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"Mandala of each unique individual/person"

by Jeannette Harris

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(Atrocities and War Crimes)

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'Fire and Ice,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' The monstrously barbarous and profane activities listed above were initiated and pursued most particularly by "white" Conservative Republicans in legal, corporate, political and business professions intent on "the politics of personal destruction" and bias against small business ownership and expansion in favor of monopolies and mega-corporation dominance in absolute abrogation and dishonor of national heritage and Constitutional law, as well as those of God. digital:Fire Monster by jH These are the ones who proposed in their party platforms and stated personal beliefs a region and country of "law and order" and that women did not have the emotional/physical/mental capacity for combat duty due to their hormonal construction. Perhaps looking at the effects of testosterone on clear, cogent, moral and objective thought patterns is overdue. Estrogen appears to have passed the test of survival under war conditions, as well as ethical and intelligent perception, attitudes and activities fairly well, at least in my case I believe and that of other well-educated and skilled women. Those classically psychopathic and sociopathic individuals were and are very apparently opposed to equal rights for women, and minorities, in their personal and professional lives and meant to discourage and dissuade not only me but others along the same path, trajectories, by setting an example of what might happen to others living and working in similar ways, all of them legal of course and honored regionally, nationally and worldwide for their excellence in values, abilities and lovingly artful presentation in my case and that of others involved and not. I am not discouraged or dissuaded and very sincerely hope and pray that others aren't either, most particularly younger women and men who need a much healthier world and atmosphere than that portrayed and perpetuated there. 'Cherish and The Jackal, click for Peter Joseph's zeitgeist video' digitized acrylic Criminally insane "scare tactics" are hardly a valid or civilized way to make a point about personal preferences. That's what ballots, controlled debates, reasonably polite discussions, and legal personal activities like volunteering to work for your chosen Party are for as appropriate avenues of expression and choice.

At incipience of the aforementioned criminal "trail of tears" for many, many people and possessions, this site -- then called O Shenandoah! Country Rag -- had received regional, national and worldwide recognition, participation and popular affection, as well as some early commercial success through advertising and affiliated client website development. There's every reason to believe it would have continued to expand exponentially in those directions as the internet grew fast-paced in usage, population and advertising enthusiasm by those seeking audience and clientele in the new media of cyberspace -- had not traitors and tricksters, also engaging in a palpably deranged "smear campaign," intervened to arrest its progress for reasons that, despite it all, still puzzle me and others, as it did and would have continued to bring positive acclaim and commerce to its home base. Except that evidently nothing had higher priority than stopping "populist liberation movements" of every kind and in all dimensions of expression in any way possible with "no holds barred." Of course, I had every right, responsiblity and obligation by all the laws of God and man to do what I could to protect myself and my property from harm. In retrospect, my only mistake apparently was in falling for the proposition that Page County Virginia law enforcement might actually do the job I'd paid it for for over two decades in accomplishing that when I had some problems on my own as a relatively small in stature woman surrounded by much, much larger and aggressive men. Regardless of who calls Emergency 911 for assistance, the rational, reasonable and responsible action by authorities is to determine immediately (a) who called, and (b) why, what the threat to life and property is for that person. Incredibly, no Valley representative of the legal system ever inquired about that of me or seemed interested at all in hearing those details of truth and reality but proceeded instead determinedly and without apology to take away from me a citizen's most precious and hard-won right in this country and what belongs by birth to every "child of God": liberty.

'Life,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' An unsolicited and relevant comment at its inception about O Shenandoah! Country Rag (OSCR) -- "a remarkably fine product"... attests very clearly that the market intent of that enterprise was apparent to all.It is the height of hypocrisy for "conservative Republicans" to badger out of existence with criminality, also otherwise eroding the state and federal tax base, a small business entrepreneur and her commercial enterprise and continue to have the gall to claim publically support for homegrown job-creating local capitalism.And one of their number, Gary Frink, was then an ouspoken proponent of OSCR being funded financially through grant monies,sometimes referenced by those folk as "socialism for the arts," rather than my choice as a motivated adherent of free market capitalism and intended direction, advertising.

