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Video below is a choral of The Lord's Prayer in the language of Jesus, Aramaic

"Mandala of each unique individual/person"

by Jeannette Harris

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SECTION III Theory (The Theft Myth) -- SECTION IV Inevitable Consequence (The Alcatraz of the Truth)
EPILOGUE Souls for Sale (Arsenic for Syphilis)
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Details, Details(Pearls for Pigs)

Land of the Vandals: The Graceless Unloving (Nekkid et Thu Gate)

(versus The 9,208-word [65,240-character] Sentence in the Proust Challenge --7/14)

Mountain Muster, digital by jH -- click for Jobo TN Folk Art Village


digitalized acrylic: Love Song by jH -- click for multi-media 'Thrash Rock and the Re-emergence of Magic and Miracles Art Collection Visuals & Verse'


And it is dedicated to the Union women who cross-dressed to join fighting forces in defense of our country on the ground. And those who serve today worldwide on land and sea and air.

(Midi below: Just A Closer)

Bifurcation Fulmination


+ + +

Once sugar and spice
left on the shelf
of healthy self
spliced  and sliced,
slashed and gashed
into cobwebs and mothballs
to feed the thrall
of mauling psychopaths.


+ + +

soot to soot.
asses to asses.

only the pernicious root of
the falacious Confederacy remains
with no one and nothing left to blame
for its ignominious and inglorious demise
in its toxic junkyard teeming
and steaming of crimes and lies
 but itself
and its hereditary mercenary merchants
 of flesh and blood
flooding its own  neighborhoods with
villainous waste and screaming bile.

* * *


+ + +

the valley's built of blood and broken bones
in the stoney eyes and veins
of its contenders for a lost fame,
a name daring to be said
in all that's bled into its rivers and  dirt
amidst the screams flowing
down through its mountainsides
in torrential rains of mudslides,
the remains of all that cried and died there
over years of daring tares and fearful tears
in a fountain of ghosts and ghouls
schooled to rule

* * *

On this profaned ground

+ + +

were slaves
and soldiers pounded to
for their labor and false valor
against their will and volition
without cognizance
or contrition
awakened in a mourning moan
of deadened drones
in the loamy waste
of foul taste on their tongues
and in their ears
through cheerless fields
seeded with sorrow
and horror,
and shame.

* * *

The Damned Valley

+ + +

We're everywhere,
in the air there for good,
in the waters you gulp
to quench a thirst that can't be sated
Within the whistle on the wind
reminding you of your monstrous crimes and sins.
The pest in your produce
that climbs, clamors and whines
to devour your errant labors,
wasteful lives and  useless lies
until you and your heirs finally die.
Begone,  gratefully.

* * *

-- jH (2011)

(Midi below: Battle Hymn of the Republic)

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Nekkid et Thu Gate

NO Steal' -- digital graphic by jH

NO Love' -- digital graphic by jH (Land of the Vandals: The Graceless Unloving)

...wantonly wicked warriors of whimpering waste at a ruthless wailing wall built of bad taste with all they've murdered and mauled...

