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"MANDALA of each unique individual/person"

by Jeannette Harris

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Holy days in the USA 2010
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INTRO: 'Confederacy' means a profoundly Godless and inhumane criminal scheme to steal by stealthy trickery and armed force and restrictive law the property and labor of others to the material benefit of "white supremecists" (predominantly male) that believe, as their raison d'etre, they're "extraordinary" in supremely positive and significant, important ways despite incontravertible evidence to the contrary mounting inexorably and unextinguishably and unstaunchably, amidst the psychotically hysterical and illogically incoherent terror of the inescapable truth inside and around its perpetrators.

click for'cameleon:to the manner/manor born' Ethiopian Christian star, click for Christmas story 'The Perfect Penny' Due to unusually extensive and blatant, murderously focused and senselessly intense criminal experiences in and emanating from the Commonwealth of Virginia (widely promoted for decades in a perfect example of false advertising as, "Virginia is for lovers"), its Shenandoah Valley and unprincipled residents there (another glaring example of false advertising being promoted for years as "The Daughter of the Stars"), the author found herself, with the help of friends in a healthy atmosphere elsewhere, reconstructing her identity (species-specific, personal, familial, national, planetary, universal, spiritual reality and heritage) as described in Chameleon: An Interactive Exploration. The aforementioned FIFTY-PLUS undeniable, well-documented, widely-witnesssed, crudely and lewdly rude, violently hostile and abusively vile and unforgiveably violent, contemptably predatious CRIMES, most of which fall under the general rubric of "riot against sovereign legal homeowner authority and property," altogether constituting inarguably vast and unapologetically unremitting MORAL TURPITUDE amongst their instigators and an insensibly vicious and near-fatal focused personal attack, unprotested and unassuaged effectively throughout by any Valley residents although ones of East Tennessee and elsewhere worldwide have expressed committed exception diversely, eloquently and generously, interspersed over a decade(commencing in the fall of 1997 and continuing through fall of 2007) against person (a SENIOR CITIZEN aged 53-63 for that duration, 5'3" and delicately, diminutively-boned) and private property -- click for Mandala Meditations remorselessly and inexplicably brazen in commission, many forcibly and painfully inflicted over Thanksgiving and Christmas holydays telescoping the evil perpetrators' paucity/bankruptcy of decency and humanity and real spiritual inspiration/insight(and completely overwhelming a few of their outrageously incredulous claims to be "born-again Christians"), causing intentionally massive and readily predictable physical and mental/emotional trauma in an area tolerantly rife historically, statistically and anecdotally with horrendously denigrating abuse of women and minorities beneficial financially to Gentile males -- include [alphabetized for the convenience of real historians and truly honorable and reputable law enforcement personnel who might be interested in exploring and author 2002-2010, click for 'Playing the Hardest Song'story investigating a somewhat unusual and extraordinarily well-documented and irrefutable phenomenon] for which no one has ever been arrested, prosecuted, or otherwise reprimanded by any authority or entity in Virginia or the Valley: armed robbery, assault and battery, attempted murder, bad faith in contractual obligations, brainwashing, burglary, child abuse, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to commit misdemeanors and felonies, creating a hostile work environment, credit card fraud, defamation, domestic violence and spousal abuse, denial of due process, defamation (of character), disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, eavesdropping, enslavement, extortion(of $1250 in specious attorney fees and around $3500 in similiarly spurious Court fees), false advertising, false arrest as part of a pattern of official criminal corruption, four false imprisonments and institutionalizations having absolutely no basis in law or reality but a great deal to do with others claiming false identities and stolen possessions for themselves, forced and completely unjustified and inappropriate, near-fatal psychotropic drugging for four years, forgery, fraud (knowing misrepresentation and advertisement as a "public service" of forcible participation in E911 -- a commercial, for-profit, monopolistic, and criminal enterprise, unsupervised and unpenalized by non-extantly reputable and responsible higher authorities in Virginia and federal law enforcement despite much notice and evidence of malfeasance and malfunction over the years of its existence and extension), elder abuse, grand larceny and petit larceny,gross !Lilliput Jobo!