'Order,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics and Acrylics' Nobody had a right to tell me or attempt to impose when or whether I would vacuum my rugs or wash my dishes or work on my real "original Valley's home page" in my own house by law and equity. Nor did anyone have a right to be in it or on my property without my express permission and consent. That would be trespassing. digital:Fire Monster by jH Otherwise, material ownership is meaningless, as it has become for some there and elsewhere. Of course, nobody owns another person. That would be slavery, outlawed federally since passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution which officially abolished and continues to prohibit that, along with involuntary servitude, since December 6, 1865, nearly 150 years past. Finally, the Fourth Amendment of the original Bill of Rights guarantees to every homeowner the right "to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures" and that that Amendment "shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." In other words, Valley (il)legal authorities have absolutely no jurisdiction to arrest homeowners who call Emergency 911 for assistance or to turn over their properties to others who have absolutely no legal claim whatever to those belongings. These are not new concepts or ideas or legal precepts. Their absolute abrogation by criminal intent, action and enforcement is revolutionary against democratic principles of every description, codification, and precedent.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics and Acrylics' Only the owner, of course, is responsible for what takes place in and on their property. Ask any homeowners' insurance agent. Or any reputable legal official. Forcing someone to accept the unacceptable and illegal within their material domain by misuse of force is not usually considered a responsible way to conduct legal business. In an odd postscript, my third husband also filed a claim for theft from a building on that property. A police investigator stopped by to see me in January with the advice that they didn't believe the claim was valid. Subsequently, the insurance company tried to get me to accept by two of its agents stopping by in person a check for around $3,000 in "restitution," which they assured me was mine for the taking and due me, but I refused it not wanting to become guilty accidentally or by misdirection of insurance fraud. However, I did leave with the intimation that some folks there might be trying to "set me up for a fall," so to speak, if they could trick me into it.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' I had the same rights and obligations, additionally, as a responsible citizen to work remuneratively, productively and honestly with God-given talents for the best interests of community and all involved actively and indirectly in and from my own home in self-support and independence needed from individuals to sustain a strong socio-economic and political sytem regionally, nationally and worldwide. Costs to the Commonwealth and Valley, particularly, in pursuit of other ends are truly incalculable in real money -- income, taxes and expenditures -- and in healthy growth toward positive directions for everybody everywhere. To me, it seems like a lose-lose game played to its finale with no sane reflection on the overall consequences, including to the instigators who must, after all, live in the atmosphere developed and allowed without truly inspiring and aspiring values as perpetrated and rewarded there. It wasn't my home state to begin with, though, and it won't be ever again, so it's up to the free will and choice of those remaining to decide on the environment desirous for themselves and their families.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' In terms of identity, a homeowner -- regardless of gender, race, economic or social status, education, profession or employment, religion or retirement -- has a right to expect protection for themselves and their belongings from officials sworn and paid for that purpose. It is a far piece "over the edge" to assert and act otherwise, most particularly to deprive that individual of freedom where only they have a right to express it conscientiously while others irresponsible in that expression exert criminal power and control. Unfortuantely, with no allegiance for obligations to protect persons and property from harm, Shenandoah Valley (il)legal representatives and residents caused and encouraged mass dispersal and destruction of every kind until nothing is left of the home, in every sense and distention of that word, that I once knew and loved except a memory of what used to be, isn't, and never will exist again in the material and immaterial worlds of women and men, youngsters, land, sky and beast. It is nothing short of self-defeating and suicidal to behave with murderous intent toward a business person working diligently and successfully to promote and spread a positive image of that region inter/nationally in the service of healthy commerce and community.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' A neighbor, Anna Joyce Star(a/k/a Varnum), who later attempted unsuccessfully to purchase at below market price that highly-desireable real estate and who claimed to have been unable to support herself remuneratively through employment because other women workers were too jealous of her looks, and connected with OSCR as most were in one way or another, asserted in fall 1997 that "something had to blast me out of there." A truly astounding statement and a measure of the unreality shared by residents there. Citizens are not meant by law to be bombed out of cherished homes, or other properties, and lands unwillingly by massive intentional crime, some of it committed by short-sighted, ungratefully and ungraciously avericious neighbors. That is simply savage, the utter breakdown of any semblance of civilization between peoples.