'RainForest,' digitized acrylic -- click for OSCR section 'Scenes and Trivia' Having moved to the Shenandoah region due to the enticingly beautiful location and experience of my riverside real estate property, it took years of navigating the treacherous sleaze of the specious Central Shenandoah Valley's turgid seas and suicidal waves in its seasons of unreason and senseless sedition for me to acquaint thoroughly amidst the growingly cognizant horror of my being there, or it being anywhere, and to my increasing dismay and disgust with the area's regrettably repulsive residue of its erstwhile Confederacy -- the Wordless construction of an envelope unsealed of intractibly pure evil and its content irreovocably revealed, a vice squad of disruptive drivel riveted into a bullied ridicule of tawdry tedium and timorous triviality, a whirlpool of wanton wickedness sending out waves of destruction and devastation, a tremulously tricky trap of terrorist trash caught in a satanic trail of untombed torments and catastrophic tales from untold graves, a slop-and-slob bucket for the eternlly and teminally wasted, the confederate catacombs of chaotic confusion, cryptic criminality and calamitous incompetence for dutifully rigid and regulated penance to its pantheon of degraded deities, a madhouse for mavens of the miserably monstrous and abominably obscene, a maudlin miasma of miserable miscreants and festeringly fithy felons,an atrociously hideous heap of overflow refuse from Hell, a trashy waste bin of time and energy and materiel and wo/men, a barbarously unpalatable brew of belligerantly selfish callously criminal brats and brazen bores, a dangerously demented derision of decency and civilization, a boot interlaced tight to fit by exponentially mounting crime with sin over a durably committed extensive time, a derelict cache of objectionable third-string trash, a sludgesnot of sneaky sleaze, belligerantly bigoted buffoons bulging and bilging at the trough of tawdry tastelessness and timorous temerity, a bawdily tawdry bundle of bombastic buffoons boasting in a rotting roost of foolish routs and rules, a brawling bluster of butch bitches busted into a crusted cadaver from slimey times past, the nickel-plated service of fetidly fawning freeks from squeamish filth and needy squalor feebly fighting for an undeserved and unearned dollar, an abysmal pouch of sloppy slouches and sobbing slobs, a wretched wreck of dopily duplicitous drunkards on farfetched dreams, a slavish and slovenly pit of drunkenly drugged depravity and demetia uninformed by higher sense or sentience, a catastrophic cacaphony of chaos for mentally and morally confused morons in a calamitous cascade of criminal filth and fibs, a broken bowl of brazen blandishments and bald-faced lies embroiled in a bawdy bash for cash, the combative criminal contortion of reality that is its persistently violent insistence on subserviance from and humiliating denigration of any not a "white man," a dazedly overheated gorge on days of multi-colored corpses and greedful gory, a darkly dismal pitch in a ditched dirge of the meanly obsolete and absurdly obscene, the eternal spring of damnation's claim to fame and misfortune and misery and meanness due to and for and from slavish Dixie, a sloppy scuffle of sophomoric sophistry puddled from a puerile pool of fantastical fools drooling at a donut hole of dollars, mugging thugs for slavish slugs, the oozing ickiness of ignorantly ignoble generations in minds of criminal grime on slates of gratuitously greedy crime from cynical palates sated of sadism, the vicious vanguard of vainglorious vendetta vigilantes of ignorantly malicious and mind-warped white-male supremecists, a turgid geologic trashbin of terrorizing trivia and tedious turmoil, a mirage of actually and factually belligerant criminal vanity and lethally abusive animosity in a usuriously pretentious facade, a freekily filthy frieze of ancestrally salacious sleaze and buried abomination muted to untreatable contamination in toxic twists and turgid turns of sordid time unwinding, a place and populace paying endlessly the price of intentional perfidy and perversion, an inviting incubator for crass trash and horrid hoodlums, Hell's beggars' bowl of murdererous marauders and slaughtering slavers and raping robbers and vandalizing vampires, a resoundingly reviled reveille of bald-faced liars and bawdily bawling backstabbers stickily banging in bottles of their own bile, the sputteringly putrescent pulse from a curse of pilfered and purloined land and loin and coin, a voraciously malodorous vise of viciously malicious vice, the nightmare bites of vulgar vixens mixed in vile volumes along columns of villanous vampire vials of bile and spite, a cloak of anarchists concealing the rumbling rabble and criminal rubble remaining of recalcitrantly reified and recidivist "dixie," click for enlargement condescendingly corrupt and contemptibly criminal and callously sadistic casks of tastelessly revolting trash in casual flasks of flagrantly fatuous incredulity and facetious fraud, the husk and hull of haughty hubris lulled by drugs and drink into an unthinking veil of artless artifice, a tailspin of terrorist trash twirling in sanctimonious sin and falling in to the devil's death spiral, a garbagepail and toxic dump of faithless fools drooling over and drowning in pools of their own self-contradictory and unintentionally revelatory gibberish,monstrous abominations and abominable monstrosities, pilots of piracy and stickily stagnant vagrancy of meaning and purpose, reckless wretches wrecked into the rapacious rack of their pretentions, an indigestibly toxic stew in a satanic trident of sadistically helpless stealth for again-throttled hope of triumvirate evil lawless and triumphant, the wicked wiles of wantonly weepy wastrels, happy harlots for hell in a hyped spell sputtering from a miserly gutter of gross rot and junked snot, vicious vixens of vice fixed in voluminous vials of disclaimed shame and inert infamy, belligerantly blind braggadocios in a bilious bowl of slimey grime, a nonsensical nothingness of meaningless madmen and their moronically miserable madams, vacuously vainglorious vamps vaulting egomaniacal piles of vapidly valid shame, cattily conniving courtesans of craven crimes to corrupt contemptability in lieu of gentlity, gamey ghouls fooled to traditions of pitiless perdition, condescending cons caught in their illusions and contusions of reality, supercilious spooks hooked on their false images and phony facades, fetid freaks and frauds seeking forgetfully free absolution for their distastefully deadly dissolution, senselessly sadistic slayers of sanity and reality, thick-headed thieves and thunderous thespians in search of a plot, filthy froth and souring foam on a warlock's sordid pot of multiply morbid immoralities, a bi-gender bonanza of obsequiously obscene and obstreperously criminal bozos, satanic trivialities twirling in frivolously futile manageries to malignant mendacities of bullying boredom forgottenly forlorn and foregone pre-born, a bowel of abominations voided into vapidly avericious disavowals piled of duplicitously atrocious criminal complicities, maddingly miserable mavens of malign misanthropy, unteachably unreachable throwbacks to primordia and beastiality, a chamber pot of groveling grunge in maggotted madness, preening parasites paddling in their own self-created petulent pestilence, wanton whackos and wastrels wailing against the whip of self-ordained fate, venally vile petty potentates of provincially pointless and profoundly purposeless vicious vice, groveling grunts grunged into a complacent banquet of garbage and harlotry by grinning gargoyles, self-righteously moralizing moronic monsters and hyper-hyped hypocrites, hideous haunts and haints of harrowingly hidden horror, riotous rabble babblng puerile platitudes from the attitudes of a flimsily concocted nation erupted of condescending corruptions, duplicitous dykes in homophobic hypes of critical flight from the filth of fright in a binging blight to blanket grunge, belligerantly bellicose bigots and ignorantly overfed bullies boringly bred with a generational legacy from crude brothels of lewdity and cruelty, putridly parasitic pubescent punks drunk on their own putresence, dementedly debauched degenerates debased into "saving face" through collusively compounding crimes within cascading facades of fakery and lie, and dopish dupes in a self-justifying fantasy loop, miserable and miserly monstrosities of malodorous indifference to enduring value and worth, harried harlots hogtied to the temporal and insensate to the timeless, merciless mercenaries of the mordant macabre and the militantly mediocre, wimpy wastrels and simpering waifs, ruffian reenactors of useless rubbish in a refuse pit of criminal misfits, junkskum vermin shot caterwalling through national lifeblood veins and by desperate infection diseasing and deranging the main, conniving cheats and sneaky freaks in a rabid fetish over fetid rubbish, haughtily hyped hoodlums hounding honor and holiness into hollow grounds, pompous and pedantic peddlers of perdition in a rural rendition of fascist holocaust, frozen frigates flouting and floudering forever against Hades' shoals, an antedeluvian straining stand and stain of stodgily unstaunched bigotry, a recused slop-bucket of breathing and stulted wretched and wrecked retarded refuse, lividly loveless lowlifes in jeans and suits, foppish freaks in a bleak sopping mop of yesteryears' sorrows in moonshine swallows and gasping gulps, insolent slouches and grouchy grovelers at the throne of their sins, stuntedly deformed imposters of the living or ever-lived, wanton wastrels whirling desperately in their own detritus, sewer rats bred of southern confederacy accustomed to complacently feeding flatulence from artesian wells of their own filth until they drown in them fathomlessly, slobbily flabby sobs sinking into a garrulous gob of malicously malignant mobsters and monstrous blobs of salacious pseudo-snobbery, babblehead dabblers and dawdlers in a battlefield rubble littered with the bloodless and vacant-eyed literal, fitfully frozen filth foaling and fouling in fetidly false gilt, rotting and rotten rubbish in a knotted snot of turbulent fraudulence and filth, deplorable drivel sniveling in a snarky ark of darkness and destitution, opportunistic offal lolling in ludicrously snobby opproprobrium, dreary deadhead drudges dredging the depths of inhumanity for fool's gold, sophomoic morons spewing and stewing in spitefull spates of insensate hatred, a motley mob of traitorously self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing criminal crud, a masquerade ball of nonsensical nonentities waltzing to a dumbly dead beat, brazenly and bizarrely criminal bonko-bozos, belligerant bigots and bellicose beggars and boring brigands bellying up to the bar of bad all, brainless brawn on bawdily dead bigots dug into their own entrapments, monotonously monstrous evil expounded wantonly to blase' wickedness, insanely insensate scions of semblance over sentience, a fetid-air psycho-chamber of misdeeds and dysbreeds, menacing mendicants marching mordantly toward a door for more poor, pugnaciously puerile pigs and piteousy petulant smalltown pseudo-prima donas, a vortex of vile villainy riled into its own putrescent vomit and bile, potentates of hate protecting a putrid patch of perversion, insentient sentries of wanton wreckage, fronts for fraud roaring and reeling in what they've been concealing, dessicated deadheads drudging through the sludge of their lives and budgeless minds, nonchalantly negligent nincompoops parsing fatuous lines from abandoned pigstyes on grimey pools of grim crimes in widely rejected and deeply revolting times, senseless insentients slumming in the sludge and slurry of their mildew and moulding, seditiously sententious slime and salacious sleaze, click for 'Dream Catcher' poem demented deadbeats in the dark caverns of their psychoses, blithering blokes with a chokehold on reason and sanity, the cloying claw and mourning call of a fatal flaw to flounder and fall, blithely brutish bullies bludgeoning beauty bloodily and bloodlessly, drearily dreadful daemonics ensconsed welcomingly in a rubbish pile, gamey guardians of reflexive roles and rigid rule rendering them fools at an original instant in every dynamic moment, foul filth in fits and tantrums of tedious fornication with a lowly environment, a horridly hideous horde of the wantonly warmongering and whoremongering, viciously wicked vicars csrved of vomited vacuity in fading veils of the hateful hail of depixelated Dixie, piteous punks flailing in their junkyard past and the trailing trash of dishonor and ignobility searching for disguise or a place to hide the true hideousness of their diseased psycho-spiritual and socio-familial affliction, careening knaves and rearing slaves caught in crookedly collapsing caves weeping of wailing creeps with freaking cadavers, the spurious spook of a crook rookery secreted in the foul breeze of insentient and unfeeling treason, cutely