-- click for article 'Holiday Home' negligence and dereliction of duty, identity theft, libel, looting, ineffective, misleading and illegal counsel and other violations of accepted and official professional standards and accreditations, kidnapping, looting, malpractice, murder, (attempted) negligent homicide, obstruction of justice, "peeping Tom"-ism, perjury, physical abuse, racketeering, rape, religious discrimination and violation, sexual and verbal harassment, sexual discrimination, "squatting," subornation of perjury and other felonies, theft, torture, privacy invasion,wrongful death,slander,treason (contravention of all the Amendments known as the Bill of Rights plus the 13th, 14th and 19th to the Constitution of the United States), trespassing, uncivil disobedience, unfair and illegal competitive practices in commerce, vandalism, verbal and physical threats, and other techniques of tormenting prisoners-of-war in violation of every civil right and law of God known or delineated previously -- all committed with malice aforethought, conscious deliberately sadistic free choice and planning in absolute disregard and arrogant disdain for national and international codes of law and order, including of course the Constitution of the United States of America and of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the United Nations and World Court, click for Index of Acrylics Part2 all in vain against a middle-aged, mid-menopausal woman living in the charmingly comfortable and frequently upgraded home on desireably prime riverfront land she herself paid cash for and owned (the third out of six real estate purchases from Richmond to Lovingston over 30 years of self-sustaining and exemplary employment, residence and tax-paying citizenship within the Commonwealth) individually and shared generously for two decades with consequently graceless, criminally-complicit and multiply abusive, self-immolating relatives and neighbors abandoned since to their own company and property exclusively there, hers very obviously dedicated to God, Jesus and nation, and 2007 photo of author -- click for Index of Acrylics, Part2 working in fields with which she is laudably degreed and professionally skilled by well-known and publicly promulgated employment and educational expertise, who'd received previously two parking tickets as a lifetime record of ill encounters with "the law" but had received and utilized a fairly exclusive Commonwealth security clearance for work involvement in Court-approved wiretapping, arrest and prosecution of suspected "drug kingpins," and who survived and lived, somewhat miraculously and oddly with suddenly dark brown and blonde hair, to tell it all well and healthily, following a year's focused therapeutic recuperation amongst professionals and lay folk of integrity and intelligent compassion, in her mid-60s.The effect of this inexcusable and unremitting criminally inhumane litany has not been salutory or healthful, of course, to true friends and other good people, including children, there or elsewhere either. Spirit Self:digital by jH -- click for 'Spirit Self' page Only the most cynically jaded cultural derelict desperately destitute of social conscience would view this complex of crimes as fun, funny or trivially bothersome of correction or termination as confusedly compliant Valley residents and increasingly isolated co-travelers have continuously throughout an unapologetic and intransigent decade or more. There is, of course, no statute of limitations on prosecution and punishments for irrefutable crimes this heinous and extensive, atrocious and vile, senselessly vituperative and filthy, especially as they reach across state lines in multiply deleterious effects. As becomes increasingly apparent during the account that follows and is delineated exhaustively elsewhere, the "over the edge," predaciously salient characters along this criminal trail are all dangerous and increasingly imcoherent in speech and action psychotics who can't tell right from wrong, good from evil, criminal from civil, serious from drivel, or know the reason why any of that is important to recognize and discern for their own benefit as well as that of others. A region, and nation or religion, of individuals that abandon the true spirit of God and of their own laws has nowhere to go but down through the ruins into our annals of time.

