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I, A Woman

“Poets and beggars, musicians and prophets, warriors and scoundrels, all creatures of that unbridled reality, we have had to ask but little of imagination. For our crucial problem has been a lack of conventional means to render our lives believable.” (Gabriel García Márque)

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"... He was tall and slight, as is the manner of the Harris race. He was very fond of walking, and almost always to the end of his life walked to church^a distance of about three miles. He generally came in company with another elder, Thomas Hutchinson, who was of the same build, and their arrival was usually hailed by the youngsters with the remark, sotto voce, 'Here come the two Apostles.' Late in his life it is said that John Harris was offered a pension for his Revolutionary services, but it was not in those days the fashion for persons who could help themselves to accept help fi'om their country, and he declined it, saying that he did not need it....."
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Jeannette Harris (Gerlach: 09/30/44)
Height: 5'3"; weight: ~130 lbs.
Jonesborough TN 37659

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Liliput Jobo -- click for 'Hazeled: Mother Reflections' Anthology 2014 Summary Update: !Lilliiput Jobo! is the true focus of my life and locus of my soul, but I also enjoy music, art, heritage history and culture, rivers and oceans, walks in parks, and nearly anything green (unless maybe it's growing on something in the refrigerator)

Born in L.A., California; raised in Boston MA and coastal Maine; honors alumnus of [Dana Hall, Cushing Academy, Newton North high schools, Boston Ballet School & Commercial Performance Ensembles, New England Conservatory of Music (piano), Boston University, East Tennessee State University(anthropology/sociology) and Virginia Commonwealth University(psychology)]; honor society memberships; private tutoring in nearly all performance arts, including graphics and computer technologies. Other major cities of residence and employment: Brookline MA, Manhattan NY, Fort Lauderdale FL, High Point NC, Johnson City TN, Washington DC, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, Cleveland OH, Richmond VA. Maybe two decades altogether residence and work in Backcountry waterfront southeastern USA. Professional background in fine arts, music and performing arts, administration, clinical psychology, criminal law, management, programming, system design, accounting, instruction, small business ownership, writing and visual arts. Personal background in house and furniture restorations and remodelings, various needlework, animal husbandry and gardening, volunteer organization and focus. Own a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts and culture corporation that explores and promotes history and talent in the Mountain Empire with the generous assistance of a diverse array geographically and otherwise of polymathic friends and acquaintances internationally. Member artist, JFAG Publicity Chair and Facebook page Creator-Developer and Administrator with Jonesborough Fine Art Foundation, Inc. Main Street (co-op) Gallery. Juried exhibitor (acrylics), Jonesborough Storytelling Center Fine Arts in the Park, 2010-2012; 2013 -- Visitors Center, Washington County Library, Main Street ArtWalk.

Johnson City TN Richmond VA Ballston Station VA Shenandoah VA
owned residences: Bustins Island ME (Jeannette Harris Scranton); Maple Street, Johnson City TN (Jeannette Gerlach Marion); Richmond VA (Jeannette Harris Howes); 626 N.Edison Street, Arlington VA (Jeannette Harris Howes); Route 3 Box 186, Luray VA (Jeannette Harris)

QUALIFICATIONS Liliput Jobo -- click for enlargement 2016 Summary Update:
Professional experience in multi-media art, on-line publishing, website design, recruitment, programming, management, payroll and accounting systems, sales, general office equipment, technical, commercial and creative writing, business and system design, management and ownership.

By its 501 (C)(3) TN Charter ACRInc exists "To encourage contemporary arts [see http://acountryrag.org/caveframe.html] and tourism in Appalachia [see http://acountryrag.org/mbhomelinks.html], with special emphasis on the endeavors of women and minorities [see http://acountryrag.org/river3.html]." A Country Rag Inc.'s website is upgraded and updated throughout for 2015 -- access its multiply-evolving super/sections from one of ten "gateways" at http://acountryrag.org/superplain.html and through Americana Travel Tours at http://acountryrag.org/attvisite.html — Jonesborough, TN.
Designed "An Appalachian Country Rag," the now-quarterly regional Internet site which went on-line April 1996, and managed its growth in coding, regional coverage and artistic contributions. In 1997, Encyclopedia Britannica selected it for their Guide to the Internet as one of the best websites (then "O Shenandoah! Country Rag")worldwide, and in 1998 for inclusion in their eBlast search engine and britannica.com as a recommended site and the one best representative of Appalachia (and its poetry). It has also received many other awards for excellence in design and content. Technical manager, programmer, socio-psychological clinician for adults and children, and office worker.