contemptible greed preening in villanious vagrancies of the lost and lousy, boisterously belligerant bullies blistering their own abodes, a claustrophic cauldron of callous calamity, a crap-crock for criminals and flagrant flops, hypocritical hogs teaming to the trough of treasonous trickery, tedious travesties of tumultuous triviality, a squirmy and squirelly squinch of pinched personalities flooded in the tumultuous effluent of tormented egos,blindly bigoted ignorants and intolerably ugly gnomes of studied indifference and filthy ignobility, dixierats in a revulsive uproar and sick upheaval of slimey stickiness, a dessicated dustbin of unsalvageably trite trash and gauche garbage, tastelessly undiscerning dolts in a revolt of dumbly dull insensitivity and numb insentience, dreadful duds and ludicrous lugs and mordant madams born damned to Dixie,perverted parsites peddling perdition, nauseatingly nonsensical nonentities and nagging nitwits nitpicking nosily beyond their brain-grade, noisesome numbskulls and screaming scalawags gagging on their own skullduggery, duped platoons of perfidy and perdition deployed to continual subversion and sedition, fatuously egotistical trash in a tirade of fantastically and facetiously false "class," the false facade and garish gloss of fecund felonies on phony faces in unmarked places, a repugnantly reborn scheme of careening careerist criminals teamed into a bloodily putrid tureen of the mendaciously mean and mulish, a boiling vial of God's vomit at abomination in miscarriage of contaminated conception and creation, desolate desprados doomed to despicability and disgraced dismissal, timorous tyrants tailgating chaos and catastrophe, cruelly criminal and callous cads in a sadistically gross orgy of regurgitive grunge, hideously harlequin hicks of hilarious hype, disgusting degenerates of divisive desperation with all the paltry powers of pettiness, hungry hucksters and hollow-eyed hookers harping lustily on hate to fend away designated destinies or sate legacies of fatality, petulance and pestilence, despotic potentates of perversion caught in the reflective reversion of peaks too high and difficult for them to climb themselves despondent in their destitution and the deformation of concealed interiors, cravenly cruel cons and callous cowards caught in a criminally contaminated and caustically corrupt cup, a stagnant contemplation of druggies and drunks in corrupted generations inescapably doomed to damnation, belligerantly bigoted badgerers and lacimosely bellicose batterers beaten on fate's wheel in Satan's weal, tragically sweeping travesties of land and language and law languishing toward a fate foretold in a doom prewarned under moons weeping flame and ice, hellaciously hideous heathen and voraciously vile villains in a treacherous vale too far "beyond the pale" for forgiveness or forgetting, prima donnas of the double-standard piroueting dazedly by every hazard, desperate in its defense for the survival of a fatally flawed and lower species killingly (murderously/suicidally) incapable of self-sustainingly essential and proportionate humility in relation to the total life environment, a vicious vise of the vituperatively vilest of voracious vipers swiping all they can grab along their voluminous path to an ignominious end, a tediously teeming tantrum of idiotically dull display, an ethnicity that has not proven laudably viable on its own, anarchronistic crypts of time long gone singularly overtaxed conceptually by post-modern compound complexities of community and commerce, an unconstrained foray into undulating madness and unthinkable malfeasance, a turgid topographic urn of click for enlargement ornery ordinariness, a superficial low curve where real life and drama, love and hate as they are in their dynamic oscillations on a median theme like a chord held until its tones naturally merge and disappear into the air are stifled and bent to the satisfaction and fractional boredom of stultified and stunted minds in stands and odious strands of meaningless male and female lament in a grungy dungeon of mindless dopes without hope and dames without brains on their obfuscatory paths of dissolution and destruction and damnation, creepy freaks and fractured cretin criminals condemned to The Dead and Damned Zone, sniveling sneaks and fuming freaks frothing in futility and fallacy, beastly brutes brooding ugliness in their murky and muddy madness, a frothy foam of superficial and sophomoric morons floating free and fraudulently atop a muslide of profane and blasphemous psychopathy, scurrilously scandalous cads and covens cowering in their callous calamity, cackling and crackling daemonic riffraff rabble roused to frigidly rigid riot, marred marionettes mired in and married to misery, abhorrent abominations on their knees in deified oblation to abuse and disease, blithely and belligerantly bigoted and inhumane, a haughtily hideous phallanx of fascist freaks creeping down historically filthy main streets to the bars of damnation and larcened lamentations imprisoned within sadistic seeds of Satan, obscurely obscene imbeciles imbibing delerious dreams of glories they've never been or seen, tacky psychotics stacked in heinous hierarchies of harm, mendicant sinners singing a toneless tune, stuporous stooges in a dangerously deadly moonshine still of their minds and bodies, a sticky slick ooze of losingly boozed and sick barbarians, the unbounded brawling and balling brawn of inebrient imbeciles gone uncontrollably wrong, sex-obsessed psychopaths hypnotized on the pornographic trail of "snuff" movie enactments, bloodthirsty thugs set on auto-kill, a cozy cotillion for the easily corrupted and confused in the service of its decadently tyrannical "Dixie" autocrats, moral morons mired in mythological mendacities, imposters improvising their roles based on dingy rules for fools of astringent amoralities, crushingly crass crud and rashly brash rubes, snarled and snarling snits in a frenzied fighting fit of charmless chatter tethered to the tatters of an apocalyptic bit, stuporously constipated simpletons and stodgy parrots of pedantry, sick slicks sliding and slithering on a worthless journey to nowhere and nothing, haughtily hypocritical harridan hacks and foaming flakes, ludicrous louts in a repugnant redoubt of crushing cruelty and brashly blithe crassness, awkwardly awful autononamons set on leadenly dead dichotomies, vitriolic vicars of viciously violent vapidity and vile vice, dregs of defunct indecency drowning in a drearily defiant cataract of fearfully violent sexist and racist myopia, reveling levelers of viciously vitriolic evils, lethargic sloths in a lewd broth and bragging brew of bodacious belligerance, mongrel monstrosities of the meagre and mean, mythic mysogenists foundered on gore and libelous alibis, salaciously inebriated satyrs in satanic satiation rituals of pseudo-legality, odiously officious oafs overwhelmed in tiring tirades of their own trying inanity, gracelessly soldiering gnats and gnomes homing to discarded filth for feeding fodder, mortally irresponsible rascals in an immature masquerade of adulthood, faithless slobs slogging in sobs through self-imposed addictions and afflictions, slobby slouches and drudges trudging tediously through their own slop and sludge, fitfully frozen filth foaling and fouling in false gilt, finagling physicians and mendacious medical assistants, an aggregiously horrific and farcical hole of obfuscatorily criminal fog, forlorn fugitves from liveable civil action and attitude, an id-reverenced slop 'n' slob 'n' sob bucket of ol' dixie, an evil steeple to sophomorically satanic boredom, a declination for the devil's deacons of disruption in an ungainly eruption of crude corruption and corpulent calamity, insolently insulting sneaks and freaky frauds frolicking in the forgettably regrettable wastes of their minds and lives, bereft bonko bullies and forboding bozos in a ballast of freezing baloney and sleazy fantasy, the atrociously fiendish abominations snittering and sniveling amidst the dessicated ashes of burnt-out Dixie and her trollops, callous clods and cynically demented dopes, abysmal abominations absessing in an agglomerating aberration of abject contemptability, sullenly dull drunkards doped into drowning dumbly into an edgeless evil, obsequious and obscene obscolescents hunkered into onomerous roles well-abandoned elsewhere long ago, nonsensical docents and dunces of barbarously barking breeches of discourse and direction, frozen fools boarded in a scarred hellhole of distorted horrors, contemptuous clogs and contemptably bereft blobs plotting and plodding to a plain of a barren nowhere, briggands brought to a boil in a balderdash of trash, flagrantly vain vigilantes and boisterously boasting blowhards hosting calamity, faithless and faceless travesties teaming in tremulously tedious temerity toward universal damnation and condemnation and ridicule widely embraced, a calamitously claustrophobic community of cretin criminals and bragging briggands, petulantly pestilent pustules sputtering of perfidious perversion, colorless caissons of calamitous tripe and travail, cretacious oddly malodorous orbs of slobbily uncouth clods, creeps caught in a craptrap of corroding erosion and eruptive corruption, maliciously miserable monsters masturbating grandiosely to the grossly grim ghosts of mass graves, fitfull filth foaming in the groaning still of grimey crimes, ruthlessly rude rubes and ruffians riled to an uproar by restrained tastefulness and stylish politesse, fetid filth frothing in their fool's foam, infantile imbeciles, fanatically phony fools and drooling dupes intent on their own diseased demise in the valley's pitifully putrid and stinking sink of brutish crimes and blasphemous lies, unredeemably ridiculous rascals and rapscallion rakes on the take and on the make, leprous leaches screeching against the fate that made them hatefully hideous at the core, testily untrustworthy titans of the tepid and timorous, vapidly pugnacious profiteers promoting the vilest of vicious villainies and vacuous vanities, bullies bulemically bellicose on bitter bile, vain vagrants vascilating over fatuous vacuity in fastidious futility, raucously irreverent racketeers and profiteering purveyors of irrevocably irremediable harms, reactionary reenactors of the radically repulsive and retrospectively reviled, condescending creeps freaked from fastidious erudition and respectable tradition, ignominiously ignorant clods clumped in the claws of fatuously vacuous victory and vice, soured hoodlums hovering for ever more blood and loot, unscrupulous scroungers scouting and scraping out scraps and detritus discarded on an outhouse floor, ludicrous lechers in a loony loop of lascivious truancy, filthy flotsam fomenting disorder and decay, tawdry tricksters and tacky tramps trolling the depths and dumps of depravity, brutish and brutal beasts braggily without discerning mentality or manners or morals, gruesome grifters swirling in a ghoulish stool of their own filth, furtive fugitives from fealty and vivifying realty, hideous vermin hollowed hidden into licentious vales of voracious vice, the filthy foam of fetid drones in the deadening drudgery and turgid dirge of their past and present existences there, mendicant monstrosities mired in a hideously horrific hideout of historically villainous bile, wantonly wicked warriors of whimpering waste at a ruthless wailing wall built of bad taste with all they've murdered and mauled, braindead bullies bound in a batter of meanly useless and obscenely grotesque chatter, unsalvageably thunderous thugs and unsaveably glaring thieves flattering themselves that fancy dress or hairdo or manner or transparent alibi changes or ameliorates any of that, nattering and nitpicking numbskulls, garish and click for 'Wood Ducks' story gratuitous ghouls schooled to an infinitely losing game, looting louts with marauding minions in bouts of self-inflicted rage, horrors in stone honed to bared and barren bone, a churlish geographic churn of shameful and shameless charades serenading a long-eliminated and immolated imaginary champion, ill-natured and outrageous oafs lulled artificially into a dull complacency in raunchy prisons of obstreporous pretense in obsequious offense, friendless fiends in a miserably mean and obscenely ugly dream of dissidents and dissonance, malcontent miscreants caught in their malfeasance and felonious phoniness, mauled dolls sated in a sedated thrall of the marquis de sade, a collective hell of interconnected fictitious identitites and felonious pasts constructed of stolen properties and impossible vanities, poisonously putrid petty potentates plying pederesty and worse, repulsive creeps of any gender squealing and squirming in horrid hollows of hoggish squalor, vainglorious vigilantes restrained in cells of their own construction, miserably mean morons mired in a mouldy and obscenely dire dream of dependent dementia, a distasteful wastefield full of mentally and morally warped and wanton dwarfs of dignity or decency, frenzied fools mobbing