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A Country Rag Native Days

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Past Imperfect

(Special selections from ACR's 1996-2012 Archives)

Jonesborough Yarn Exchange's Schedule of Events

Joy to All!

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Christmas Parade

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Section A

The Harvest of a Temporary Thaw, In Summer, Easy as Hell" by Richard Ballon;
"My Retreat, Go Alone But For You, Half A Year" by Lori Brenner;
"Nana Never Got Naked" by MaryAnn Hazen;
"The World's A Stage," by Susan Lachmann
"Sunday Dinner" by Terry Lowenstein;
"Beans" by Carolyn Moore;
"Memory, Love Poem in Spring, Insomnia, After Grief" by James Owens;
"Silent Messenger, Weakest of the Weak, Messenger at Work" by Frances Soper;

Section B

"Dancing in the Dark" and "The Uktena" by Gary Carden;
"Remember Jackson" by Dr. Jonathan David Farley;
"Sounds Sweet" by Susan Lachmann;
"A Beneficial Act" by Dr. Frances Lamberts;
"What's A Huguenot?," "Missing Families," and "White Dove and the Virginia Caverns" by Don Silvius;
"Nature's Bonus:Wild Mushrooms" by Frank Slivinski;
"Lesson of the Furrow" by Frances Soper;
"Stand up! (1997)" by readers and publisher;
"Places I Have Been, and Bridges" by Alan Ward;

Section C

"Merry Christmas To All" by Jeanne Cope;
"The Blinky Commotion" and "Smooth Sailing" by Jeannette Harris;
"Great Road Style," by Susan Lachmann
"First Clone" by Jennifer Ley;
"How Do Frogs Do It?" and "Not All Plants Are Equal" by Dr. Frances Lamberts;
"To Appalachia," by Jimmie Pennington;
"Door to the Soul," "Little League Opening Day," and "One Man's Children" by Don Silvius;
"Deaf Ear, Voice in the Dark, Nuisance, and Miraculous Stick" by Frances Soper;
"Stand up! (1996)" by readers and publisher;
"One Land, One Heart/I Walk in Beauty" by Jim Stoltz;
"Toward An Appalachian Green Party" by Dr. Bill Stone;
"Martin Luther King Jr., Steel Mill, North Georgia Saturday Night, Keep Holdin' On" by Dave Waldrop

Section D

"Answering The Call of the Wild" by Anonymous;
"... And It Wasn't Pretty" by Steve Bluestein;
""Dancing As Fast As We Can" --Part 1" by Dr. Gwendoline Y. Fortune;
"The Poetry and Poesy Consortium " by Jeannette Harris;
"Song Bird III" by Del 'Abe' Jones;
"The Vision" and "One Land, One Heart"by Walkin' Jim Stoltz;
"Home Arts" by Unknown;
"Word Preserve Volume Four" by various authors;

text authors as cited and Jeannette Harris, graphics A Country Rag, Inc., Jonesborough TN, December 2013. All rights reserved.

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