An Appalachian Country Rag--Mountain Empire
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A Country Rag Mountain Empire

Hawley House, watercolor by Vera Tracy, Jonesborough TN
Salt House, watercolor by Vera Tracy, Jonesborough TN

Graphics above: Hawley House and Salt House, watercolor by Vera Tracy, Jonesborough TN


A resident Tennessean. a Freemason and Air Force [Fairchild, 92nd CDS K-9 Corps, 58-61] veteran, the author has been penning poetry, particularly poetry meant for music, prolifically for decades and has four self-published books. His children and grandchildren reside in Spokane, Washington. He passed over in August of 2012.

“Mankind's greatest accomplishment
is not the revolution of technology,
it is the evolution of creativity.”

Song Bird IV -- "My time is coming to an end before too long"

POW/MIA Missing Man Ceremony

There’s a table in the front
Raised so that it draws attention
Reserved for all those missing
Still not found or in detention.

Set for six of those missing
One each, for branches Serving
One place for lost Civilians
Whom, are felt just as deserving.

The table is shaped in the round
For the everlasting concern
As all of us, hope and pray
Someday they all, will return.

The tablecloth is bright white
To symbolize the purity
Of those, answering the call
Of their Country, doing their Duty.

The single rose, in a vase
For the lifeblood of those lost
And for those awaiting answers
A sad part of Wartime’s cost.

The vase, tied with red ribbon
A symbol of determination
To account for those still missing
In the Service of our Nation.

A slice of lemon on the bread plate
For missing/captured in a foreign land
The bitter fate of some Heroes
Who chose to make a valiant stand.

A pinch of salt for all those tears
Shed, by missing and their Families
Seeking answers to their questions
From all those faraway countries.

The Bible represents the strength
Gained through Faith, to sustain
Those missing on foreign shores
Where, far too many, still remain!

Each of their glasses are inverted
Because, they can’t share the toast
That, one day we can account for them
What we want, first and foremost.

The candle is a light of Hope
To illuminate the way back home
To the loved ones who are waiting
Across the sea to Homeland’s loam.

The chair just sits there empty
A place saved for just the one
Who has yet, to come home
And one each, for their brethren.

An Honor Guard places covers 
On each empty dinner plate
For the Services and Civilian
Who have met, this terrible fate.

“Taps” is played, and “Some Gave All”
With a spotlight on their table
With a toast, for their accounting, sworn
For, as long as we all are able.

This solemn Honors Ceremony
Symbolizes they are here with us
Hoping someday, they will be back
This wish, the most, in God we trust.

This can be done for six or one
For, the meaning is the same
That all, will be returned one day
This, we pray, in Heaven’s Name.

On my way
I'm on my way to dying
been headed there, for all my life 
no time now left, for crying 
and, all that other strife. 
Like all of us, time wasted
water's, under the bridge
all flavors, not yet tasted
gone bad, waiting in life's fridge. 
So many words, unspoken
so many things, undone
some, promises, kept/broken
but, nobody, can keep, every one. 
For all, there'll come this time
when, there are no more
words of sense, that rhyme
of, the knowledge, which, we store. 

Song Bird IV

by Del "Abe" Jones


(recited at Lake Eola in Orlando and on PBS radio 25 years ago the 4th)


In the year of 1776 that paper was decreed -

They were tired of oppression and wanted to be freed .


They wrote a declaration so the whole world would see

This was, "the home of the brave and the land of the free..


They signed that piece of parchment, the leaders of this land

Knowing, divided they would fall but, together they could stand.


A new world lay before them, untamed from shore to shore -

They swore they would protect it, if it meant going to war.


And battles have been fought and many lives have been lost -

So sad something so basic, has such a high, high cost.


'Seems freedom is a luxury, there's some would bind us all -

Like then, together, we can stand but divided, we will fall.


More than two hundred years, have past by since that day

That each of us celebrate, in our own different way.


But, we should be thankful and pay our share of the cost -

Not take freedom for granted, for it easily could be lost.


“Mankind's greatest accomplishment is not the revolution of technology, it is the evolution of creativity.”
© 1984 Del “Abe” Jones

More of Abe's poetry at and

You can read his latest book, Of Native American, at


Poppies, watercolor by Vera Tracy, Jonesborough TN
Graphic: Poppies, watercolor by Vera Tracy, Jonesborough TN

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