reality and murderous marauders vandalizing truth and justice, criminal slobs and slops in a sick slick masquerading menacingly as snobs and snots, snobbily loveless slobs of salacious inebreity stewed in a wretched strench of pedestrian pedantry, clawing and cloying crud crawling myopically through misanthropic mud, petty potentates of perversion and parsimonious paucity, dim-witted twits in twisted fits of fraud applauded in the Confederate Class feloniously lauded stealth of stolen wealth, scatological screwheads and illogical braindrain deadbeats, despondent desperados slouching from and sloughing off usefully gainful productivity, lovelorn losers defeated into the divine curse of perpetually permanent and auto-propagating evil, rotting rascals scurrilous snots, pontificating pontiffs of profligacy in a brashly protuberant wastebin of tasteless stench, atrociously assinine abominations bound in a boringly delusional bubble of factual fantasies fed by deadbeat drugs, clueless wannabes wailing at a wishful waiting wall, bellicose braggarts boasting buffoonery and criminal foolery, dedicated doyens of dirt and other distastefully distracting drivel,laughable fallout flailing in and flouting the half-life of the valley's fissure from respectable acceptability, hypocritical hucksters boggled and bogged amuck in boomeranged mud, slavish sluts shelved to slovenly sultans for satanic sirens of sadism and self, raucously raunchy chumps stomping and stampeding peaceful decency and pleasant decorum, deranged deadbeats droning to the detestable dirge of their self-directed destruction and destitution, ogling ogres and freakish sneaks, shiftless slugs without minds or morals hugging the screaming detritus of dead and deathly dreams, the grotesque grunge and grinchy grouch of a childish pout and foolish bout to boast of excremeental eminence, ignominious gnomes gnarled and snarled into whorly homes wired for diseased disenchantment, impervious potentates of pestilent peril and penury poisoned at hell's perambulatory well of foregone oaths and forgotten vows, lecherous lunatics seething in an unsightly broth and froth foaming of profound fomented fraud and fermenting tormented fallacy, a worthlessly trivial vacant lot in the shape and form of drivel and tedious ennui, a murderous mugging machine of maliciously maladjusted misanthropes, barbarous hordes holed up in the hollows of artifice unholy and unhallowable in habitable construct, riotous rabble babblng puerile platitudes from the attitudes of a flimsily concocted nation erupted of condescending corruptions, viciously pernicious vermin and pubescently petulant pests, boneheaded bigots begotten of spigots spewing spidery pride in bullish ignorance, a pukishly piddling puddle of perfidous punks and derisively deadened drunks in the badlands of the lost hope,lugubriously slurpy usurpers in a grandiose grudge guarding sludge with fudged credits, morosely gauche champions of moronically reactionary inaction and inertial ineptitude, a corpulently corrupt cask of cascadingly catastrophic criminalities, luridly vain clumps of lawlessly ludicrous crudity, hateful hypocrits in a snotty snit and veiled fit of horrific reality and remembrance, astoundingly harassing harridans and clashing hounds unbound by anything less crass than a gutteral yelp or growl, stupefied stooges stuttering and stammering in dicated lines, an outlandishly outdated and foregone mob still asserting the historically horrific "confederate white male privilege" to rape, rob, steal and murder at will with ludicrously imperial impunity, wantonly dilatory wastrels on widespread welfare, creepily contemptible and hideous horrors hiding in their delusional dungeons of revolting dirge and chromosomal dirt and repugnance, boorish brigands and brutish broads bawling in a barbarously scalding brawl of vainly distasteful disdain, crude ruffians roused to tawdry tantrums of tastelessness, tyrants of tempestuous trivialities sniveling in a deluge of drivel in a deadly ditch of disruptive dysfunction flowing from peaks of meaninglessness, a boiling vat of avericiously vile and vituperative vixens spliced aside diabolic desperados, barberously bigoted boors toasting futility in a lingeringly banal boast to roast and freeze on the toxic spit of their revolting carnage and carnality, haughty harlots of hazardous hollows, wimpily wimpering wastrels wallowing in wanton wails and walls of their own putrrescent waste, catatonic criminal creeps crawling in a cretin cairn of callous boasts and carniverous bloat, septic rats grossly packed and pounded into the garroted groundslime of a beastial feast on their own expulsions, volatively vituperative villains and vixens of avaricious viciousness, a contentious bluff of bawdy bullies in a dulled lull of pretention to productive purpose, odious oafs boasting fractious feral license and laxity, a perverse putrefaction of puerile fantasy satisfactions, mannerless madmen and malevolently manipulative madams, lethally horror-fying hypocrites and freakishly foolish phonies, skulking skunks drunkenly sinking irreversibly and lividly into the lurid stink of their lives and lies, fiscal and physical fiends of mirthless filth and merciless dirth and friendless stealth, timid titans of tenuous tedium, anarchic anachronisms in a pallidly putrid pudding of the past and unlaudably left-behind, quasi-crap in the squalid hovels of graying and baying egos beaten beyond repair or revival, OSCR logo 1996-1997, click for 'Site Scene' history section a preposterous perturbant protrusion of unmentionable and immeasurable pretention and penultimate illusion, deleriously derisive dolts in the doldrums of contentious convention, hyped hypocrites holed in a horrifically armed holocaust of harms, criminally filthy phonies cowering cravenly into encapsulated miseries of meanly miserly fits and fists of self-pity, predatory pretenders to affection concerned only with their own defection and reflection, torridly horrid hastlers ruminant and wrastling themselves to rack and ruin, bubbleheads bleeding loquacious lies for the price of their heads and hearts and souls, careening capons of callously criminal capers congealing on contemptible cons, two-faced traitors and hypocritically-hyped, a transparently putrid pokefull of pitiful hypocrites and pathetic phonies pummeling each other and themselves to perilously puerile defeat, a tantrum of tawdry and tasteless tramps in a lustreless tumult of fractious laxity, wantonly blood-lusty vigilantes in search of the flimsiest pretext for rebourne group or individual war and rebellion amidst satanic tantrums trapped in turgidly tawdry tentacles teaming of sordid tastelessness, crassly uncouth goons in a tuneless loon of vacuous vacancy to inclement truancy, multiply-miserly miserables mired in a transparently sick crock of self-serving myth, meddlesome minds of crime and grime meeting in the wretched remnant ruckus of revolt and revolting averice gone bad and bloody, horrifyingly hostile and ardently bored barbarian hordes busily building their damning netherland ford to nowhere and nothing, disregarded drones and discarded dregs of a distanced discord undisturbed by sanity or sober reason, dastardly and devious demons scheming plots of senseless vengeance and self-defeating violence, stuporously insipid idiots mauled to maudlin mayhem and miserably miserly madness, the heel and boot of a sooty heap of haughtily hateful have-beens, timorous and trivially tragic tailgaters to tedious travesties, callously cavalier criminal crud, onerously ugly duds and slobby clods, trashy terrorists tithing tantrums of tacky titillation to Bacchus, mannequins modeling macabre methodologies and mythical ontologies, audaciously atrocious thieves and killers reinventing the tradition and legacy of Confederacy for the 20th and 21st centuries, thundering bigots and blustering thugs, dunces of neutered nuisance snarled in the freyed fragments of the failing figment of their illusions, forgetable freaks in a regretably senseless creep toward insentience, puppeteers of surface mannerisms and meaningless and messageless episodic dramas staged for a stuporous audience of themselves, the blasphemous blight of perturbed bigotry bleeding into its reverently preserved battlefields of profane perversion, an inverse inanity of indelicately deceitful derelicts colluding chaotically claustrophic calamities, wrathful war-and-whore-mongering wretches with their lurid legacy of criminal and financial wreckage in inter-state and inner-familial and inter-racial multinational uncivil discord, continuously acrimonious and commercially usurious champions of childishly churlish disorder and shoddy display, the atrociously assinine ashes left behind from burnt-out trash, the twisted detritus of wrongful alliance and malign allegiance over servile decades to the demonically despotic, a wretched and retching shudder of the slimey seeds of infamy and treachery taking root in nascent trashdumps carved out of their own mud and muck, filthily brainless rotten and rotting meat mired and milling miserably in an untenably bleating mediocrity, a flagrantly gnarley, deliberate deflection from any accepted and acceptable rule of dismally loco dodos and yacking, cackling yokel yoyo, scurrilously sluttish and slavish slime sliding into their slotted spots in the putrescent plots of neo-confederate revivals, delusional dunderheads and scam-sham foils, addicts too addled to ascertain or acknowledge a difference or to discern the distinction between public and private, demonstrable daily evidence that overheated environments of spontaneous mutation produce seed anomalies in afunctional families of maverick monstrosity, irksomely irreverent and irrelevant jerks, necessarily secretive slime skimmed and skammed into a brine of greasy slick and grime, boisterous baboons and blundering buffoons marooned on a far outpost from progressive policy and social politesse, thugs and muggers foaming free in a slopbucket froth of diseased discards from humanity, a squall of sordid squallor, wasted wackos wandering amidst a deluge of deceits and contuminous conceits, predatory perps packed into practiced descent into the prison of lunacy, a turgid tureen of preening queens in a mendacious mean for the obscene and unseemly, petulently petty paupers pimping putrescence, belligerant garbage and tremulous trash, stuffed mastiffs stuck in the monotone monotony of malingering morons, morally macabre mannequins dressed in a masquerade maul, haunted haughty criminal riffraff drifting on a raft of malfeasance and malfunction toward an ignobly ignominious shore,restless rustlers in the rabidly debauched raunch and stench of canonic repressession and catatonic restriction, idiotic ideologues ramming their wares recklessly where they don't belong, and abysmal absess of abominations, supercilous snot-bots and snob-blobs snubbed in a tawdry slob-tub of malicious sedition and silly superstition, pedantically and petulantly puerile potentates of surreal realms of treasonous unreason, an awkwardly shameful sham of frauds and phonies in a philandering fantasy and frolic from factual falsity, stalwartly soulless and valorless villains of vacuity, nauseous nihilists kneeling at the altar of themselves, grouchy slouches sloughing off paid jobs and social duties, slimey slugs and gothic thugs in a nauseating fling from culture or civility, chillily calculating gawking loons hawking lunacy and truancy, braggy boneheads and brain-dented tarts starting tedious tantrums and ferocious infernos they can't put out, diabolic scoundrels and scandalous cads, friendless frauds and ludicrous clods slogging through a well and long-lost cause, divisively derisive vassals of the slurred epithet that is its meaning and rascals of ridicule to the purely true, pernicious purveyors of potent poisons for body and mind and soul, magnates of moral turpitude, the blustering bluff of a bad handand bad seed in the land betting high against the house's game with marked and borrowed cards, miserably treasonous tricksters and maddened miscreants of unreason, parasitically predatory brittle belles dressed in Hades of faux favors flouncing and trouncing in the tasteless flavors of bitched-out witches and wastrels, a delusional dump of disrepute and the morally decrepit in a gratuitous self-deceit of aggregegious grandiosity and self-defeating greed, distasteful derelicts wantonly deconstructing what they themselves could never do or attain of equally valuable luminscence and/or recognizeable eminence, aimless slime creating pointlessly expensive and enervating picadillos, haughtily hideous and horrid harridans in haunted hovels of mind and matter, grasping ghouls and felonious fools passed into a schooled stool of odiously moribund rule, pathetically hopeless and hapless misanthropes, sniveling sneaks snookered into enslaved knavery, unsavable unsalvageably savage reptillian rapscallions, feral fiends and felons floating in their fallacies and fooleries, second-rate slobs and snobs secreted into superficial stereotypes of contaminated