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Video below is a choral of The Lord's Prayer in the language of Jesus, Aramaic

"Mandala of each unique individual/person"

by Jeannette Harris

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Inevitable Consequence
(The Alcatraz of the Truth)

author 2000-2011, click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals The earth and every being are in generally riotous disarry and dismay at repeated and insistent violation of fundamental universal rules governing survival and existence, at least as entities known to be previously. What will arise and evolve from that, on this planet anyway, is unforeseen and unknowable as we become more irradiated day by day in ways never encountered, recorded or explored previously, as far as we know anyway. Only the bravest, or most foolhardy, would embark remorselessly on such a journey for themselves and their progeny. My personal recommendation is that we pray humbly for forgiveness from God for violating laws accepted generally throughout human history and plead for guidance and relief from the cumulative ill effects very obvious to all as we try to find healthy solace from our grief and despair at mayhem, murder, misery, mystery and magic everywhere. Even jellyfish are unhappy now and massing against our land borders to attack beach goers who dare to invade their waters. Perhaps they too have "had it" with exploitation and pollution of the environment necessary for their survival, proving perhaps that some species considered low on the totem pole of phyla may actually be higher than "movers and shakers" of our recent socio-economic and political systems.

author 2000-2011, click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals Personally, I'm most concerned about the disappearance of canned figs from everyday commercial markets and also recommend funding incipient research to determine the cause of their disappearance. I believe the answer may provide enlightenment we all crave and require for resolution of our problems, cosmic to personal. I'm sure we almost all agree it's important to focus on what's really crucial to our salvation and sanity as a species. We can concentrate on that now that we have, through massive federal, state, local and private spending and legislation, gotten that supremely critical threat to environment and life forms through pollution and disease of tobacco use nearly under control. The increasing absence and uglification of mountaintops and toxic, sometimes radioactive, by-products leaching or dumped into our waters, lands and atmosphere continually concerns me also, but I stand by the premise that the canned fig situation should top our personal and governmental priorities in establishing for remediation the source of dissolution and destruction so prevalent and pervasive everywhere now.

author 2000-2011, click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals Our country, the Constitution-based republic of the United States of America, was established and expanded into "the greatest nation on earth" by courageous and brave individualists -- thoughtful, educated and committed women, men and children who fought foreign soldiers to rugged wilderness and much in between including disease. They were almost all God-fearing, loving of waters and land, and worshipful under the stars and sun in what had become a mecca for the world with "streets paved of gold" in opportunity regardless of race, creed or gender for those willing to work hard and innovatively in creating the next rung on the ladder of progress by those who've truly loved and honored America, its children and its flowers.

author 2000-2011, click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals Every nine months all our cells regenerate, so we are constantly changing, dynamic not static entities, ecstancies. Minute electrical and chemical interactions are always taking place as we encounter our environment and experience its multi-faceted actualities. Even after the individual dies, unless cremation is chosen as a funeral rite, chemical reactions continue for a very long time as the body decomposes without consciousness, cognizance, mind or soul. We leave at that point out gestalt imprint behind on those left and to be living in theirs, just as we did when alive on Earth, constituting a kind of eternity for everybody in varying degrees of influence, importance and comprehension through reality, legend and material effects remaining, personal and otherwise.

author 2000-2011, click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals Insisting that an organism remain "as is" is to express a deadly intent. Life at its profoundest instance means and is change in degrees of magnitude from slight to grand and is happening constantly in and to any and every thing. Even rocks erode, oceans change their borders, and dirt moves by wind and compression over time. Weather and atmosphere affect and rearrange us all by interior and exterior interactions great and small. Life as free citizens is realizing and taking responsibility for our individual affect on it all and its cumulative impact on Earth and its interwoven processes from the accumulation and location of dust to mass organic health -- vegetative, animal and human, mental and physical.

author 2000-2011, click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals In every sense, the world we live in now is sick and dying. It needs urgent, immediate, enlightened care if it is survive and thrive through the millenia to follow. All we can do is our best, one by one, to accomplish that feat, a gargantuan task to save Earth from those who would lay waste to all its myriad products and productivity to defeat and kill it permanently. To paraphrase The Color Purple from the Creator's point of view, "Until you do right by me, everything you do will turn to ... garbage." With Divine help and blessing, "the best and the brightest" can lift this country out of the mud and return it to being an honored and respected leader of light and promise in the world again.