graphic: multi-media mobile -- click for Index of Computer Graphics, part 2 Based upon the incontravertible facts in this instance and others historically-documented, it is apparent the Gentile male's self-proclaimed "superiority" rests only on his glaringly outstanding ability and willingness to steal by stealth or war undeclared what belongs to others rightfully and legally, his dedication to holding on to purloined goods and properties, and assisting other Gentile males in doing the same. In other words -- stripped of self-promotionally vainglorious rhetoric and undeserved garlands of misdirected praise, the tribe of white males has devolved generally into nothing but an "unsaved" gang of murderous thieves exposed. And internationally. "Superior" individuals and groupings would have no need to employ so revealingly for their sustenance means and methods as dammningly disreputable as these. They've additionally shown themselves to be derangedly dangerous in entrustment of the responsible handling of serious matters of health, life and death -- even of their own. There are, thankfully, exceptions to these fatal flaws that "prove the rule."

graphic,'Ghost,'digitized acrylic, click for'Index of Acrylics' It is an unsightly and unthinkable, unspeakable abhorant abomination, a travesty with multiple and widespread tragic consequence, for loathesomely untrustworthy and dishonorable individuals expected, and paid and sworn by oath in some cases to behave as responsible mature adults to interact as described herein, and elsewhere voluminously and voluably of over a decade of sometimes anguished legal protest, deliberately "ignored" by those involved and competent of remediation, toward a middle-aged woman, her solely-owned private residence,and fairly extensive personal possessions -- some of them fixed and ripped off their "moorings" by unrestrained invaders and others sentimentally-treasured, priceless, museum-quality, irreplaceable, one-of-a kind family heirlooms, shared voluntarily and caringly cherished through generations for decades if not centuries unsalveageably destroyed through legal malfunction and failure and community depredation. east tennessee photo montage by jH, pix courtesy of jctn.com -- click for enlargement This is an inexcusably barbarous insult and affront to generations of Americans who worked and saved conscientiously to build and invest in the great nation we have all enjoyed, but apparently not appreciated with due reverence from Valley resident ingrates. By the extraordinarily diverse, delightfully affordable (and affordably delightful) Americana treasures readily accessible in the widely amenable Jonesborough environs those sentimental attachments are over-replaced here and the holy days celebrated daily in cheerily joyous decoration and spiritual meaning and practical application in a town surfeited inside out with American flags in enthusiastic embrace of its and our nation's history in worthwhile architectural/artistic construction, responsible governance, inspiring military valor and ascendance, hardily innovative entrepreneurship, devoted community excellence in study, production and education.

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"After a massive outcry from more than 40,000 Change.org members -- which led to news coverage in the Huffington Post, Village Voice, and even Londonís Daily Mail -- New York Times public editor Arthur S. Brisbane has issued a strong rebuke of the victim-blaming in a recent article by reporter James McKinley about the gang-rape of an 11-year-old girl and her community's response."--3/11/11

Graphic below: The Vision Seeker a/k/a By The Fire, 2007 holydays' signed and inscribed gift of 2003 original acrylic painting of the author by award-winning artist and neighbor/companion/ACR contributor John Charles, Kingsport TN
'The Vision Seeker,' digitized acrylic by John Charles, Kingsport TN -- click for website "Gang bangs" with dire consequence physically and psychologically, and to community and family, have been reported endemic in parts of Asia and Africa too amidst a general breakdown of social order concommitant to fractionalizing, internecine wars encouraged by market purveyors of armaments and munitions, and by legal systems engendering deliberately rage and unproductively insoluable contention ("gridlock" rather than arbitration, a condition mirrored in our national political condition)between parties affected to the profit of its mercenary "professionals." Gentile males have shown themselves no better in similar circumstance than ethnicities they've historically denigrated as "inferior" to theirs in attempting justification for exploitative subjugation by aggressive force.

Southern Cross,courtesy of NASA, click to enlarge Amazingly to someone raised in the more honorable and dignified North (East Coast),Valley residents who profitted monetarily or by mistaken public prestige or retained stolen properties have also allowed that situation to go unnoticed and unremedied before their children who see these criminal activities allowed and to their detriment in healthy environment and life-sustaining systems. digital:Fire Monster by jH Getting through to the lewd and crude, delusionally vain egomanical males and females of the daemonically despotic Valley that I had no interest in personal, intimate relations with any of them but was simply working responsibly and maturely,self-supportingly, or trying to, in my professional fields of laudable education and extensive formal training seemed to be bridge to a very foreign world for individals in their unsophistocated communities and families and socio-business systems. And I meant to insist the that they do the same in their careers. Decently ethical, reputable, self-respecting people have no interest at all in living and working amongst the sleazily foul criminal filth that passes for everyday life in that area,and no desire at all to have it foisted on them against their stated will and the law.

graphic:home, digitized acrylic-- click for Index of Acrylics These traitorous, anti-American "neo-Confederate" activities and proclivities, frequently undertaken within the rubric of being "Right Wing (Conservative)Republican," digital:Fire Monster by jH espoused and embraced by a wide swath of deluded and duped Valley residents from employers to attorneys to everyday "paeons" described in detail here and elsewhere and well-known throughout that region constitute soundly-documented true personal histories and real identities that cannot be denied or condoned or escaped in deleterious consequence of multiple criminalities or indelible reputations of tragic disrepute in the "prison of the past" for each one so delineated. A legal political party, of course, in a democracy cannot be simultaneously -- and however surreptitiously or insidiously -- an "enemy of the Republic" of which it purports to be a structural part. The legal name of the nation of which we are grown up citizens is the United States of America. The descriptive manuscript that structures that legal entity throughout the relatively brief two centuries of this nation's legal existence amongst the "community of nations" on Earth is the Constitution of the United States of America. Any "sneak attack" on its provisions is a hostile enemy effort -- terrorist in this instance and many others historically-- to destabilize/destructively undermine the country of which we are enfranchised citizens and for which we and our ancestors have fought, valiantly at great personal cost.

