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Celebrate! -- Activate! -- Consecrate!

For the Ninety-Nine Percent: Advice from Nana

"Police Chief (Howard) Jordan and I are dedicated to respecting the right of every demonstrator to peacefully assemble...." -- Oakland CA Mayor Jean Quan, 11/2/2011

In the midst of this difficult socio-economic situation, don't ignore the enduring basics!

  • There are wondrously beautiful and intriguing aspects of nature and technology accessible for appreciation and enjoyment for free and/or very inexpensively! (Check through ACR for reference and links to many within the Mountain Empire especially, most of which have their counterparts in other regions globally.)

  • We The People are rich in multitudinously magnificent and communally-owned museums, parks and forests for our daily education and healthily pleasurable entertainment. Most have equally splendid "cyperspace homes" (virtual tours and live webcams within informatively well-designed interactive websites, e.g. the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Smithsonian National Zoo and its 19 museums) for readily convenient visitation and acquaintance. Chances are good that your local (public or private) university or college closeby offer freely accessible or reduced rate admissions to an abundantly diverse panoply of extraordinarily excellent performances and exhibitions of works by outstandingly-skilled and multiply-talented professors and students as well as other participatory learning/entertainment opportunities (e.g. school-affiliated art galleries, lectures, seminars and multi-media presentations).

  • Meaningfully useful occupation is crucial to overall healthy functioning! Many service organizations from charitable to cultural to political are in need of volunteer assistance, which you can provide informally also for neighbors in your community. Hobbies ranging from collage art to collecting and research into topics of personal interest can keep mind and body wholesomely occupied also and may provide a basis for remunerative employment in the future.

  • There may be a need, discernible on investigation, for specfic goods or services in your area that you are able to provide affordably in self-support and personal employment. In that case, build a reputation for reliability and high quality -- for your own good (i.e. personal sense of self-worth) as well as that of your clients/customers. The best, and cheapest, advertising is still 'word-of-mouth' laudatory referral.

  • Exercise! Eat as nutritionally as possible. Walking to the store or your neighbor's house saves vehicle gas and maintenance costs and affords natural fitness opportunities, including close acquaintance with environs. Fast foods are notoriously expensive compared to homegrown and/or homemade. Culinary arts are interestingly enjoyable to explore and master and to share as entertainment informally or festively with friends and family. -- jH

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