Taste"
  26. Thumbin' Free
  27. "Travelin'"
  28. #Vie Village#
  29. #Voyage Visite#
  30. Wheelies!
  31. Wild Waters
  32. Wings!

ACR,'Caravan' -- click to enlarge

ACR, BookCase

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Travelogue creative non-fiction journal articles
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text excerpts from Chameleon: An Interactive Exploration

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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