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When you come to the edge of all that you know,
you must believe one of two things:
there will be earth to stand on,
or you will be given wings to fly.

-- author unknown, quote from mixed media sculpture "Faith" by Pam Hurley, First Tennessee Bank Art Competition and Exhibition, Reese Museum, ETSU, Johnson City

Particularly for country folk, the World Wide Web offers inexpensive mind travel opportunities. Sample the tastes and cultures of other parts of the world through their portals, newspaper and museum websites. The links below provide a journey's starting point.

Video above: Fire of Anatolia (Anadolu Atesi) dancers from Turkey

You might want to check the weather around the country before you leave...
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Internet communities provide a way on-line to share interests and opinions, insights and research, friendship and support with netizens across the country and around the globe. OneList, for instance, offers over 280,000 categorized, privacy-protected message boards and mailing lists. Join one or start your own!

NOTE: Sites may contain material from any geographic area; some may not be suitable for children.

Click for Mountain Empire gem Lightnin' Charlie and friends singing and playing great music on a continuous stream JAZZ NOTES in the Misty Blue:

A Mountain Empire Anthology

About Dreams
Common Dreams
Don't forget Web Radio!
Radio On The Internet
(instant links to news, music, talk stations worldwide)
* California, San Diego
BETTER NON SEQUITUR (international hardcopy and on-line compendium of erotic writing and graphic art)
* California, San Francisco
SALON (award-winning on-line version of a Bay Area publication)
* Hawaii, Mililani
PIF (quarterly with compelling, unusual graphics and diverse content)
* Massachusetts, Boston
ATLANTIC UNBOUND (on-line version of Atlantic Monthly with fascinating reader/writer message boards)

"Poets . . . are the only people to whom love is not only a crucial, but an indispensable experience, which entitles them to mistake it for a universal one." -- Hannah Arendt

Send a message to a friend! Free email postcards, with art reproductions and quotes from Kipling, Carroll, Baudelaire, many others. Select an "electronic postcard" from the amazing, classic collection at Just-So, an award-winning website created by Olga Tereshko, graduate student in the English department at Carnegie Mellon University.

ĎMid the green fields of Virginia, dear I met you
Where the roses red and white around us grew
When I held you in my arms and gently kissed you
The robins sang the sweetest song we knew
I am longing for old Virginia, for old Virginia and you
And Iím hoping the soul within you is longing for me too
To Virginia, just like the ivy, my heart clings ever true
And I reckon in the spring Iíll bring a little ring
To old Virginia and you

Though tonight Iím far from you and old Virginia
I still love you as I did that day in June
And when springtime comes again to old Virginia
Iíll build a little cottage just for two
--proposed state song written by A..P. Carter of the legendary Carter family
About Forests
National Forest Protection Alliance
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Radio On The Internet
(mountain community radio from Kentucky's famed Appalshop)
* Michigan Detroit *
URBAN FLAVOR (quarterly of mostly African-American poetry and prose and feature writing)
* Michigan, East Lansing *
CONSPIRE MAGAZINE (high quality hardcopy and on-line literature, graphics and technology)
* New York, Catskill *
KNIGHTMARES (Widely-read and referenced bi-monthly e-zine, on-line since 1994, available in zip format)
* New York, New York City *
THE ASTROPHYSICIST'S TANGO PARTNER SPEAKS (unusual, thematic high quality poetry and graphics site)
* New York, New York City *
HOOTENANNY (unusual graphics and high quality prose and poetry)
* New York, New York City *
POETS & WRITERS (on-line version of respected hardcopy publication; articles; author search engine; writer message boards)

Graphic: Untitled, oil on canvas, Margaret Gregg, Mill 'n Creek Studio Gallery, Limestone, TN


from Songs from the Garden of Kama
Song by Valgovind
by Laurence Hope
(Violet Nicholson)

""...Little Life has got to offer, and little man to lose,
Since to-day Fate deigns to proffer, Oh, wherefore, then refuse
To take this transient hour, in the dusky Temple gloom
While the poppies are in flower, and the mangoe trees abloom.

