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A Country Rag

Misty Blue Visitor Centers Location List

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  1. *VA* Hallow Manchu Amuk, Virginia

  2. *MD* Booda's Beatnik Bungalow, Maryland

  3. *AL* Boomerang, Alabama

  4. *NH* Borough Bandit, New Hampshire

  5. *KY* Berrifan's Bar, Kentucky

  6. *GA* Clifton Blithely, Georgia

  7. *TN* Kiss Blissy Rock, Tennessee

  8. *VA* The Dripdrop Booty Skoot Stop, Virginia

  9. *MA* Campy Cameo's Nor'easter Barn, Red Cape, Massachusetts

  10. *NJ* Three-by-Three ?Zippidy Zee? (formerly !Uptown Zap!) Corner Giraffe Caraffe, New Jersey

  11. *PA* Courtesan Rock Stands, Pennsylvania

  12. *SC* Crappie Crocodile (Greater Croc Swamptown Metro), SC

  13. *MS* Dastardly Downs Dammit (New Dastardly Annex), MS

  14. *VT* Inspiration Drive, Lovers' Ridge, Vermont

  15. *PA* Blur Eerie Downs Wharf, Pennsylvania

  16. *TN* Espry de Core, Tennessee

  17. *NY* Kickass Trash Taverna Francois, Cafe' Collette, New York

  18. *NC* Free Cobbler, North Carolina

  19. *NH* Seasick Pass, Lasts Forever Quick, Blink Lake, New Hampshire

  20. *MD* L'il Gala Groopie Key, Maryland

  21. *NY* Gordon Blues Plateau, NY

  22. *SC* Belle de Grasse, Fawn Lake Flat, SC

  23. *SC* Grosse Pointe Gauche Gulchee, SC

  24. *VA* Gooby's Grunge Lunge Gorge, Virginia

  25. *ME* Carny's Gyro Gagaffe (L'il Crosstowne Gyro), Maine

  26. *ME* Tuck Honeysuckle, Maine

  27. *VA* Itty Ditty Bomba, Virginia

  28. *AL* Jabberpeck Lick [Southwest Jabber], Alabama

  29. *SC* Jellyville Township, South Carolina

  30. *AL* Mamsa Jumbo Bog, West Coast, Alabama

  31. *OH* Junkyard Jalopy (formerly Gallop's Gap or Centrale' Ole'),Ohio

  32. *CN* Kinky Cat (Greater Kank NE), Connecticut

  33. *NY* Lavish Rave, New York

  34. *SC* Lost Landfill, Outer Shoals, South Carolina

  35. *VA* Lowbar Mill, Virginia

  36. *MA* Lorna Lune Libraire, Massachusetts

  37. *ME* Metaphor Malarky (Greater Malarky), Maine

  38. *MA* Manor Mistral, MA

  39. *NH* Dadanadaboro Gorge, New Hampshire

  40. *VT* North River Falls, Vermont

  41. *NJ* Elle Nuance Nuevo Flats, Flash Draw Downs, New Jersey

  42. *MA* Mount Isthmis, NewView Panamerica (Noovoh Panam), MA

  43. *GA* Goblin Gorge, Saint George Parish, GA

  44. *WV* Penny's Plunge, West Virginia

  45. *OH* Puddle's Coastal Casa Orka, Orkaston, Ohio

  46. *KY* The Puzzler Bar & Wordsooth Cafe', Kentucky

  47. *SC* Brain's End Bay Parish Resort, Saint Sully's Stump, SC

  48. *NH* Isles de Sacre Fleurs, New Hampshire

  49. *NY* Sara Scarlet's Folly (Lesser Scarlet Isle), New York

  50. *VA* Horrid Po Ridge, Shriek Mount, Virginia

  51. *OH* Old-Towne Scramble Skrag Rive, Ohio

  52. *VA* Uber Skitty, Virginia

  53. *NJ* Smother Smock Lathe, New Jersey

  54. *MD* Salt Flat Sodder Snafoo, Maryland

  55. *TN* Snicker Snatch Furnace, Tennessee

  56. *NJ* Bay Solemne, New Jersey

  57. *GA* Schlock Soschabilly, Georgia

  58. *GA* Ville De Stagger Schlock [Stagger Metro], Georgia

  59. *MD* Greta's Great Sporting Syndrome & Wine Mall, Maryland

  60. *VA* This Stoopid Rock Cafe', Pirate's Peak, VA

  61. *PA* The Threads Hangar, Pennsylvania

  62. *VT* Trieste Triage, Vermont

  63. *ME* Viva Verde Vivace, Maine

  64. *VA* Whip 'N' Whoosh (Olde Whuppin Whoosh), Virginia

  65. *VA* South Whooshy Wind (formerly West Whooshy), Virginia

  66. *NH* Wits End, Segue Pass, New Hampshire

  67. *VT* Zany Saint Gillian's Crest SE [NW Zany], Vermont

  68. *CT* Teena Terra Ziti (Zone Two), Connecticut

  69. *NY* Zoe's High Trash Grille and Lounge, Peek's Kiln, New York

  70. *VT* Elle Playa Zoom!, Vermont


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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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