Click  for'In God we trust'--Thou shalt love your neighbor as yourself, Leviticus 19:18 Despite pretentions to "class" claimed by a few haughtily hostile Page and Shenandoah County families controlling extensive material assets, that is a boorish place and brutish people with no better taste or politesse and grace than to offer solely and with an expectant flourish in remembrance of the sacred occasion as a present from perverted pariahs of the putrescent remains there of dissolute "dixie" to non-plussed newly-wed strangers a package of commercial douche in an unadorned brown paper bag without aware embarassment as a gift from the Valley's aardvarkian, arrogantly acrimonious, vacuously vicious and assinine natives.

Da-ay-Oh! Da-ay-Oh!
It's a long, long wa-ay
from Frisco and L.A.
to frisk 'em all
where rope-a-dope
got its na-ame
but not its fa-ame
 or meaning.

graphic: multi-media mobile -- click for Index of Computer Graphics, part 2 The level and extent of forceful sublimated sadomasochistic sexual deviance exhibited in ugly behavioral panoplies historically throughout the vaingloriously inglorioous Confederate southlands especially of violently jaded immoralities and abusive denigrations of females and African-Americans and other minorities has begged clinical/penal remediation for over 150 years.

lurching toward Jerusalem(1983)

children play in the grass,
rivers run,
friends come to visit,

robins lower breasts and beaks 
toward the ground.

life turns on a dark gift.

know you were here.

Video above: NASA/Universe Multi-media gallery

"Who took that?"
-- Daniel Grindstaff, age 7, of Jonesborough TN, on viewing above time-lapse NASA video simulation of 200 thousand million years of evolutionary change in the ever-dynamic universe

(Midi below: Blaze of Glory)

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graphic,'Native Scream,'digitized acrylic, click for'Boom!' poem Perhaps the fact that a few profanely heartless, barbarously vulgar and spiritually-dead Virginia Valley individuals involved, subversively and criminally, matriculated --earning advanced degrees and access thereby to lethally irresponsibly-weilded positions of authority demonstrably beyond their ethically intelligent abilities through universities such as the College of William and Mary, University of Virginia and Tulane generally regarded as reliably prestigious -- suggests a need for moral overhaul of national higher education systems in supervision and healthy guidance of their graduates and alumni.

graphic: multi-media mobile -- click for Index of Computer Graphics, part 2 It's significant to realize that all involved criminally -- from trespassing and perjured deputies to marauding neighbors and libelous family members to scammy attorneys and negligent legislators to underhandedly fraudulent business folk are and were at the time enfranchised American citizens, legally, and taxpayers who have borne the brunt of these qausi-official, extra-legal trivial pursuits at a cost to the public treasury estimated conservatively at upwards of $100 thousand in fixed price outlays and incalculable sums in lost commercial and tax revenues, most especially to the Valley and Virginia. The state of the Republic is no better than its ingredients.

graphic: multi-media mobile -- click for Index of Computer Graphics, part 2 Contacted with irrefutable details of seditious behaviors by Valley legal personnnel, neither the American or Virginia Bar Associations expressed investigative or corrective interest in responsible oversight of those it had accredited and vouchsafed to the public in responsible exercise of their professions. The demise of American socio-economic/moral preeminence may be laid squarely and fairly at their feet in intentional subversion of the historic intent and meaning of national and state constitutions by those educated and certified to understand and honorably represent those provisions to clients and courts and citizens generally. A collection of murderously treasonous crooks intent on undermining the spirit of our legal codes is not a valid legal profession. It's up to attorneys individually and their families, formal associations, and accrediting universities if they wish to "clean up their act" and leave a liveably survivable country and world for themselves and their progeny. Gated communities will not protect any from consequences of the righteous rage and calamitous karmic cost their self-aggrandizing tactics engage deliberately for their short-term gain, monetary or otherwise.

