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2013-2014 -- Healthy Seasons
to our Native World!

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2013-2014 -- Happy ThanksGivings
to our Native Land!

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The theme for ACR's Holy Days
2013-2014 in-the-works update is

"PAX AMERICANA: Retro Revival"
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2013 - 2014 Happy New Years
to our Native World!

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Holy days in the USA 2010-2011
Holiday Cheer in Jonesborough TN, USA 2012-2013
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2012-2013 Historic Jobo TN Seasonal Greeting Collage -- click for slideshow
"Holy days are home made!"
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I want More Mountain Empire Music! YES.





I want More Mountain Empire Music! YES.

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Historic Jobo TN All-Season USA WonderLand -- click for enlargement, click above for Village Historic Jobo TN All-Season USA WonderLand -- click for enlargement, click above for Village

Waves, acrylic by Susan Tipton, Erwin TN
Graphic above: Waves, acrylic by Susan Tipton, Erwin TN

graphic: Nana, acrylic by jH -- click for jH GraphicMix graphic: Sailboat, digital by jH "We will not release the full potential of half of the world's population until globally we address the issue of equality; until countries, communities, and households around the world acknowledge women's rights and change the rules of inequality." -- World Bank President Robert Zoellick, 9/14/2011

"We are the information age. You can’t beat us. Join us." -- Chelsea Farnam (a 2010 graduate of Milligan College and a writer for IBM Global Content Services) in Don’t let legislators teach children bigotry, hate for Johnson City TN Press, 6/7/2011

"... These are serious times. Every American’s job is on the line. The United States produces 23 percent the world’s wealth although we are just 5 percent of the world’s people. People in the rest of the world are figuring out that their brains are no different than ours and they are using their brainpower to create the kind of standard of living that we have.... I am a very Republican Republican. I grew up and live in a congressional district that hasn’t sent a Democrat to Congress since Abraham Lincoln was President. My great-great grandfather once was asked his politics and he answered, ‘I fought for the union and I vote like I shot.’...." -- Tennessee Senior Senator Lamar Alexander

National Science Foundation Career-Life Balance Initiative

Video above: Johnson City TN's Accoustic Coffee House hosting The Barefoot Movement,
a band that's performed also at Jonesborough's Music on the Square spring/fall entertainment series
staged before the town's historic Courthouse building
(Click here for more of this great band's music and info)

"MANDALA of each unique individual"

4/12/2011-4/9(6/23)/2015: "SESQUICENTENNIAL Remembrance: We The People"

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A Mountain Empire Anthology"

Don't forget to check ACR's extensive Up-To-Date Archives and XYZ Index Illustration by Marjorie Harris Scranton of Appalachian art, history, music, poetry and prose! Use Key Search to find a specific author or title.

Holy Days Features -- Archive Links: click for BFA 'Altar' page

"Free Verse" by Fay Campbell;
"An Appalachian Christmas" by Carolyn Moore;
"Merry Holy Days" by Mirandy;
"God is an Owl" by Kim Upton and "Artful Worship and Praise" by Margaret Gregg;
"The First Christmas Gift" by Eunice Soper;
"Occupy Christmas," "Holiday Rooms--Arts Array," "The Test Drive," and "Holiday Home" by Jeannette Harris
"ACR Quote Closet 2008-2012" by various authors

Nelly, a nannygoat baby -- click for story 'Sweet Pea'
Video Note: If videos are "stuttering," let them play through one time (to get the data in memory for technophiles) and then choose "Replay" for a continuously smooth stream.

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Historic Jobo TN Collage -- click for enlargements supersection

Jobo TN Lakeside Community Light-- click for enlargement

Table of Contents
(Updated for November December January 2012/2013)

(Updated for November December January 2013/2014)

Made in the USA by American citizen/taxpayers


Servants and armies of the Light
"INsight: Callin' It As I Sees It"
by Jeannette Harris
Regional short stories, verse and articles
by Jeannette Harris
"Stocking Stuffers: Reminiscence Revival"
Musings from a naturally poetic land
by Max Ehrmann 1927
"ACR's Holiday Pax Americana Desiderata"
Valley and hill culture notes
by John Charles
"Soul Soliloquy: May 25 2013"
Regional stories and articles on Appalachian life interests
by tba
"'poveimart' or 'chibeniez'"
Joys and delights of town and country life
by Jeannette Harris
"Hobos of the CyberAge Arts Array"
Observations and insights from Appalachia
by various author artists
"Pax Americana I and II"
Every day life
by various authors
"Figures of Speech: Past Imperfect"
Unexpected, unscheduled gems of interest and variety
by Harold Janzen
"Three Pieces
High points in literary expression and experience
by Jeannette Harris
"Eleanor's Kitchen"
Country prose and verse
by Dave Waldrop
"Justice and Liberty"
Articles, prose and poetry on traditional life and pastimes
by Dr. Frances Lamberts
"Wildflowers of Tennessee"
Exploring experience and consciousness
by Zeinab Bandpey
"Equations of Peace: An Iranian Woman's View"

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Air Anniversaire: Dirt Road Anthology


music, graphics and quotes from around the region, nation and world
Notes on the scene and environment
by Dr. Frances Lamberts
"Fresh food "
Down-home cooking section
Reviews of recent regional events with links to resources
Mountain soliliquies, sayings and colloquialisms
Humor in travel and on the trail
by Dr. Frances Lamberts, Kim Upton
A celebration of spirit in prose, poetry and graphic arts
by Mirandy
"Past and Future"
Life's ups and asides, curves and bends, dips and drop-offs
by Jeannette Harris
"Chameleon: Living Remains"

American Folk
Tributes to our diversity, musical and otherwise
Appalachian Scenes
Graphics, listings, links to regional attractions
Baubles and Bubbles
Twenty-stage cross-cultural multi-media digital extravaganza Sound & Light Show
Multi-spiritual info and inspiration from throughout history and around the globe
Links to Appalachia
Regional website listings
Mobile Media and Key Search
TeenyTV, RoustAbout Radio, TechnaToyz, SiteSearch and more
Our Music
Musical videos, link listings and playable instruments
Site Credits
Corporate structure and background info
Site Scene
Publishing info and history
SuperPlane Quickload
Listing of and links to all stand-alone,multi-component, independently-related ACR supersections
Travel around the world via internet websites
Up-To-Date Archives
Compilation of ACR content from 1996 onward

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Digital-Collage Graphic below: "Private Party by jH"

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