convention, spiritless spoofs and spineless spooks, rancid robots caught in the tawdry tedium of tyrants, intrinsically timid and tame lamebrain fiends bemoaning fields of the truly valiant and valorous, caliphs of calamity to fraud and foolery in a barren baronry of boredom, claustrophobic cliques of calamitously cackling clods and clowns, pinionated pinheads of paltry rites of omission, despotic cadavers breeding deliberately desperation and despair in caverns of catastrophic collapse, carelessly cruel and flagrantly vagrant fools, an unignorable horde of miserly captains and miserable captives of chaotic horror on a boringly rigid border of unmannered modalities, mediocre masters and middling madams of madless mischief, ridiculous relics redolent in reactionary reminiscence and reprehensible reification of well-retired strata and obfuscatory data, gratingly graceless goblins of the unknown in a feloniously feral embrace of the covetously concealed and universally unrevealed, the screaming extreme of unseemly and mean unbound and grounded in senseless sensation, stunning stooges and tragic losers, wantonly wicked wastrels riled in flagrant writhings and flailings of their own making, wandering wounds and garrulous gangrene walking in the withered wasteland of criminality that is the helter-skelter welter of cruel confederacy, hellish heels reeling without sentience or feeling in their filthily reeking and wrecking crimes revealed and reknowned past to present, horrifically hideous and horrid merchants of monstrosity in merciless hostility and hate belatedly crying for free pardon and pity for the pathetically pusillaneous and permanently piteous, maudlinly marauding mavens of misery and murderous malice, obsequious obscenities mordantly materialized within the morass of a crassly cruel past, frenzied fanatics and zealots of raging jealosies plotting revenge against fate itself and punishments for reality, friendless fiends and flagrantly frightful flukes, cantankerous cads in the sadlands of iniquity, moronically miserable meaningless mites of malignment mired in malicious mediocrity, forlorn fools stomping and staring into a strategic swamp of futility and failure, lawless lunatics baying at their considered confinement in a tangled, strangling not of seditious snots, slobs and snobs, obsolescent obscurities obeiscent to nothingness, bungling blobs and lethargic blimps clawing and calling from their consignment to the foul reject pool of frozen fools and frauds, sloppy slime sliding miserably into the endless pit of their crimes, boorishly boring closeted conspirators murderously intent on claiming and maintaining at any cost of materiel and men the manipulative myth of "white" male superiority as justification for their avericiously aggressive crimes and sins, a dysfunctional garbagedump of parasitic pigs and unpenitent pariahs, soured cynics in an open clinic of the callously contorted and distortedly diseased and dreadfull deadly, tawdry tricksters and boneheaded barristers, contemptibly corrupt rotten apples spoiling in a filthily vile pigpen of vandalizing rapist robbers and murderous maruauders, malignant "'white' machismo" meeting in a malfunctional male and lacrimous female dirge, a painfully ungainly strain of revolingly vile vapidity, haughty hacks in clumps of criminally corrosive flak, spiritual paupers treading and sinking in a pretentious pisspot overflowing with crime and fatuous myths, classless trash in a stuporously flashing stench of crassly acrid gas, sloppy slobs in a squalid squabble born of bellicose bigotry and contentious tenses of enclosed ignorance, a neanderthal labyrinth of disarrayed plots and people gone ploddingly astray, nauseatingly nasty tyrants of temerity and masters of the temporal, a dismally eerie quicksand swamp of bloatedly beknighted beings unrecognizable by those knowledgeably sophistocated digital: , click for poem 'Mae Flowers' elsewhere as being fully and functionally human, a contaminated congregation of the dregs of the dregs gathered at the nastily nuanced nuisance of an unnatural disaster arena in a sluice of slime and malingering madness to a daily grind and glut of grime and grimness where the halt and the deeply faulted falter fatally in their "white" hubris and slime in an aggregiously ugly and amorphously immoral gang (agglomeration of leering ghouls and snarling, gnarled goons) of junkyard punks and pukish flukes in suits drowning in a diseasedly delusional dirge and revelatory deluge of drugs, drink and fit-full fantasy, foregoably forgettable filth foraging for food in frenetic fits of froth and loam, hideously horrid monstrosities --living and abstract-- erected as monuments to crime and lies and bigotry, facetiously felonious fallacy and riotous fraudulence, unctiously uninteresting clouts in a cloistered and closed bout of prolongued boredom and pallid prudery, senseless slobs and soddenly sententious snots in a smelting pot for mind-rot, prancing pirates on the titanic toxicity of a myththological Confederacy, sordid dunces and dorks dead to sentience or reason dedicated still to their sinking season of torporous treason and treachery, insipid imposters pretentiously panhandling a pretend past at the price of a pleasant and pleasurable today,tacky cheats and breezy cheapskates in a faked flake of furtive futility, irrational rascals in a derisive round of ridiculous rule, macabre merchants of mundanely mendacious miseries, gauchely doomed goblins growling in the grunge of self-enjoined gloom, lethally ridiculous loons and gratuitously greedy goons left alone in their egregiously ludicrous idiocies, caustically conniving knaves and tastelessly unsmart tarts in a caved-in part of the nation best forgotten and left to its own deviously dank devices and bedeviled deceits, malicious vanities and vicious vices, harassing huddles hunkered terrorized by time into timid bunks of circular fallacy and false premise, the dirt-lined lessons of rejection slumming through mordant machismo born forlorn of unreflective regions with dejected dalliances in devilish deviancy, an unpalatably pungent pudding of murderous missies, males madding, whupped whusses and fussbudgets fattening, busted pustules of pretentious perfidy, an unsaveably filthy Church of the Twisted Mind junkkdump crappile of treasonous garbage and criminal unreason brimming with and brewing amidst the widely rejected and roundly reviled where the skills of skullduggery have been honed and honored over dazed and hazy years of treachery and spite, petrified perambulators from the unboundedly perverted putrefaction of pestilence piously preserved and referentially reverenced, the seeds of displeasing slease in an undesireably tasteless ooze of rehearsed and regurgitated undigested rhetoric and minds gone blind of bleary years and formless fears, an extremecist exposition pot of the piggily expedient and the panoramically exposed, the southland's usuriously graceless and ungrateful Welfare Belt holed up at a gatheringplace for tears of ghostly goons at the wailing wall of seditious treachery in a hateful haze of the dazed and phased out by conquest and rejection and stuck now in its terminally frosty stasis and repetitive revelry of yesteryear's sophomoric sorrows and sins seduced and serenaded again and again, decadently and deeply diseased "Dixie," a draining puddle of impudently imprudent and impious simpering wimps and pilfering simpletons unapologetically blind and lethally blithe in their widespread derelictions and widening desecretions, squeamishly unsavory slackers in a dirge of myopic dirt and drivel, cantankerously avericious ashcans of glaring refuse in flaring rubbish, the huncho honchos of the over-chemed inbred mutant subspecies homo sapiens non sapiens, doped dons of the dastardly and devas of a devious void, a malignant and miserly miasma of criminal misery and malice, corrupted cretins caressingly catastrophe and chaos and carbolic confusion in a grandiose alcoholic delusion of desparate degradation, a lethally dangerous unbounded and untreated and unregulated asylum for insolently insensitive psychotics and obstreperously obsequious psychopaths, mendicants riding the meridian mean of measured mediocrity, drunkenly drugged nonsensicals holed up in their lofts of reality-insulated egomania, skamming skamps skimming bilious brine from seas of timeless iniquities, brutish buffoons and repulsive ruffians in a raggedly terrified brag of rudely brooding boredom, dreadfully depressive drudges determinedly digging trenches into their dismally dreary past and mining every bridge from the present to tomorrow, repugnant creeps and gross-out freaks, digital: 'The Mess and OSCR', click for 'Pastiche Meiosis' chronology vaingloriously vile villains and viciously voracious vixens with despondently estranged children, loathesome oafs fleshed over a frolicking froth regugitated of sorrowful fools lost to sense and sentience, a festeringly unbounded bowl of the rapaciously rude and crudely cruel, ungodly goofoffs fiddling away fate and fortune, fumbling and fighting again a costly and forlorn cause against fortuitous fame in a played-out game framed by the undone and unaware, an alarmed atrocity of monstrously hideous harridans of hidden harms, a gruesomely gross grout rooting through the grimy slime of lost time's atrocities, pernicious pukes in a poisonous pit of stuporous turpidity, an edifice of useless space delineated and deservedly decried widely, a forlorn pit of pointless spite filled with the torpid puss of overwhelming meaninglessnesss, masters and madams of malignity moored to their mordant stake in materiality, stuporously stupid sots caught in the knotty snot of a fog of their own incontinent making, the meaningless conjunction of words and wasted pretense sent to the front for battles already waged and lost or won, a vassaled and valueless void located and constructed and piteously, pitilessly populated, a decisively derisive dereliction of decency dedicatedly defined over determined decades of decline in the oppositionally obsolescent opulence and opprobrium of obnoxiously uncious Confederates, filthily fetid feces fitted out to fleece all in a moral flout of fraudulently grand gesticulation and sardonically callous calculation, a loutish flout and flaunting flourish of puerile petulence to peddle impoverishment, a tauntingly untempered tailspin of stewing twerps and twisted teases, squalid scoundrels squandering treasures into trash, retarded reprobates of revolting revision and reactionary recidivism, ludicrous loonies and garish goons gobbling and blaring nonsensically at inexorable tides in the glare of the moon, the played-out ploys of cloying anachronisms and foolish ghouls caught in a churlish, churning school of frauds trying to hide, lie and run from man, intrusively idiotic isomers of extinct ideologies and actualities, God and self about who or what they really are and have done in borrowed skins with faked smiles and empty lines to die by, a gashing gorge of worthless, warped wasteland with tepid talents from the gritlessly and gallantly ignorant to the garishly ungifted and unglad, the wretched wreck and reckless wrecks of the criminal confederacy refusing yet to accept responsibility for or correct their binges of dishonorable betrayal and barbarous cruelties, timid and torn traitors and trash drowning in a disastrous dip and din of fawning phonies, psychotically spitefulvillains and vixens, petulant partisans of penury in a worthless waste of poignantly pointless picadillos, foggy fops and gratingly dopey lugs, ghoulish groupings and gropings of rancid and rabid antagonism festering and flailing against the walls of their self-imposed confinement, a clotted convergence of unnotable country clods without clear consciousness or conscience or character or conscientious endeavor communally or individually, click for story 'A Season for Giving' poem ludicrous leftovers from the feast of ascendant acrimony that is the War Between the States for Dixie's cruel and criminal aristocracy, the fatal and foul face of fascism hidden in the folds of fancy crinolines' lace and swaths of screaming sabers and ingrown like a perniciously mutant recessive gene historically within the shores and borders of our body politic, the gathererers and hunters of our hazily heathen hinterlands of digital: ArtDeco guitar by jH -- click for story 'Instant' primitively prejudiced prudes and rudely reactionary rubes, albatroses of the abnormally aberrant, ridiculous rascals clothed in illusion and illusory gain, stymied blips of the stix incapable of independent thought or discerning assessment and knowledge trying out stereotypes as if they're changing fashion clothing, claustrophobic cliques of haughty hubris hiding the vagrant vacancies of their interiors, an unpardonable punitively parsimonious fogged pen unpardoned in the smog and smugness of the mentally and materially self-impoverished, the dross of decayed decadence and derailed elegance, idiosyncratic and isolated ideologues, luducrous bullies and ridiculous ruffians, scandalous