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Video below is a choral of The Lord's Prayer in the language of Jesus, Aramaic

"Mandala of each unique individual/person"

by Jeannette Harris

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INTRODUCTION Crime Time(Pearls for Pigs)
SECTION I Details, Details -- SECTION II Politics (Atrocities and War Crimes)
SECTION III Theory (The Theft Myth) -- SECTION IV Inevitable Consequence (The Alcatraz of the Truth)
EPILOGUE Souls for Sale (Arsenic for Syphilis)


Souls for Sale
(Arsenic for Syphilis)

"... during the final adagio each musician stops playing, snuffs out the candle on his music stand, and leaves in turn, so that at the end, there are just two muted violins left...." (
Videos above: "Farewell" Symphony No.45, in four parts, by Franz Joseph Hadyn ["Part and parcel of Haydn's formal mastery was his famous sense of humor, his feeling for the unpredictable, elegant twist."]
"Haydn was known among his contemporaries for his kindly, optimistic, and congenial personality. He had a robust sense of humour, evident in his love of practical jokes and often apparent in his music. "

Just Bums

the prisons of your minds, the prisons of your lives, the prisons of what you've done, the prisons of what you've become, the prisons you can never hide or run away from, the total and sum of knowledge for everyone that you are, undeniably, absolute scum, convicted in ways that can't be contradicted and jailed for being pale, pallid and squalid, timid and tame, morally lame and lacking brains

Souls for Sale (Arsenic for Syphilis)

collage photos of author 2000-2011 -- click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals Wrecking people's lives, homes, properties, investments, businesses, credit, health and wholesome relationships for one's own exclusive gain personally and/or professionally is not serving one's community or country or world, or self most profoundly, nor is it an intelligently sensate view and experience of life and existence here in any way either. digital:Fire Monster by jH Eventually, it is completely self-defeating for the initiators and the opposite of serving and knowing God, cognizance of Unity on the deepest level of life in purpose and direction and end. By firing on Fort Sumter, Confederates forced President Lincoln's hand. By his oath of office and as Commander-in-Chief he was required by Constitutional law as he was sworn to protect and defend the sovereign territory of the United States of America and all its legal codifications. In a similar sense, each unique individual is the sovereign territory of deity requiring protection and defense in integrity of identity and existence. That is the true intended purpose of law and officers and servant professionals of the law. Any incursion into divine territory demands that one fight back with the last ounce of strength and courage to maintain, or reconstruct if necessary, what only belongs to God. Marriage, for instance, is not a master/slave relationship but an agreement between two "sovereign territories" to work and live together for their common good and enjoyment; either party has an absolute right to absolve that bond legally for reasons that are essentially their own business but tend to have to do with a beneficent existence and end not being extant in the prevalent condition and their understanding that will not be true, if it ever was, again in the future. No person belongs to another person. That is slavery and outlawed for a century and a half. Nor does any person have a right to rule another person. Only God rules, and we live in a democracy.

click for Mandala of each unique individual Jails and prisons are not funded and constructed in intent honorably or in principle to incarcerate and house good citizens who seek help with and protection from crime and criminals. Subversion of their purpose for other means -- the accrual of power and profit to treasonous despots, for instance -- is a capital crime deserving of seriously focused address and severe penalty that it never be considered or repeated again in our democratic republic of civilian, not military rule. This is a government of, by and for the people, not to the click of fascist bootsteps and crackling whips. A woman, native-born American citizen, who has paid legally and by her own hard work for her home, business, other real estate holdings, market investments, personal possessions and excellent credit ratings with a high honors college degree from a Commonwealth university and decades of paid professional expertise, self-employed to present and promote worldwide the best commercial and natural resources of community and country is a good citizen. Those working against her by undermining and misconstruing deliberately the intent and spirit of law, man and God's, are criminals.