'India Melt,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics and Acrylics' In 2002, I began a less desultory search for full-time salaried employment and drew up a resume listing, with their permission, five distinguished individuals as personal and professional references, all of them also good friends of mine as well as business associates. Four were and are well-known and well-respected members of the Washington County TN community so I was thankful for and confident in that. My past Page County Virginia attorney learned of my job search and made an "over the edge" profer of employment recommendation for me also. He knew absolutely nothing accurate or real about my personal or professional life, very obviously, and his behavior was intrusive, inappropriate and unwelcome. Naturally, I declined. Very shortly thereafter, he initiated specious felony charges against me and my extradiction back to the Shenandoah Valley. The message, as ever, was to enmesh and cooperate with criminals there or face deleterious consequences to myself and my property. On moving back to that area for four years of restrictive and sickening -- in some ways death-defying -- residence, I learned more details about what had previously and was then really going on with people there and the atmosphere generally. It was a very sad descent from the beautiful place I inhabited and described so lovingly in this website and elsewhere originally.

'Mobile,' digitized multi-media acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' At the time in spring 2003 of agreeing to plea bargains for six speciously-charged felonies, I'd been held for three months' incarceration without bail, out-of-state from my Tennessee home, separated geographically from sane and supportive friends and family, threatened with a 36-year maximum prison sentence, and forcibly drugged for two months with strong and physically dangerous psychotropic medications, most particularly Depakote and Abilify, daily. No fair Court would agree that at the time I was fully cognizant and responsible for personal decisions made under duress and damage. digital:Fire Monster by jH It's only by the grace of God that I lived through all of that to tell it coherently in detail from a safe and healthy environment after nearly four-and-a-half years of murderously focused Virginia and Shenandoah Valley mental and material abuse and torture. That any of this happened in the United States of America is totally appalling and a very sad measure of the depths to which this country that I've always loved, honored and served to the best of my abilities had fallen. Thank God it is finally restored and functionally operational, if badly damaged by traitors to its principles and founding, again. That those criminals ever prevailed is a warning that democracy and responsible liberty can be defeated from within to the absolute detriment of citizens as a whole and this planet by extension. Neglecting to prosecute and punish those involved would send totally the wrong message to future generations as well as those extant now. This must never happen again, and there are no mitigating circumstances to exonerate those malcreants from blame and paying for their insistent and persistent depravities of mind, heart, body, spirit, soul and materiality. They are proveably and blatantly hardcore, militant, recidivist and incorrigible ones who've maintained their deleterious directions exponentially without the checks and balances written into our Constitution for too many years already.

