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Winchester WHSV 3/8/2011--

A Federal Grand Jury has indicted former Winchester Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Thomson and his assistant Nannette Boden with tampering and drug charges.

The Federal Grand Jury returned a seven-count indictment Thursday afternoon. The charges include one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence, one count of evidence tampering and one count of altering documents to influence a federal investigation.

In addition, Thomson is charged with two counts of witness tampering and one count of possession of cocaine.

Boden is also charged with one count of distributing cocaine.

Winchester Circuit Court Judge Wetsel decided Thursday to delay Paul Thomson's cases in Winchester and Clarke County until February 21, 2011.

Wetsel's ruling is limited to Winchester and Clarke County because those are the courts where he presides.

Wetsel met with Paul Thomson and his attorneys, Benjamin Dick and John Flannery on Wednesday.

Wetsel made his decision after reviewing the federal bond conditions and talking it over with the Virginia State Bar.

Thomson is facing federal charges for allegedly conspiring to tamper with evidence and a witness.

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