1996-present: Chairperson/Publisher of what is now incorporated as A Country Rag, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation established in Jonesborough TN. Developed, edited, managed and published on-line websites and award-winning site (originally commercial advertising-supported and now a non-profit federally and in Tennessee since 10/07) of regional arts, history and culture. Writer in all genre (published on-line in many sites and occasionally in print, an unpublished anthology entitled ADANTA of poetry and short stories and a novel entitled TAPESTRY, an on-line historical and hyper-linked autobiography entitled CHAMELEON, and three out-of-print chapbooks entitled SENEDO SEASONS, CHRYSOS and GIFTS) and graphic artist. HTML design and coding, animation and multimedia applications, Windows, Word and WordPerfect. (see ACRInc SuperPlane QuickLoad for current book publication/distribution list).

1984-1996: Co-owner, CJPaint, Luray VA.
Management, hiring and supervision, billing and collections, advertising, accounting, bid configuration and negotiation, field assistance for successfully popular and well-regarded self-created regional commercial and private contract painting company.

1990-1991: Supervisor, Shen-Paco Industries, Luray VA.
Sheltered workshop program design, implementation and supervision for severely and profoundly handicapped adults.

1976-1984: Programmer/Analyst/Manager, American Managements Systems, Inc., Fairfax VA.
Project manager, systems analyst, programmer (Pascal, Cobol, run-time code), database administrator for private sector and government accounting systems, including payroll, personnel and cost allocation. Technical documentation and client support, on-site system installation, training and "trouble shooting" cross-country. In project management, created independently -- through design, coding, documentation, installation, maintenance and training --two commercially successful and user-popular systems: client support & tracking and personnel development (as a private contractor self-employed plus expenses).

1975-1976: Tutor, Monroe Clinic, Richmond VA.
Part-time clinician for learning-disabled children.

1972-1974: Administrative Assistant, Office of the Attorney General, Richmond VA.
Administrative, research and secretarial responsibilites (informal Commonwealth clearance for wiretapping and prosecution of suspected drug "kingpins") for Criminal Division.

1970-1976: self-funded (savings/employment) Bachelor of Science in Psychology with High Honors and independent credit honors studies in Microbiology (seratonin), Child Development (Piaget) and Linguistics (Chomsky), Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA.

Dean's Lists. National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Phi Kappa Phi scholarship honor society. MENSA invitee. Who's Who in American Business Women. "Best of the Web" awards nationally and internationally for design and content of A Country Rag, and earlier O Shenandoah! Country Rag, site.

(self-funded in time and expenses)
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children [foster-care staff aide], Quaker Friends Service Outreach [ghetto renovation/refurbishment], Salvation Army [bell-ringer], Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC) [gofer, mascot], Democratic Party [local staff aide] (TN Eugene McCarthy, VA Jerry Brown & Henry Howell, TN Gore-Leiberman and NC Obama-Biden campaigns), Friends of the Jonesborough Washington County Museum [Cultural Events Chair] and Library, Washington County Environmental Action Group, Green Party of Tennessee [Co-Chair 2001-2003], Jonesborough World Music and Storytelling Festivals [sales assistant], Friends of the Nolichucky River, Washington County TN-VA Heritage Alliance, public radio advocate [clerical aide], Jonesborough Fine Arts Foundation gallery [exhibiting artist member, Facebook Developer/Admin, Promotions Chair], Democratic Women's Leadership Council 2011-2012 [cheerleader], A Country Rag Inc 1996-now [founder/architect, all-purpose grunt], G.O.P. 2016-2017 [Contributing Affiliate], Massachusetts Historical Society [contributing member]

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Personal and professional references: Zipora Brown (VA), Molinda Ellis (OH), Margaret Gregg (VA), David Ensor Utz(NC), Dr. Jonathan David Farley (MD), Florence Gerlach (CN), Dr. Frances Lamberts (TN), Susan Lachmann (TN), John Darnton (NY), Kimberly Upton(KY), John Charles(TN), Steve Bluestein (CA), Michael J. Lipton (MA), Dr. Gwen Y. Fortune (FL), Kathleen Dameron (TN)

Spices: Ron Marion, Dayton, OH (1964-1968); Bob Howes, Washington DC (1969-1984); Charles Henry, Hollywood FL (1986-1996)

Updated from 2009 for 2016

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c. Jeannette Harris, 2017. Jonesborough Tennessee. Revised Spring's New Leaf 2016.

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