scoundrels, ignorantly outrageous and insensibly outlandish oafs that can't differentiate between crap and caviar, heartless tarts without measurable smarts smarting at their hashings from the bash and brawl of a mindless haul of worthless investments, petulantly and pruriently pugnacious pests in an unsavory rehash scramble of repugnant and reprehensible reprobates, degenerately debased debtor denizens doodling dazedly in braindead damnation, deleriously delusional deadbeats and scurrilously scandalous scum, a tasteless shagheap of repulsive rats and sorry slurried ninth-rate scum in a slum for dejected discards and distasteful rejects, devious deviants dedicated to their own deleriously deleterious doom, sniveling snipers from the snide hiding in the glazed shards of glassy trenches, marauding molesters of real remembrance and viciously vain vandals of true realities, hatefull has-beens and unapologetic kleptomaniacs groveling in satanic servility for unearned glory, goods and credit they've no basis in sanity or skilled endeavor to claim, shrinking and shrieking sheiks of convention shirking higher invention or divine intervention, bore-bred battallions of banal carnality from the kernel of Cain in the kennel of his seed, mendacious merchants of monstrous malevolence and miserable madness, schlocky schmucks stuck in a lucklessly muddy muck of mordant misery and malignancy, tasteless titans of tedium and barons of baroque boredom bound into timorously teetering townships and vacuous vales denuded to breezes and gales of modernity and tasteful class, shadowy shysters shirking truth and responsibility, disastously disrespectful forgettables and unrespectables in an untidy tantrum of tumultuous temerity, unconscionably callous and crass trash, nebulous brigands and slimey felons floating loose in a sordid and sour soup in the repulsive slopjar that is the Valley, stridently idiotic pedestrians adamantly ignorant and ruefully, rudely wrong-headed who consequently can't distinguish fantasy from reality or flower from fault and flaw or fragrance from vagrant vacancy in a petulant muddled piddle of penuriously injurious and stagnantly stentorian malodorous monstrosities, reactively-revileable and reprehensibly-repulsive retro-filth regurgitated rolling into their own roilingly-riled refuse, a pimpish festering pustule of uninvitingly vain and flippantly foolish freaks, maliciously manipulative mavens of miserable madness and moronic mayhem, complacently compliant co-traveling cohorts in a suicidal caldron of bigoted beastiality and collusively calamitous criminality, deluded dixiecraps dawdling in dashed and diseasedly dastardly dreams, disruptive dissidents from decency and diplomacy, flops and failures in an unseemly geographic globule of gamey monsters of the mundane and the mendicant redolent and reactionarily rigid in their frigidly fearful landscape of aberrantly crimped realities and obtusely obscure viewpoints which occasion sickeningly certifiable silliness in situations of serious import to life and limb or thing held in shallow, unshriven disregard by contemptuously and contemptibly presumptuous and pretentious pseudo-socialites of the unremarkably unrisen and sourly sodden southlands traditionally obssessed with and obliterated by transaction rather than process, a confining and controlling coagulant clique comprising a furrowed morass across professional fields full of the dedicatedly dull and dumbly fumbling and determinedly dilatory of unappealingly piteous pubescent, peskily unpalatable cotillions and poisonous parades of derisive vixens and xenophobic villains, aggregiously gibbering imposters imposing by force their self-aggrandizingly congratulatory fantasies and fallacies on the honest and innocent, wastrel vagrants vascillating in a pasty wasted wastebin that should never have been, a funereal pyre of the well-forgotten and undesired, morosely crass criminal moles and their closeted and gross "coquettes" consumed in the minor machination madness of a retrograde conceit of marital and familial retreats and other relational group structures of outmoded inconvenience and overworn convention unworkably and awkwardly ridiculous rational to 20th and 21st century statistical and conceptual and techno-scientific realities photo:river and field in snow-- click for 'Sweet Pea' story -- a jaggled jungle of drearily dreadful drudges fudging facts and fearing function in an inherently cloistered clump of inchoate and incoherent chumps lolling and corroding inward into a torpid telltale lump of morally-challenged and diabolically devious in dealings personal and social and transactionally commercial giving rise to their suspiciously paranoid and defensively disjointed demeanors, shunned and shorn palidly ape-like apparitions constituted of history's revulsions and revisions, satanically insensate scavangers scouting mindlessly the perimeters of catastrophe and calamity, a malicious masquerade ball to disguising a tumultuous and terrible fall, pitifully primeval prowlers in search of what is not and cannot be in any surviveable, liveable reality, brainless beasts penned in a barren field of lewdly crude and rudely unschooled, insultingly insolent, often indolent and miseducated, bizarrely superstitious, salaciously self-righteous, malevolently malcontent residents, massively immature imitations of what might comprise adult citizens of a great and prosperously growing nation, valiant vipers and vituperative swipers, ridiculous wretches caught in the despairingly doomed clutch and lurch of soundly-ditched ideologies, brainless bimbos retarded into a blowhard limbo, repulsively vile apparitions in prisons of laughably ludicrous self-fantasies, hellish hicks sliding and slurring in a slick of worn-down phrases and played-out mannerisms, groveling vassals of the vacant vagrancy that is their vast irresponsibility toward wholesome life and community, jealous jerks and judgemental jackasses in a tizzy of lurid provincial alarm and envy, sadistically sloppy slobs sobbing over salacious suds in the crusted crud of dopily dumpy and dumped dreams screamed of shredded scams past lost and long past, beastly bums and bludgeoning bummers in a forbidden boast of ghostly audacity, an overwhelmingly vile and suicidally violent assortment of unappetizingly clueless characters from whining wastrel addicts to abysmally and absurdly beastial "jailbirds" to blustering bigots and mysogenist misfits amidst unattractively lame-brained losers, a raucous ruckus of rubble-rousing scoundrels and scourges, skittering and tittering scamps, smirking stalkers and stealthy thieves in sordid masques of concealed sorcery, flaring to blaring maniacs and flakes, self-defeatingly treacherous cheats,graceless and ungrateful rats on the sinking ship of the neo-confederacy (retro-dixie), unillustrious and inelegant egomaniacs, slithering and slimey maladroit males flaunting a fatuously facetious facade of manhood behind a vicarous veil of vicious vileness and villainy, bored and boring bufffoons fuming in fruitless futility, disdainful dodos, dreary and invasively dreadful wretches, gruesomely gutless goofs, wasted to wiley vassals of vice, sultans of senseless speech, wantonly senseless stooges stymied of stilted stormtroopers, garbled goons and grisled loons, deluded drunks dredging the dregs for their devious dilittante brides and wives, braggart bozos and bullying beasrs, cloddish shysters, pukishly petulant and peskily bored bumpkins, contentiously besotted dolts and dunces, ghoulish and ugly glooms, dirt-dealing duds and undeloused thugs, outsized putrescent punks, exotically and rabidly execrable rabblerousers, moronically meddlesome maniacs, boneheadedly bombastic bores and ridiculously supercilious unsophistocates to photo: frozen river -- click for story 'Whom The Gods Would Destroy' miserable miscreants, babbling busybodies, ignoble opportunists, backwards buffooons and droll platoons of preposterous pomposity amidst hopelessly compromised and helplessly corrupted officials of government and industry and two-faced, back-stabbing "con" wo/men amongst disruptive ruffians: a calamitous clique of the maladjusted and weak seeking cover in fraud and fault and falsity, the disregarded discards and contaminated shards of confederate shiftiness lost and left gasping grasping for ground in an ungainly gob of ogling ogres to the now and present and actual, caterwaling fakes and flakey rakes "on the take" in an eruption of crime and corruption, pitifully petty and pesky pilferers plunging into an abyss over their head along an awkward gauntlet of inglorious gnomes agnostic to goodness or grandeur in a gamily unglamorous combustion of error and blame, a delineated dessication of diversely destitute desperados, scandalous scoundrels scampering to a beat that's long since died and healthily transmorgraphied elsewhere, bombadier boobs of bombastic bilge and jibing stooges student to superlative counter-claim gain, over-reaching xenophobic snoops, demented demons devoted to a deadly deluge from their confused ego delusions, bothersome blockheads, meddling unlearned drones, timid and tamed and treasonous testosterone-high tyrants with festering estrogen-bound pests, fractious freaks, sniveling sneaks, timorous trash in a tidal wave of garbage, brain-damaged bozos barking dead-last over the cost of deserted battlefields long-abandoned and lost, maudlin marauding bums, worthless and untrustworthy rubble, nihilist ninnies histrionically sinning, brazen bandits, reckless boors, tragic jerks and "skirts," digital: ArtDeco guitar by jH -- click for story 'Instant' feckless feminazis, scurrilously ignoble and ever-shirking psychos stuck shrinking and sunk into the stink and muck of their making and moulding, bumbling bullies, mental maggots in an abandoned behavioral breech, mind-manacled misers chained in a miserable embrace of their restrictive meannesses, earnest peasants absolved of existence and blame, carelessly caustic and cruel clots of robotic snots, slipshod clods caught in a knotted clot of what is not and cannot be, bubblehead blokes, and faltering female folk fallen in a fault of fallacy and facetious fantasy, a moronically maudlin and miserably morose morass of salubriously lagubrious sadists, rebels reveling in their own inner repulsion and revulsion, criminal caissons of odious opportunists campaigning for calamity, reactively cauterized and calamitized mulish minions in a desert of the oft-deserted and long-defeated, macabre merchants of the hideously mundane and the horrifically monstrous, pompous louts and gawking geezers, bloated to bulemic bums and busted bummer duds, bound together in a bowl of hellish blowhards, a predatory plague of impoverished and impoverishing goblins of the blame game, digital: ArtDeco guitar by jH -- click for story 'Instant' scantily veneered villains, a pathetically deplorable lot lost eerily in the smog of byzantine plots to nowhere worthwhile being or knowing or experiencing or remembering, parsitic automatons leeching love and handing life including their own into the uselessly foul and freakishly whirling garbage pit that is the real Valley like a toilet flushing, bamboozled bimbos to sloppily bossy slobs, a romp and rant through raunchy rages and rancid ravages of gracelessly ungrateful beggars in a slop-can of unsalveagably sobbing savages and vagrant slobs, satan's slaves grazing on the moral haze of dixie wrong and raising, constantly conniving clods and clowns, foggily gulled and lulled exculpiating residents marked to the floss of fools unschooled in lifting and heisting arts of rapaciously shiftless thieves and worse in an unlikeably complacent and tedious milieu of the miserable and the mean and morosely moronic,nauseating nincompoops, a fetid coterie of charmless charlatans caught in a miasma of macabre mediocrity at best,monstrous masters and miserable madames of malice mired in the trivial temporal, a coldly coalesced cadre of capriciously cretin spooks contaminated continually by corrosive crime, putridly piggish punks wallowing in diseased criminal filth like incensed bubble bath, and a dopishly discordant scourge of disconnected dissidents in a frightfully fitful froth of filth and slime flagrantly flying its flatulently fatuous flag as devoid of enduringly and enlighteningly meaningful value as its bankrupt runs of paper currency for the lost and berated, the beaten and buried and bossed, witlessly awaiting the second coming of reconstruction for themselves, vagrant and felonious from the mainstream of accomplished civility embraced globally, and more universally -- and to distance myself geographically, three times voluntarily for restfully rejuvenative legally official public East Tennessee resurgent residence, with overjoyed relief from their uncomfortably untenable situations and intrusively ugly interactions, abusively abhorrent activities and distorted mental constructs that are frequently shockingly filthy of mind and speech and sometimes appearance and other behaviors unexposed and unused to finer tastes and customs elsewhere.

