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"Mandala of each unique individual/person"

by Jeannette Harris

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SECTION I Details, Details(Pearls for Pigs) -- SECTION II Politics(Atrocities and War Crimes)
SECTION III Theory (The Theft Myth) -- SECTION IV Inevitable Consequence (The Alcatraz of the Truth)
EPILOGUE Souls for Sale(Arsenic for Syphilis)


Theory (The Theft Myth)
"Thou cannnot steal."

Others face similar challenges for sometimes like or different reasons, including war-time trauma, accident, illness and weather-related calamity. The diagram below has its source in Jungian Psychology, an area of some personal, college and clinical expertise, and may be of assistance, hopefully, to others reconstructing their selves and lives, and in interacting wholesomely with others and other species -- all of us distinct from another and deserving of caring nurture, respect and honor for the Divine spark within that God-given difference. As the French say in an analagous context, "Viva la difference!"

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement In regard to the crimes which robbed and raped me and others of sentience and life itself in some cases, or very nearly, what follows supports and in some ways explicates and expounds on consciousness and conclusions of Germaine Greer among others on the real nature of "hostile takeovers." digital:Fire Monster by jH Rape of any kind of any entity is not a real knowing or acquisition but simply the exertion of occasionally lethal power by sadistic force, and sometimes stealth or trickery, over a living ecstancy, or even inanimate object, for base material ownership and satisfaction of the instigating perpetrator. digital:Fire Monster by jH It is impossible to truly know or have anything by rape -- an absolute contradiction of basic physics, since the act of unwelcome advance changes and transforms the object's structure, organic and otherwise, on every level of existence and expression from synapse and chemical composition to movement as a whole entity, being. It is only by free choice and attraction in sharing, giving, receiving and nurturing that anything can be truly acquired and/or perceived. Some elements, for instance, naturally and automatically bond to each other as they're pre-programmed to do, while others instinctively repel. Forcing repellent elements together and/or attracting ones apart is a laboratory experiment and explosion only entertained and pursued by idiots unfamiliar with or arrogant to basic bio-chemical and physical laws in structure of the universe created by God at its profoundest and most minute level of existence. Flying in the face of that detail composition is an exercise and enticement, incitement of disaster, calamity and catastrophe for all. We're well on our way to it.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement Virginia's Shenandoah Valley seemed to have a particular problem with and ignorance of female physiology that is relevant in every sphere of interaction regardless of location. Women are not men; they are different. As an example of that, Todd Gilbert, Prosecutor for Shenandoah County at the time and for some years since Republican Representative for that entity (at the moment introducing an amendment to the state Constitution toward which he exhibited no allegiance or knowledge of and listed also as a Shentel business associate), misrepresented completely in his Court summation what I stated three months earlier on tape, and there should be a typed transcript still extant, to the plain-clothes investigator, who advised me initially that "anything you say may be used against you" -- which is not the same as saying it will be twisted beyond recognition -- on our way up from Jonesborough for my fifth jail booking ("mugging" and fingerprinting) after my fourth arrest and incarceration on baseless charges, three of which had to be financed by an uncooperative and unsympathic Washington County Tennessee legal system. It makes no common sense at all that I would have made any reference to PMS or use it as an "alibi" for alleged crimes, as Prosecutor Gilbert asserted to the Shenandoah County Judge in addressing fraudulent warrants, that I never committed. I doubt if it's within professional ethics or legality for a prosecutor to complete misstate and actually lie about what an accused said, in my case repeatedly and easily proveably, verbally and in writing, over ten previous years.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement The average age of menopause onset is 53, and that's when mine started in the year 1997. It was over by the year 2000, so I wouldn't sensibly, and I was, have used either menopause or PMS as an "excuse" for anything. digital:Fire Monster by jH As ever, my reference was to the difficulty of coping with multiple crimes and losses earlier in 1997 and 1998 most particularly while I was also forced physiologically and socially to pay attention and care to the stresses and needs of menopause. digital:Fire Monster by jH My symptoms were within the normal range and included extraordinarily heavy and completely unpredictable flow; hot flashes, also unpredictable in timing and duration; sleep pattern disruptions; bloating; abdominal, vaginal and back pain; astoundingly ugly clotting and unpleasant odor; the physiological presentation of irrefutable evidence of aging; psychological and practical quandries about potential loss of mental, physical and sexual prowess and performance, as well as attractiveness, all ending commonly in weakness and frailty along with sometimes agonizing illness, disease, dependence, extraordinary expense and death. Confronted with all that, Virginia's Shenandoah Valley had chosen to abrogate all of my civil liberties also, making me homeless for a time and destroying my commercial small business as well as a great deal of my personal property and my excellent credit, in the process also straining, disrupting and curtailing personal interfaces of all kinds. My stress levels as measured on accepted scientific scales were beyond dead.