click for Mandala of each unique individual There is no valid excuse, civil or legal, for exhibited and experienced Valley behaviors that sickened me and others to or near the point of fatality. These are an amalgam of totally inexplicable and completely unjustifiable activities unknown, unseen and unrecorded previously to my knowledge in human history and certainly in this country, except to the extent that they are psychopathic and unrestrained by competent, nevermind compassionate supervision, and have cried out long past for remediation, commitment, and rehabilitation where possible. It's important to remember and know with full cognizance what I and other innocents have really lived through and endured that these events and happenstances never be repeated in the reality and actuality of horror, harm and terror here or anywhere else to real, live, aware, sensate, educated, skilled and intelligent human beings: citizens.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement It is the professional responsibility of "officers of the law" to determine with reasonable diligence the true identities of those with whom they are dealing and distinguish intelligently and sanely the difference between good citizens and the criminals they are sworn and paid to protect them and their property from, not to become one of the latter. It is "disorderly conduct" on the part of law enforcement to harass and/or arrest a homeowner behaving legally in or on their own property, a violation of the Fourth Amendment to the our Constitution which guarantees that we are safe and secure there in our persons and possessions regardless of race, creed or gender. Whether the transgressor is wearing a uniform or a ski mask, any abdication of that is criminally wrong. A rose is a rose, a crime is a crime, and compromise with evil is not an option in God's world and time. What is needed now is a controlled burn of pernicious undergrowth in the interest of a healthy forest here that is best accomplished by those capable of some personal distance, detachment, and professional objectivity to make these distinctions firmly clear.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement I was unaware in late 1997 of the viciously vituperative backlash against reinstatement of God-given freedom and equal rights for women and minorities by white Gentile males or would never have expected Page County VA deputies and other "legal" personnel to behave as they had been sworn and advertised, of course. On finally convincing deputies that I had a legal right to make one telephone call, they laughed derivisively and said, "Who're ya gonna call, John Waybright?" Surprised, I answered, "No. I'm going to call a lawyer," and telephoned Gary Frink who said there was nothing he could do. He called the jail and my home the next morning to see if I was released. Although nothing in my speech or demeanor at the time in attempting to stay calm in a bad situation is indicative of "drunkeness," but rather clear-headed, peacefully polite restraint and lawful intention, the (Republican) magistrate held me in jail overnight on the vacuous excuse that I was "drunk," rather than releasing me as I was the next morning on a personal recognizance bond to "keep the peace" with the aggressive trespasser in and on my property (who did and does have a fairly extensive minor criminal record, as I did not) and to appear later in Court to answer the charge of assault. Self-defense and self-protection of one's self and one's possessions from crime, obviously, cannot be assault by any sane legal definition unless one wishes to create a nation and world of martyrs.