graphic: flooded river -- click for essay 'Mud and Red Clay'
Only in the too-long isolated, brutally bellicose and blasphemously brutish topological pit of the misanthropic maelstrom that is Virginia's Central Shenandoah Valley, a dark and dismal psycho-spiritual swamp filled with apparitions of the damned eerily and nonsensically clattering, the gaping and infectious gangrened wound of our history that is the horrifyingly putrescent "breadbasket of the Confederacy," still unapologetically glorifying and serving up and feeding invasively belligerant, subversively treasonous anti-American criminals to the end, rudderless riffraff adrift in a roiling sea of lies and criminal calamities, where the bodies of D.C gangland victims are occasionally found in and by the river, would meanly obscene activities along with disorientingly moronic and unanswerably impolitic pronouncements described in detail herein go unremarked, unrestrained and unchecked in their near-lethal incivility and boorish barbarity. Admittedly it's difficult to discern the difference between what passes there for "Southern class" and what's noted elsewhere as criminal trash, in a post-Confederate region accustomed historically to allowing Gentile male felons, especially white collar ones, to run free in a kind of mutually supportive criminal "buddy system". Their also unethically enmeshed, frequently hostile, necessarily phony, manipulatively co-dependent females comprise an additional close encounter of the outrageously unpleasant kind. There's an interesting analogy to be made between the middle Valley and its commercial landfills. Trash, some of it toxic and hazardous, is trucked in contraversially and usually unprofitably on its main roads, exposing residents and visitors to noxious fumes and falling detrititus from other states and jurisdictions.

