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"Woman Leaders: A Woman For All Seasons"

There have been many great and grand women around the globe and throughout history. England's Elizabeth I and Victoria and Spain's Isabella are particularly relevant to the USA.

Contemporaneously, I admire the courage of Republican Carly and that of Nikki in coming forward eloquently in difficult situations.

A good and great nation must chose as its first female President an individual of strong morality, keen perception and proven character of laudable merit.

Sadly, Hillary has repeatedly abrogated official oaths to protect and preserve Constitutional protections for all citizens regardless of gender, creed, race or age and abused diverse postions of privilege exclusively for personal gain via criminal skullduggery.

I cannot personally support any political platform or party under leadership I know, inarguably and irrefutably, to be dangerously dubious.

I do look forward to living one day in my native-born country, the sometimes united states of america, esteemably represented by an individual of my own natural gender. That will be awesome!

This appears to be necessarily sayonara to the political party of my actively involved personal choice for nearly all of my adult life.


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