לעולם ועד. Le monde sans la fin. World without end. tsa la `gi. Bry(y)h bly swyk.

click for story 'When there were none' digital:Fire Monster by jH Addendum 6/29/09: On July 17, 2008, I suggested in writing that Shenandoah Valley traitors undeniably guilty of an extraordinary complex of crimes against me and the rest of humanity settle legal, financial, physical, psycho-emotive, material and spiritual damages out-of-Court in a manner that would benefit resident citizens there and elsewhere. Rather than avail themselves of that "saving grace" for everyone, they have continued deliberately and consciously on their evil paths of harm, horror, illness, nightmare, disability, disorder, disorientation, distress, debilitation and destruction, lies and war at every level for people and places, including themselves and their own home(s), families and businesses. Apparently only higher authorities, including federal and state officials in reputable judiciary and government officialdom are able to bring them to responsible consciousness, activity and justice for all by restrictive force and removal from populace who wish, and have every Constitutional and international right to live and work in peace and wholesome prosperity in the best interest of individuals of all ages, regions, states, nations and Earth.

digital:Fire Monster by jH I have never known of, and certainly never experienced, unprecedented and recalcitrantly obstinant, disconcerting evil of the kind that has emanated from that people and place over the past twelve years or so particularly and know that it will be a matter of research and study by historians and others in the interest that it be prevented in the future and never again appear anywhere, especially in "the land of the free and home of the brave" so obscenely denied and depraved there by too many who actively participated or went along with the criminal tide rather than take a stand repeatedly against violations of healthy life and liberty for all, including their own children and environment, and copiously documented and widely known truth. The hostile and completely illegal takeovers of people and their property by and through "legal" officials there with no real dedication or allegiance to their professions, oaths and accreditations or this country and world have overwhelmed health in every sense unremittingly.

digital:Fire Monster by jH With the unfortunate complicity and compliance of too many Valley citizens, violent and belligerant criminals are still holding, after twelve years and against my will and repeated protest, all of my legally-owned personal, professional, commercial business, and real estate properties, without return or recompense, seized through the active and forcible insistence of "law enforcement" and "the legal community" there consequent to my calling Emergency 911 for their protection, and mine, as officers are sworn and paid to do in the performance of their jobs. The indebtedness to me and others for damages inflicted deliberately and consciously, "in bad faith," is astronomical in material, mental, social and economic damage, worldwide really. If ever there was or is "an axis of evil," it is undeniably and easily proveably there. Murphy's Law that an individual will rise to the level of his or her own incompetence is and has been much on display in the trash-and-crime infested and infused Shenandoah Valley which has chosen to make of itself an ugly and noxious garbage dump for the nation, or at least the eastern seaboard rather than the beautiful place I once loved, celebrated in prose and poetry and graphics, and shared on-line around the globe.

digital:Fire Monster by jH Twelve years is a long time to persist in being wrong about everything despite reams of evidence to the contrary of assertions constituting insistent mass psychosis, denial of truth and reality and refusal to face and accept that and its consequences, to serve the short-term interests of a few. Some questions remain. Where did these "law professionals" get their degrees? Who taught and gave them their minds, manners and mentalities? Through whom and why were their accreditations and positions maintained and who gained materially for the duration? How were all allowed to remain in their stupor unaware that citizens have inalienable rights to life and liberty safely and securely in and on and with their own legally-procured properties? Where does the trail of military takeover and criminal empire lead from bottom to top? Who are "the kingpins" in derision and desecretion of a once-beautiful place and people employed honestly and constructively? Now is the time to eradicate them and their ill-gotten gains from the mainstream of America where they never belonged in the first place.

author 2000-2011, click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals By giving my ex-spouse three days to vacate my property in early 1998, the Page County Court acknowledged both that it was mine legally and that my ex refused to leave voluntarily for the past over three months most officially, as did a later warrant served on him for trespassing. Again, it is the homeowner, not a trespasser, who has a Constitutional guarantee to be safe and secure in their person, property, papers and possessions, and officers of the law are sworn to protect and uphold that legality and reality, although those in Page County, and later Shenandoah County, refused to do any of those in that situation and others subsequent that need to be investigated by researching the consequence of every Emergency 911 call made since installation there of a system widely advertised, intended and expected to be service protection of homeowners and their properties from harm. That is hardly a new or revolutionary concept in the land and has been the basis for many popular movies, books and television series which one would have to have lived exclusively in an unwired groundhog hole not have seen or heard of or read. Or be too alcohol-infused or drug-imbued or stupid to remember or know or understand a simple and well-promulgated concept. Our legal system is not a buddy system, as in swimming relay teams or blazing of backcountry wilderness trails, for "the good ole boys" by codifications of state and federal Constitutional allowances and obligations that structure our government and the "inalienable rights" of Commonwealth and national citizens. If officers don't know that, surely attorneys do, at least at the time, in earning their law degrees and accreditations.

author 2000-2011, click for Index of Acrylics and Digitals The county seat from which these long-running criminal atrocities emanated -- through the initiation, compliance and profit of some residents, officials and business owners -- and which is under federal investigation now finally is Luray, home of parts of the Shenandoah National Park, George Washington National Forest and Luray Caverns, owned historically by the extended Graves family there.

Bird Fish, digital graphic

"Black Star"
Look away, Dixieland.
It's a difficult history
to fully comprehend
and absorb healthily
in its verity on the ground
and spiritually.
A land of conflict and oppression,
given to mass digressions
into fantasy
with drink and drugs
egging it on from facing reality,
including psychosis
that the white man is
in any way superior
or should be supreme,
proving in the process
just the opposite
in achievement and morality,
always haunted by
what they've done
and who they really are.
Black star.
Bird Fish, digital graphic

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