'Mobile,' digitized multi-media acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics andAcrylics' Once in 1997, Sam Price asked me belligerently, "Why did you marry him?" as if the source of the problem was my personal and intimate choices of a husband, etcetera, not with the lack of professionally legal behavior exhibited by Page County officials and residents, including the Sheriff's Department employees from deputies to magistrate Dr. John Huddleston. I didn't hire Sam Price as a totally unqualified personal adviser but as an attorney to represent my civil rights and legal reality of identity, ownership and obligation to be self reliant, supporting, dependable and responsible in personal and public spheres of finance, employment and interaction. One of the oddest things criminal trial attorney (and earlier civil realty attorney) Sam Price said to me occurred early on in his office after I explained to him the circumstances surrounding my call to E911. At the end of my recounting, Sam asked critically, "Why didn't you kill him?" Holding life itself in such casual low regard -- suggesting, actually recommending that death might be a more viable alternative than requesting legal protection and assistance -- startled and shocked me, and I didn't respond verbally. When later I repeated the interchange, expressing my perplexity, to John Waybright, he offered the questionable explanation that, "Murder might be easier to defend." Of course, my initial request of the deputy at my door was a legal and life-enhancing, health-preserving one which, if honored, would have led to peaceful and productive outcomes for all intimately involved and not. In terms of odd verbalizations Sam's may be matched by John's rhetorical question to me somewhat later, "What's a little evil between friends?" and his assessment of the area as "godless and womanless," which struck me as especially strange since he has a wife and a daughter. Medicated daily with popularly-prescribed Prozac for depression over the prior few years and combining that frequently against pharmaceutical advice with alcohol in a region of widespread heavy consumption and inebriation, several of John's bizarre behaviors and pronouncements may be consequent to that unfortunate combination of artificial intoxicants. In a moment of clarity during that time John exclaimed once, "Well, this is terrible, horrible!" As a measure of disorientation, John once compared me analogically to Scarlett of Gone With The Wind and Blanche deBois in A Streetcar named Desire, neither hardly apt in relation to myself -- a well-educated, self-supporting and propertied woman from New England, as stated clearly throughout OSCR and ACR in various "bio boxes" and elsewhere on-line in numerous other publications. Nor would it be reasonable or appropriate to suggest as Gary Frink did that, because I've "got it," I might find employment as Monica had as a White House intern or for him to ascribe his derelictions of professional responsibility and accreditations as being "in Christ's name" against a woman of obviously deep religious sensibility and commitment as evidenced in various published writings and through the "By Faith Alone" section I created, designed and filled with inspirationally enlightened content for OSCR, and ACR devotedly. I know God and Jesus are no more fooled by that hypocritically abusive and insulting, supercilious and self-aggrandizing criminal posturing than I and others have been. Former Shenandoah County Prosecutor and now Virginia Delegate, Shenandoah Telecommiunications Company employee, and "Tea Party" supporter Todd Gilbert, with his murderous collusions against the Constitution in regard to me and my property for the temporal benefit of Shentel et al, and his new wife are also part of this facetiously-named "Christian Right."Conuinuing on his track of personal, rather than appropriately professional commentary, Sam once noted of me irrelevantly Well, you're the artsy bohemian type," which hardly exempted me and/or my property from rights to equal protection under the laws of the Commonwealth and of the United States of America, just as it had never excused me from paying taxes for those and other services. Earlier, on my dissenting from Sam's inappropriately personal behaviors and uninvitedly intrusive commentary, Sam's facetiously-exculpatory response in a geographic area of wide latitude for males in terms of filthily unwelcome advances and suggestions was a pathetic,"I'm only human," implying that the boys are unable to control their lowest and basest instincts in the honorable furtherance of their careers and businesses.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' Having once opined out of the blue that I was " a piece of shit," Paula Price later asserted that I was "lonely and confused," at a time when I was in fact aurrounded by good and talented, close friends, many of them with masters degrees and doctorates in fields ranging from arts to sciences -- some treasured and well-known acquaintances since my 20s and visa versa. She also referred to my reactions as "bizarre," obviously unaware that any bizarreness arose from there-- the contrast between those pronouncements and the reality of my Jonesborough residence and positive, healthy community involvement making that clearly apparent to any unfuddled mind and observer/participant. Shortly therafter her husband Sam, having offered me a specious (declined) employment reccommendation, bizarrely filed six felony harassment charges against me in Virginia's Page County.

'Jewel in the Mechanics,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics and Acrylics' Contrary to an unsolicited, again, and wildly inappropriate assertion by Stanley-raised Sam Price in regard to my activities and relationships in Tennessee and North Carolina (a few concerning its Poet Laureate and another a distinguished author and professor, the third a nationally-awarded mountain sculptress) of which he was not intimately privy or welcome as being "over the edge" and speaking from a region himself whose residents had markedly lost sight of the demarkations of civilized behavior amongst mature adults in regard to me and my personal home and other property in acting out creepily crude anarchic anomolies from amenable social interactions accepted and enacted generally elsewhere nationwide -- e.g. I and my personal possessions had previously survived residence in tact from such divergent sites as San Franciso California, Richmond Virginia, Washington metro,Tri-CitiesTennessee, Chicago Illinois, Cleveland Ohio, Athens Georgia, and Goldsboro North Carolina.

Ethipian Christian star I want to assure all the culprits and accomplices involved in these nefarious and disgraceful escapades that I wouldn't, despite all the consequences to me especially, trade my real self or life for theirs for anything in the world nor want to answer to history, eternity, divinity, or generations to follow for their unenviable and dishonorable activities and widespread deleterious and unsuccessfully nihilistic consequences, which I expect are punishment enough in and of themselves to live with honestly or not. Exchanging immortality for temporal, material gain is indeed a terrible loss.