And if Fate remember later, and come to claim her due,
What sorrow will be greater than the Joy I had with you,
For to-day, lit by your laughter, between the crushing years,
I will chance, in the hereafter, eternities of tears."

About Recycling
GrassRoots Recycling Network
Don't forget Web Radio!
(radio Atlanta's heritage and innovative music, news and commentary station)

Virginia, Fairfax *
WEB DEL SOL (jazzy, modern, diverse lit site with stunning design and graphics; connect to CTheory, excellent and extensive compilation of articles on the cyberscene)
World *
Tower of Babel CAFE BABEL (extensive, intriguingly illustrated, multi-lingual--English, French, Polish, Catalan, German, Spanish, and Italian, omni-cultural site, of international art--graphics and literature, and community--forums and blogs)

Yet each man kills the thing he loves....

"O ailing Love, compose your struggling wing!
Confess you mortal; be content to die.
How better dead, than be this awkward thing
Dragging in dust its feathers of the sky;
Hitching and rearing, plunging beak to loam,
Upturned, disheveled, uttering a weak sound.
Less proud than of the gull that rakes the foam,
Less kind than of the hawk that scours the ground.
While yet your awful beauty, even at bay,
Beats off the impious eye, the outstretched hand,
And what your hue or fashion none can say,
Vanish, be fled, leave me a wingless land . . .
Save where one moment down the quiet tide
Fades a white swan, with a black swan beside."
-- Edna St. Vincent Millay, Fatal Interview, XLII

Summer Ends Too Soon

Was the last she said. Beautiful
Maria, Ave Maria. Maria dodging
father's fists -- and his. Maria praying
under the table. Maria crooning pain
songs in the bathroom. Maria combing

his sludge out of her hair. Maria
serving masters. Seventeen year
old Maria. Maria, your Lady
of the Kept Secret. Maria dancing
to his temper. Maria washing
her panties in the toilet. Two
days after graduation, Maria
swaying from the limb. Maria,
sweet purple fruit of his sin.
Ave Maria.

-- Lorna Dee Cervantes

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
Antoine de Saint-Exupťry, The Little Prince

"Prana is the Hindi word for 'Breath'....
river "So that's what all this has been about, these three tumultous years! Trying to send breath, or spirit, or whatever you want to call it, across the wire. Through text, synchronous or asynchronous, or gifs, or wavs, or lately, video, or combining all of them; here was the cause of the fascination and the frustration, of all the long nights of hacking verses or interfaces, and the dread days where possibility and small success overcame even the misunderstandings of colleagues and the "could not compile: three errors- exiting" messages. And this is, I suppose, why I keep going, in one field or another: because I know that I, or someone else, will finally succeed, and that the success will be communal, and lasting. And worth everything we put into it, for ourselves, and for the coming culture." -- reprinted with permission from "Technology & Art" by William F. Lantry, published on-line in the CONSPIRE

Graphic: Tribal Sunset, watercolor by Vera Jones; one of 24 remaining members of an indigenous tribe, African mother in native dress holds her modern child.

Check out excellent music streaming from Project Vibe
"The fight is not over!"
Tune in!


Links to Appalachia

"Nepal is searching for the next living Kumari goddess, a deity highly revered in the Himalayan kingdom. The chosen girl, likely three or four years old, will replace the present Kumari who retires later this year at age 11. Kumari goddesses usually retire when they reach puberty. Officials say the selection of a goddess is becoming increasingly difficult. 'It is difficult to get a candidate because parents are less keen on their daughters serving as Kumari,' said Nepal government chief Tej Ratna Tamrakar. Many parents now want their daughters to go to schools so they can find jobs rather than live the isolated life of a goddess. Retired kumaris generally live out their lives as spinsters since men fear marrying a former goddess. They must be thinking of the legends of ancient Greece and Rome, where mere mortals tend not to last too long when they dare to love a goddess." -- Goddesses Harder to Find, Wired News
Whisk me away -- Where the heck am I?

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