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A Country Rag

by Jeannette Harris

Thundercane: A prose poem”

The trail, secreted by overgrown thistles and gnarly roots of forgotten trees, tripped and tricked them toward Aunt Calley's lost porch in a gray-weathered clearing mowed silent by deer on quietly abandoned evenings in the dusk of souls uncluttered now by gadges and gadgets soldered of neglected metal treasures found in a gulch nearby. The howl of a wildcat reminded Timmy of Gretchen. He could see the dissolving calicos of her ghost stretched moonbathing along the curvature of the railing as Natalie grasped his arm for comfort and support. A pale of Calley bent to cradle aged Gretchen to her warmly full and loose bossom and, swaying to waves of the stars, croon a low mountain tune. Natalie's hound, Caleb, raised his ears.

Of a sudden over bared heads the sky's indigo tent cracked open like a dropped and broken pottery bowl. In the clatter of pieces frightened galaxies scattered toward edges of folds of the unseen and onto ledges of land beckoning the pair's sandal-clad running soles and toes curling fast toward dry shelter.

A husk of Hallowe'en splattered into hushed repose.

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Note: The fanciful vignette above is based on memory of widow Emma Yates' farmhouse in Burners Bottom near the Shenandoah in which she raised one son, Carl Yancey, who matured to become a CCC road builder in the Depression Era workcamps of the Appalachians and later a WWII Army VFW and finally a riverfront homeowning carpenter by independent trade. Retired, in his 70s he married a childless townwoman companion of near his age. And they played cards devotedly ever after together!

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