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement Not satisfied, apparently, that I seemed to have recovered anyway over a period of six years and rebuilt both myself and my life with new projects and friendships, Virginia's Shenandoah Valley hit me -- and concomittantly of course others I cared about -- again with three months of mostly drugged incarceration without bond and four years of heavy restriction and "resocialization" into the Valley's view, apparently, of how a woman should behave personally, publically and professionally -- fortunately not one shared in the Mountain Empire at any rate where, for instance, the mayors of Johnson City TN and Asheville NC are both women, as was the recently retired one of Jonesborough, and women are prominent if not dominant in every sphere of employment, service, play and existence. digital:Fire Monster by jH The conductor of the Milligan College (CCCU-affiliate) Orchestra, for instance, is an inter/nationally awarded woman with a PhD in Music Education who is also the Chair of that college's Department in that specialization. At least half of the musicians are also female, most very well-educated along with a few students, who are all outstanding. The Chairs of many departments at other regional universities are also female, as are many independent and successful entrepreneurs from shopkeepers to performers. ETSU's Culp Center is named after the wife of a university official; the name of its new arts center is a woman's as is Milligan's. Somehow men in this region have managed to accommodate the well-known physiological differences of the female anatomy and socio-psychology in wholesome, productive and constructive ways that enhance community and business. I do believe that is possible and to-be-welcomed in other geographic areas where that has been lacking also. In denying my humanity and natural female differences with insistently bizarre and obscene criminalities, Virginia's Shenandoah Valley deprived itself of international recognition and revenue and attempted to do the same to all of Appalachia, which is demonstrably not in sync with those aims.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement We've lived through a strange and misbegotten era where contributions of women from Africa's Lucy to today's Princess Noor have been derogated and dismissed without reference to truth of past and present or beneficent result to earth and all that rely on her sustenance for existence and survival. Rather than denigrate, some might actually admiringly emulate the strength and perseverance of women who regularly and historically battle physical and psychological disarrainments of menses, pregnancy, child birth and menopause in striving toward and achieving wholesome, worthwhile goals for themselves, families and community from education to high office internationally, and nurturance. As a friend noted recently, women must embrace by the conditions of their physiology and socio-psychological environments a steeliness and lack of squeamishness sometimes affected by men even on the battlefield. Their range of abilities and successes in every field is and deserves to be known, celebrated and honored.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement The poet of antiquity considered greatest by artist/historians is a woman, Sappho. Cleopatra ruled the empire of Egypt still held in awe and some reverence and its subjects. Queen Elizabeth I greatly expanded the British Empire and reigned over a flourishing civilization of multi-faceted exploration and discovery. digital:Fire Monster by jH Florence Nightengale braved the ghastly gore of war to comfort and heal its wounded and inspire/lead others similarly. Mary Baker Eddy founded a world-famous and powerful religion and newspaper. Our flag is designed by Betsy Ross and our most powerful leader now in Congress, Speaker of The House, is female. From great saints like Mother Teresa through grandly endearing sinners like Mae West, commediennes Gilda Radner and Bea Arthur and the gracious performances of Princess Grace and Meryl Streep, to name just a few from a seemingly endless list, women have enlarged and ennobled the human race and just in the past century as they have throughout our appearance on Earth. From Amazons to the Israeli Army, women have proven themselves also to be hardy, smart, skillful and necessarily ferocious combatants in war also. Throughout antiquity the sphinx, Oracle of Delphi, Minoan goddesses, the Sirens and Furies, Meddusa and Pallas Athene, Hindu Kali and Shakti, and many others through courtesans and construction workers have excited imagination, inquiry and prophetic foresight for all. Insistent ignorance and defamation toward half the human race in all its colors and shapes is a stupid mistake, an aggressively egoistic and self-immolating disgrace. Who labored through suffering to bring us all into the world in the first place and generally to create a home of comfort and developing enlightenment, anomolies as ever notwithstanding? The achievements of women great and small are legendary despite what is sometimes viewed as natural disabilities essential to furtherance of species.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement Personally, I have been fighting at Ground Zero for my life, liberty, health and legally-owned property for the past nearly 12 years officially -- ever since calling Emergency 911 to request the protection of those by (ungentlemanly and dishonorable) individuals paid and sworn to do just that. But for criminality I would no doubt still be living and working in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia A-frame I bought in 1978 and updated frequently with self-directed and personally financed additions, remodeling and landscaping to become a pleasant riverfront home with all the modern amenities and traditional decorative enhancements. digital:Fire Monster by jH Naturally, the Shenandoah Valley's official and officious amoral intransigence and insistent illegalities, have caused nearly insurmountable and very painful harm and horror, nightmare not only to me but to many others I dearly love and visa versa in a widening circle of destruction, distress and dismay. This has been a complete waste of time, energy, money and resources on a fairly vast scale and to an end where I've nearly died repeatedly, as have others including youngsters and sustaining environments once healthy. I don't really see the point retrospectively in it all, the tragic and tiring consequences of criminals and killers set free, one and all, to anything and anyone truly good and worth having or living for. What reason enlivens and motivates any in commission of all these crimes? This is a good time to ask those Valley residents involved actively and passively -- deputies, officials, lawyers, business people, neighbors and supposed friends: What has been the real purpose of your lives? Has it been to kill, maim, disease, defame, derange, thieve and steal? You're the ones with the mark of the beast written indelibly in every cell for one and all to see. Not me. It's to your children and God in the end that you must answer for all your well-known and recorded, truly hell-bent iniquities. No one can save you but yourselves. You're the ones most demonstrably who've behaved like beasts.
Totem, digital graphic 
Totem, digital graphic 
Ovation from the Nation and the World 

