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Angel Meritropolis

A Country Rag SuperGuide

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"We know the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong. Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?" -- Statesman and militiaman John Page (1743-1808), writing of our official Declaration of Independence from British colonial rule and the ensuing Revolutionary War whose victory established the geographic boundaries and Constitutional republican government of the United States of America in collegiate correspondence with Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), soon to be the third elected President of the newly-established democratic nation

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"Early Morning Dew"

Thoughts patter softly in their slippers on the still floors of our minds, biding their time to solidify in firmer form to meet the world at daybreak, to pour into our coffee at morning's light, to address the question of the day, to stumble over the hours till night, to reform then like the incoming tide on the sands of our lives. -- jH (2011)

This cyber-installation has over 30 Stand-Alone Multi-section/SuperSection compilations out of 57 related and independent ACR page/sections, and 6 PDF-formatted books:

ACR-In-A-Box -- click for enlargement click for AIR ANNIVERSAIRE: A Dirt road Anthology MultiSection

A Country Rag, Incorporated SUPER-MULTISECTIONS, Hall B

  1. Supersection Jazz Notes in the Misty Blue: A Mountain Empire Anthology
    Cover -- Snippets -- AdantaEncores -- HomeLinks -- SiteLinks -- CapriceKaleide ;
    click for enlargement click for enlargement
  2. SupersectionJobo TN Digital Christmas Folk Art Village;
    Multi-section TASTINGS click for enlargement --
    Jobo TN Folk Art SlideShows;
    ACR, EverydayWoman -- click for enlargement ACR, A Feast in Hell -- click for enlargement
  3. Supersection Revival: Living Remains click to enlarge -- 1997, Senedo Holydays
    Subs 0 -- 1 -- 2 -- Pearl -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 ;

    Multi-section Living Remains Horizon: GREAT ESCAPE Cyber-Travelogue Videos
    8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14
    15 - 16 - Jammin - Babel Choir - Jams - 20 - Jammer ;
    Multi-section PEARL ArtMart Archive I --
    II -- III -- IV -- V ;
  4. Supersections Mandala; and

  5. Supersection ACR Meditations;

    Multi-section Our Music click for enlargement ;
  6. ACR, Citadel to the Sun-- click for enlargement Supersection ACR Misty Blue Playroom;
  7. Supersection Site Scene, ACR herstory 'Spirit Self,' digital graphic by jH -- click for enlargement;

  8. Supersection Thrash Rock Art Collection: The Re-emergence of Magic and Miracles, visuals and verse;
    Multi-section AmericanaTravel Tweets Anthology;
    ACR, Essence by Scent of Magic (Private Label) -- click for enlargement
  9. Supersection USA Mountain Empire Map & Tour;

  10. Supersection WE THE PEOPLE Sesquicentennial Remembrance;
    ^^^ Jobo TN Mountain Muster -- click for enlargement
  11. Supersection WORD PRESERVE Archives.
    + + +

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ACR, Woodblock City -- click for enlargement ACR, Inc. PDF-formatted books.... ACR, Ghost Room -- click for enlargement

Acedia Agoniste -- full reportage/commentary Mandala-related expansion, plain text 507-page PDF-format version

Americana Travel Tweets Anthology chapbook expansion, plain text 43-item, 153-page PDF-format preliminary version

Chameleon: I, A Woman -- edited creative non-fiction autobiography, plain text 357-page PDF-format version

ACR, Hell's Gate-- click for enlargement Civility Nodes online We The People chapbook expansion, plain text 20-item, 93-page PDF-format preliminary version

Mountain High Snippets -- Misty Blue Jazz Notes novelette expansion, plain text 215-page PDF-format version

Senedo Seasons Anthology -- Air Anniversaire chapbook expansion, plain text 41-iem, 116-page PDF-format preliminary version

The Adanta Anthology -- Misty Blue Jazz Notes chapbook expansion, plain text 149-page PDF-format version

ACR, Pangaea flag motto

ACR, Library -- click for enlargement

ACRInc FolkArt JigZone Puzzle Gallery 30+-page subsite

Watch out for "flasher" angels throughout!The line-up....

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Embedded video notice: Multiply-gifted and skillfully inspired hi-tech individuals and groups (who retain copyright claim) worldwide have shared freely their oustandingly extraordinary artistry, representing the felicitous intersection of our fields of knowledge in arts and sciences, within videos and on websites usually cited by web address toward the end of each. To find out details about a favorite and enjoy more of their exploratory expositions, check there. (Clickable listings in full-screen mode of related videos also at the end of each increase exponentially the possibilities for interactive viewing exploration and discoveries. You never know what unexpected treasure you may uncover!) Grateful blessings to all. -- jH

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