graphic,'In the Garden,'digitized acrylic, click for'Idyll: Two Voices' story In truth and reality, the irreverently tasteless and trashy Valley like too many other places doesn't have law enforcement personnel -- including deputies, sheriffs, magistates, legislators, other government officials appointed or elected, and attorneys. It's delusional experientially to claim otherwise. Calling anything colored brown chocolate pudding doesn't make that item tasty or sweet. It may very well be sickeningly inedible and, in fact, just a pile of excrement. The difference in determination and discernment is as essential to wholesome survival as is differentiating between good and evil, and responsible fully functional adult maturity and willful childishness in behavior. The ability to procreate in itself, of course, does not constitute or demonstrate mature adulthood and may, in some instances, indicate its opposite.

graphic: Creation, click for sci-fi'Diamonds' This is nothing but lecherously repulsive "white collar" hooliganism organized consciously into a self-supportive mafia-style syndicate of "mob" bosses and their "molls" misusing deliberately our legal codes and "protective" police paid, also involunntarily, by citizens to be armed gangland enforcers-- all integrated into a cowed, economically craven and intently confused, generally undereducated, unsophistocated societal structure ripe historically for anti-American criminal infitration, e.g. the criminal conspiracy of the discredited Confederacy whose highest officals were charged with but never tried for treason, a capital crime in any time. click to enlarge Given this history -- as compounded in Richmond, its capital, and in "the breadbasket of the Confederacy" that is the Shenandoah Valley by the festering injury to pride of self-enjoined and undeniably absolute defeat, subjugation, conquest and subsequent bankruptcy -- digital:Fire Monster by jH parallels in analysis to the rise of "white [male] supremicist" fascism in the fertile psychic field of post-war Germany are inevitable. Loss in battle traditionally has been associated with being unacceptably, uncomfortably feminizing in behavior,status and sometimes physical actuality(castration, servile eunuchs) in cultures where dominance is considered an inherently, exclusively male attribute, as it is linguisticallly in English, and weakness, insufficiency of prowess widely defined considered innately (and erroneously) female in apparition. In truth, traits generally considered either "male" or "female" exist naturally on an expansive continuum of natural, real life expression. Our chromosomes most accurately represent/define our gender configuration as created by our Creator at the minutest, most intricate and complex levels--just like the miraculous, still mysterious home incubator universe of which we are a part, uniquely complicated in multiplicitous interactional reconfigurations of its fundamental elements.

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graphic:wintry riverfront,click for 'BFA Altar' page There is no salvation individually or communally through lies, one of which is self-deception. To put it mildly, our "finest hour" as Americans and as a nation is yet to be. A fully and healthily functioning democratic republic depends upon a responsible, cognizant, truly patriotic and Constitutionally-committed citzenry, not eruptive displays of mindlessly deranged egoism.

graphic:string arts,click for 'month of remembrance' poetry Historically, organizational structures and populace of states comprising the Confederacy have been characterized typically in novels and plays and poetry and folk tale songs -- most notably, perhaps, in familiar literature like popular, multiply-awarded The Prince of Tides and Curse of the Misbegotten --by a romanticized (and restrictively dependent and extra-legal, violently stratified) debauched beastiality and degenerate dementia, as implied by Biblical New Testament prophecy for those who ignore or disobey fundamental laws reiterated by Jesus and his disciples and apostles in restating Old Testament injunctions of the God of Israel: the One to be praised/served/worshipped/attended/loved above all others and one's neighbor as one's self.

graphic:icy river,click for 'BFA Altar' page The truly profound message and meaning of the Prince of Peace, the prophesied Old Testament Messiah of the God of Israel is intrinsically inimical to self-servingly hypocritical justifications of pograms and crusades and inquisitions that expand the earthly treasuries and material power of any one group of God's living creations over another.

ghraphic of universe courtesy of NASA, click to enlarge The penalty for many if not all transgressions against natural, holy law is embedded in their logically predictable consequence apparent to a clear "common sense" mind, e.g. if one murders and/or bankrupts a benefactor on whom one depends for sustenance of any kind, the perpetrator will suffer a foreseeably slow and long decline in healthy, happy circumstance. Hubris (false pride, disingenuous egoism), often historically and in dramatization through famous tragic epic tales spoken and written, of our species over the centuries and millenia and years has clouded brains and stymied productive development of individuals, families and regions and nations, and businesses.By extension, our planet and universe have been beneficent in providing abundant pleasure and bounteous essentials for our survival. The inherent penalty for their desecretion is intrinsic to mindless depletion of resources needed/enjoyed by all and by impoverished succeeding generations("the curse of the sins of the fathers...")

graphic:wintry riverfront, click for 'BFA Altar' page Although it is true that America and Americans are exceptional in our way amidst a universe that can only be honestly described as stupendously astounding, it and we are not exempt from well-tested and widely-known fundamental law. It is near-fatal and deeply injurious hubris to believe otherwise.