Cameras!  Lights!  Action!  You're on!

Go fer it, kids.
It's the chance of a lifetime,
your turns to take the stage
and explain your criminally jealous
and greedy rage
against everything right and legal and true.
It's up to you!
The crowd is loud,
thunderous even,
and you must be proud
of what you do
to earn the spotlight now.
Take your bows!
We're eager for your performances to begin
and hear the recitations of your sins.
Dance and sing,
cry and moan,
plead and groan.
We're rootin' fer ya!
You can do it.
Don't be afraid.
You've got it made.

You're ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d!

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement It is not the business or legal right of Valley deputies, police, lawyers, magistrates, Court, or any other person or institution to decide who lives in another person's house or its disposition. Arresting a diminutive middle-aged female homeowner rather than a much younger and larger male trespasser on her property and insisting that behavior makes any common or legal sense continuously is vile, vituperative, self-demeaning, self-defeating, self-defiling and lewdicrous. It's also stupid. How that situation existed and escalated in effects on so many people and their property without responsible oversight and review by higher authorities in Richmond and Washington DC is a subject for investigation and study, hopefully, so that it will never be repeated there or anywhere else again.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement The levels and varieties of nonconsensual sexual deviance displayed insistently and undeniably by males and females numb to their own motivational dysfunction in this deranged criminal saga has required for over a decade intently astute and knowledgebly focused psychological and spiritual remediation toward healthily aware sensual interaction and consensual, nonmanipulative intercourse. It is not a valid function of law to force unwelcome sexual advance and attention on citizens, especially perhaps in their own private homes. It is, rather, an outrageous perversion of supervisory authority vested in those wildly incompetent and unworthy of their official positions determined on their own dementedly deviant intimate satisfactions.

Mandala of each unique individual -- click for enlargement The inexplicable and seemingly-endless verbal and physical harassment I, and others in the Mountain Empire, endured subsequently from criminals in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley is classified, and using the term in its strictest sense, as torture -- behaviors toward individuals which lead, or nearly lead, to organ failure. As many know, and is documented in Chameleon, I have had strokes and heart attacks in addition to other serious ailments brought on by these unforgiveable activities. So have others involved. There is no place in the United States of America for any citizen homeowner and worker to be treated with such a degree of cruelty to satisfy the sick appetites of an out-of-control "power elite" that has no thought to the future health of any one or thing, there or anywhere else. This is a death march for those who participated and created an unliveable and unsustainable world, most particularly for their children. On the other hand, folks who can look at the beauty and grandeur of a mountaintop with only the thought of blowing it up for money (coal) for themselves don't have any real appreciation for anything worth knowing or keeping, do they? What a terribly narrow "conscious" existence to choose and lead for one's self and one's progeny.

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