Among the many, many organizations and persons during 2000-2002 particularly to whom I detailed and warned of the subversion of purpose and intent of Emergency 911 services in Page County VA, along with Shenandoah County VA's anti-competitive and criminal practices of Shentel and odd involvement of Click for Love Story poetry, videos and funnies cyber-associate Fort Valley's Hank Zimmerman, creating instead in actuality a criminal situation and one very harmful to me and many others throughout the central Shenandoah Valley particularly and also elsewhere were: the two Virginia federal Senators, the Virginia Governor, the Virginia Attorney General's Office Criminal Division, the Virginia and American Bar Associations, all of the female federal representatives and senators, the Women Police Officers' Association, the American Psychological Association, and a few universities, as I had previously to various individuals in the Shenandoah Valley. digital:Fire Monster by jH NOT ONE of those receiving a two-page typed explication with hand-written cover letter -- an effort which took considerable time and some funds -- responded or apologized or acknowledged that communication or to my knowledge investigated or in any way sought to remediate the problem described there, and most likely elsewhere. Instead, in contraindication of patriotic allegiance to our national principles and ideals, official oaths of office and professional accreditations, as a matter of fact, my previous attorney and his wife, Paula and Sam Price, actually threatened me instead with FBI action for continuing to protest and press the exposure of a "System" that was actually sickening and killing responsibly and honorably productive workers among others including children, implying that that federal agency was also complicit and compliant with the massive abrogation of Constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights for citizens and their property in this country. However, my local First District TN representative's office did call me, Vanderbilt University and some of their professors assisted in printing a version of those events and concerns in their newsletter, and Professor Janet Tabin and Professor Jonathan Farley also worked along similar paths of inquiry and accurately responsible information. To them, the Town of Jonesborough and East Tennessee especially, I and others owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude and thanksgiving for their stalwart, sober and sane, healthy citizenship from everyday folk to business people to officials.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement Shortly following Bush/Cheney Administration 2002 denial of my passport request (one approved without question on application five years later, in 2007) for a visit to Canada on the grounds that I had "too many aliases" -- a smear easily reduced to rubble by my well-recorded and well-known life and copious documentation throughout it legally and otherwise -- Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and Richmond capitol had a total of twelve felonious warrants demanding my extradiction as a "fugitive from justice" served in Jonesborough, although we all know they meant to say "fugitive from INjustice." digital:Fire Monster by jH It's easy to make typos when you're in a rush to satisfy lust for other people's money, power and/or property though. These are not, of course, behaviors of the "saved" anywhere by real Christianity or any other true religion ever recorded or known, but rather those of traitorous and despotic usurpers without conscience or law or truth or mercy, whose subsequent restrictions and doping caused anguish, agony and near death, as intended, along with distress and disease for others concommitantly effected and also non-compliant with criminal evil, before "the finger of God" intervened to free me for departure home to work and to tell, along with others, the true story of our nation's recent fall by deceit and trickery to those who meant to demolish her, not just me or anyone else truly a good citizen of the United States of America and its cherished and honorable democracy.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement It's time and way past for the Valley boys and girls to grow up and face their lives and lies and crimes with adult responsibility for their undeniably illegal, extraordinarily harmful and blatantly prejudiced behaviors and attitudes. The fantasy theory that the white boy and girl are superior in any way has been most thoroughly laid to rest there. And the "uppity woman, or niggah, or spic, or [insert your own unfavored minority here]" defense for crime has been illegal in this country for quite some time. We all have a right to earned pride and dignity for our good accomplishments and achievements in our professions, a feeling officers of the law might seek to emulate and acquire in theirs, thereby earning self-respect, official recognition, promotion and award honorably and justifiably for themselves, their families and communities. And some do. They deserve to be identified.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement Along with a commitment to honor our own unique identity is the one to honor it in others also. That requires knowing, gnosis, and is not an undertaking of ease or passivity. It's an active endeavor requiring effort, energy, thought, and consideration of what we know we do not know. In other words, humility in dealing with our selves, others, and our world and universe. "Playing God" by criminal force with other people's lives, properties and identities is a recipe for ruin, a boastful and egomaniacal affectation that is really a diseased affliction to be treated and confined from the general course of humankind.

Alaha. Amen.

No Remedy
Better for it to sleep.
Let it doze.
Let it weep.
Let it fall gently
and softly
into that endless deep
from which there is
no return
and no recovery,
no salvation
in this life
and on this earth.
Let it go
all the poor in spirit
and in heart,
to that eternal No
of which it is a part.

Fire and the Double Helix -- click for Galactic Federation of Light website Parting lines: In my experience Tennessee, where I've had friends and family since study/work in the 1960s, has never been able to live down to its stereotypic reputation while Virginia has never quite managed to live up to its -- the gap between reality and artifice, the bridge from pretense to actuality. As part of my duties being appointed 2001-2003 Co-Chair of the Green Party of Tennessee, and serving time for that in Virginia (which had forewarned me, with Bush/Cheney Administration and Richmond complicity, to stay out of politics in devoting my energies more appropriately as a woman to children and flowers, and in further evidence that those folk are utterly deficient in true perspicacity, logic, continuity of commitment and demonstrable sanity, including that the most recent Republican candidates for Vice President and Governor of North Carolina are, for instance, female), I asked a favorite cellmate what she was doing there in Shenandoah County Jail. Her reply was a memorable classic: "I followed an idiot to Virginia from Tennessee." A young fiddler during our Fortieth Anniversary 2010 Jonesborough Days festivity related that he and his band had traveled into the Commonwealth -- where, he noted, there seemed to be a superfluity of state troopers -- for a gig and been pulled over to the side of the highway on their way to that venue. The bass player, who was driving at the time, opened his window as the officer leaned down and growled the routine, "Do you have any I.D., sir?" to which the musician inquired, "About what?"

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