It is understandable that folks who've behaved like these have historically would want to believe they could be "born again" with new identities and new pasts. But life and death, kingdom come and remembrance don't really work like that. It's a shill for the weak and self-loathing who haven't the courage or wherewithall to truly reconform themselves into something better than they are and have been. Salvation isn't for the lazy or those who want a quick and easy way out, who aren't willing to work hard for what they really want and want to be. Paradise is expensive, and it can't be bought with money. There's no "special offer" hanging out on the gates for diddled and idled minds, bodies and hearts of the 20th and 21st century. The path to it's strewn, as ever, with "blood, sweat and tears." Very few real saints died driving Hummers or Cadillacs.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' Live through what I and other good people have at your hands and then see if you have your purported "Christian" purpose and faith left in you to believe still in God and Jesus and all the true saints. Are you as courageous and profoundly, honestly committed as the Jews of Israel following the Nazi holocaust of fascism, very similiar in many ways to what has happened here over the last decade or so? Shall we call you in the books yet to be written and the courses to be taught -- for you have not escaped universal detection or international description and condemnation -- of this sad chapter for America, Americans, and too many other nations and nationalities The Fourth Reich? How many purloinings, enslavements, maimings and deaths of innocents will be laid at your feet for the final accounting? Will it be millions or billions, or more?

'Life,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' Following legal return of my property by the Court in winter of 1998 to the explanation that I needed to reclaim residence to sell it and move to Tennessee permanently, attorney (licensed in DC and Michigan but not Virginia) Gary Frink -- retired to the Valley from work as a D.C. lobbyist -- by his own alternately Gary Frink 1997 belligerant and apologetic admission earned appointment as legal counsel to Republican Page County state representative Allen Louderback, and now as legislative director for Shenandoah County delegate Todd Gilbert -- while his criminally-compliant wife Jeanne, having garnered first a job in the local jail and with whom he has on illicitly-earned funds ever since been lavishly traversing the world (attested by their travelogue website) for going along with criminalities against me and others -- referred to my move out-of-state as "being on the run and hiding out," very inappropriately. Prior to property sale I entertained three market appraisals, sold at fair price, packed and moved my remaining furnishings over a period of months, and posted my new address on-line in ACR and elsewhere for the duration of that responsible citizenship and work here. He had just completed and submitted for publication the purportedly semi-pornographic novel entitled For You, Monique, his thinly-veiled paeon to Monica Lewinsky and her role in derailing Clinton Administration programs and proposals, perhaps most notably health care initiatives to expand affordable medical coverage for most American citizens. Earlier Gary had referred to my arrest rather than protection following the E911 call as, "that little police action," implying that it was an intentionally criminal and meaningful threat. Shortly after moving all my remaining personal possessions in six fully-loaded trips in my Blazer and one fully-loaded large U-Haul driven by a Tennessee friend, John Waybright -- a Catholic turned missionary atheist, self-professed afficiando of "playful" sexual sado-masochism, and OSCR's erstwhile editor (who later divided his energies between night clerking at Luray Caverns Motel West and book research on the life and work of homoerotic artist/sculptor George Quaintance -- and switched official political registration from Democrat to Republican) -- sent an e-mail asking, "When are you coming back?" My unspoken answer was and is, "Never would be too soon. That is not my idea of a good time." And I never did return until forced some six years later by continuingly relentless and violently criminal abuse, obstruction and force. I had stated early on very clearly and adamantly my personal and professional choice and intention to "cut my ties with the Shenandoah Valley" to attorney Sam Price before moving from there and establishing prominent legal residence in Jonesborough TN. His aggressive intent and continual, subversive disregard of that choice on my part as to my own intimate company and business associates constitutes harassment that borders in context on rape.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' Some time after moving eight rooms or so of furnishings out of the area, newly Republican and self-admittedly and unapologetically (and criminally) "sexist" Gary Frink wrote me that it was all right for me to, that I "could come back." Aside from the impracticality of having sold my house and land there, to his full knowledge and that of supportive family here who'd visited and enjoyed it previously and were also disheartened and materially inconvenienced by inexplicably lethally abusive events there, at fair market value a few months earlier and having myself and my chosen, cherished portable possessions six driving hours inside another state legally as official residence and in a friendlier, safer, healthier, more inspiring and enlightened environment, I'd expressed no interest(a portent of aware and wholesome, sentient sanity on my part) in returning to one that had evidenced no respectful care for me or my belongings. The mental disconnect in these pronouncements and activities is jarring to clear consciousness and conscientiousness. How professionals at Staunton's mental facility or elsewhere might diagose or medicate all of these fantastical thought and delusional behavioral patterns-- deleterious widely materially and emotively/spiritually/ environmentally --has not been ascertained to date to my knowledge.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' Over ensuing years, the repeated harassment and obstruction of justice by now-divorced and remarried Sam Price (who was somewhat legendary for public intoxication, had committed himself subsequently to an alcohol rehabilitation program with a private residence facility, and moved still later east of the Blue Ridge) and his wife Paula most particularly, which became increasingly pervasive there, did not further those ends anywhere, nor serve healthy purposes of community and country and planet. As just one example, my Page County property stood unoccupied and untended in 1998 for at least three months after I had changed legal residence to Tennessee, prominently displayed in detail also on this site, due to Sam Price's refusal to process the Page County VA sales agreement listing him, naturally since he was in my employ as a civil attorney, as the closing agent, an area of professional expertise in which he had years of prior expertise and experience. Not only was that a disservice to me but to Page County and the Shenandoah Valley since the would-be buyers, long-time personal friends of mine, were unable for that duration to maintain and rent it as they intended which would have brought income and expenditure, again, into that region. They did make monthly payments to me in the interim regardless, so it caused no financial distress to myself and the Mountain Empire fortunately.