Likeability and Honorable Mention Quotient
(10points each-- average is 100)

(Midi below: I Believe)

  • be good.
  • be honest.
  • be patient.
  • pay aware and appreciative attention to others'accomplishments. encourage them in positive achievement.
  • be knowledgeable and constructively skilled.
  • your word is your bond. be trustworthy.
  • be truly helpful and caring.
  • volunteer where and when needed.
  • don't take yourself too seriously.
  • empathize really with others' troubles.listen intelligently with thoughtful focus.
  • play. have fun with others.
  • work jointly on honorably worthwhile and useful projects
  • share with those less fortunate in some way.
  • smile. look others in the eye(the mirror of the soul)
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author 2002-2010,click for 'Libra' poem Whatever the long-term karmic price or divine verdict may be for such unremittingly unredressed and ceaseless,exponentially multiplicitous, unrepentent and unrestrained sadistic savagery, no one in 14 years or so has ever been held accountable within that parasitic Virginia Valley "criminal justice sytem" of forgetably unforgiveable wo/men for any of these crimes or punished for them in any way, nor has any of my stolen property-- including diversely irreplaceable family heirlooms preserved and treasured through generations -- been returned or any other harm inflicted rectified which is a way of deadly, deadened residents (not citizens, since America and Americans would not condone this or behave this way) there and elsewhere casting their vote to say that they do not want a country, or law and order, peace and security, safety and equity, capitalism or personal responsibility. They want the Empire of the Least, the beast set free to prowl unleashed and prey on children, on women, on smaller men, on the disabled and the elderly, on those who can least defend themselves and their property. They aren't Americans, those who vote by their behaviors for this kind of life and nation. They are Lesions. The Lesions of the Empire of the Least that a human being can be, the lowest level of consciousness and conscience. And that is what the majority choose and have chosen to be and to live in as a country.
Alaha. Amen. So be it.


When you close your eyes to die finally, as you will inevitably, Remember me.

(Midi below:Amazing Grace)

Video below:MI's spectacular international dance companies Alpha and Omega of BalletMagnificat!

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Trinity of Vice

. . . .. . . . ..

no love lost


click for short story 'Instant'
click for 'Merry Christmas 2007!'
Sounds of the horehounds from hell still clanging their discordant bells echo unwelcome and unsought where life's unfraught with hatred, horror, harm and alarm, the darn of daring God, and how the lost are bound where hope and help cannot be found in miseries unleashed as the uglies breed and abound. The lambs are fleeced. Their wool's for grabbing from the ground by the daddy of all beasts. Beelzebub has his hub, and there's the nub of it up the trashhole of the world.

as is

be known. naked to the bone. no place to call home, no country or state of your own. violets shrink to to your mien and touch. heavenly host, ghosts of your victims surround, hound you where you are bound by your lies, all that was worthy that died by their cudgel. Angels of darkness, stark with death and remorse evermore. Children abhor you. Joy and Beauty ignore you. Peace and Love deplore you. Bounty injures you. Glory floors you. Satan implores you. Hell restores you. Daemons adore you. there's filth in the fields of all you've left and do where you eat what you picked and choose. Flowerbuds burst into song when you're gone and through, entombed as you deserve to be, buried in your iniquities. damnation and condemnation is writ in your blood, refracted through your sightless eyes where every move belies truth and life, and light dies a futile and fruitless destiny. your legacy strewn for all to see. What dirt would cover thee in that unmarked grave of your mind?


what will you buy with your money, honey? true love? self-respect? affectionate sex? what can you really control if not youself? what else can you know if not you? what memorable to experience or do if you claim another's deeds or fame, a good name and and honorary remembrance?
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(Midi below: Unto Us A Son Is Given from Handel's Messiah)

Video above: 'All That Jazz' production number from Bob Fosse's musical 'Chicago'

Video below: Prize-winning Emily Deahl's interpretive dance to choreographer/ cinematographer Bob Fosse's "All That Jazz," SC's Southern Strutt Studio Company

Video above""God DustWo/man" with Stevie Nicks and FleetwoodMac

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