'Unnamed,' digitized acrylic multu-media wall art -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' Within a few weeks of proferring a completely inappropriate and unsought job recommendation, Sam Price filed felony harassment charges against me on his behalf and that of others who'd behaved criminally toward me and my properties there and whose crimes I'd protested legally and publically through the correct official, but unfortunately and inexplicably unresponsive, channels and completed the (il)legal maneuvering that kidnapped me physically back against my repeated stated will into the rogue state of Virginia which had insistently, and near-lethally, abrogated my most basic rights as a taxpaying American citizen homeowner/entrepreneur. All those involved there exhibited conceptual/cognitive difficulty with the actuality that those by law are to be accorded, regardless of gender or ethnicity or creed, to women as well as men as stated explicitly in the Constitution of Virginia studied presumably by those attorneys who've been accepted to and accredited by that state's bar association. As there existed no outstanding charges or warrants against me I couldn't possibly have been a "fugitive from justice," but merely a sane, responsibly adult and mature individual committed personally against the criminal activities and attitudes expressed continually by too many Valley residents and one with no interest at all in living or working in that profane and toxic atmosphere. Truthfully and factually, the behaviors exhibited by everyone nearly in the Valley toward me personally and my property there are inexcusably unprecedented in comparison to normative standards anywhere in what is referenced and widely accepted as "the civilized world."

'Ghost,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' As it was on the advice of the moment from attorney Sam Price that I became aware that at an additional cost to me the record of my E911 false arrest could be expunged, having been adjudicated correctly by the Page County Court as errant to begin with, on petition to the Commonwealth so that it wouldn't show up on a background check, for instance, during my subsequent employment or credit pursuits, it's apparent that he was aware that I'd not "gotten off" guiltily of a criminal charge as he later implied slanderously.

'Life,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' It has never been clear to me in retrospect or at the time why OSCR's original literary editor, John Waybright, would recommend, when asked, an attorney as helpfully reputable who proved to be so irrefutably the opposite in every way conceivable and not and in absolute contradiction of his accreditation to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth and the U.S. Constitution and international law as Sam Price proceeded to be over the following decade. John Waybright 1997 As an example of that, Virginia Code leaves property acquired prior to marriage under the exclusive ownership and obligation of the purchaser of record, which was me in regard to the A-frame by unmodified deed dated and filed in the Page County Courthouse by Page County attorneys in 1978. I fail to see any "wiggle room" in these well-known and extensively documented facts of dereliction of duty as a legal employee and as a citizen, but I do see and experience a holocaust of horrors consequent to that abnegation of humanity, equity, sanity, sensibility and reality. These are inescapably capital offenses in their dire and deadly eruption of spreading harm through disability, disease and destruction that demand indictment, prosecution and sentencing -- to life without parole to my way of legal thinking and knowledge -- that they never again be entertained in the minds or actions of men.

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