'Unnamed,' digized acrylic wall hanging -- click for short story/poem 'Namaste' Based upon its well-documented attitudes of derogatory dementia and nauseously abusive proclivities in speech and activity, its environmental dangers generously-defined, Virginia's Central Shenandoah Valley is not an area I'd recommend sending an unescorted woman into, or even perhaps a minority male -- especially if physically small of stature. Lovely scenery can only assuage so much catastrophic cacaphony within a profoundly distasteful and undesireable populace too dumb and dull to make distinctions any finer than those between white or brown or black or red or yellow and linear or curved, the regurgitated remains of undiscriminatingly deranged "Dixie" in an unpoliced witch's brew of perverted personalities unbound by any law foaming and overflowing in the bowl of the Shenandoah Valley, a nightmare come true and actualized, murderous marauders and raging rapists ramped into the revoltingly reprehensible tramp that is Dixie, a slimey swamp lined of curdled grime denying law and time in an acidic whine of whirlingly defiant crime, hell's easy chair welcoming and realized in a state of disjointed and despairing disrepair lending itself historically to mournful mouthfuls of poetic prose applauded worldwide while its environs and embroiled inhabitants remain abhored and unlauded in a mass grave of the terminally blind, the unbelievable and the cantankerously criminal. Given the blasť attitude and flat affect of all involved there directly or perpherally one must infer that the level and extent of crime, from interpersonal to public, enacted and shared in this instance and described here and elsewhere is commonplace for Valley residents and the region -- the norm it and they have become socialized/accustomed to accept for purposes of control and profit of "the ruling class" of large-scale owners of resources and assets and the hegemony of belligerantly abusive "white" men factually incompetent and vastly unqualified for the positions entrusted to them.

'Memories,' digitized photo collage -- click for story 'Idyll, Two Voices' It had been the slavish behavioral mindset of Central Valley residents amidst its laughably snobby and viciously vain underclass of "white"and "blue" collar workers, to accommodate without protest or exception harmful behaviors, including to the natural ecology a la the infamous contamination superfund site of Avtex and others less prominent, from corporate owners and management and co-dependent government officials. In socio-economic and political terms, the region more than once was compared by scholars to a third-world country, criminally feudal in actual structure and violent unaccountability of uncivilized interaction. 'Sunset,' photo -- click for story 'This One's Gonna Break Your Heart' Given a window to a cleaner commercial new world of internet technology, the area chose to bury its collective head in the outmoded but familiar factory model of tenuously supportive industry instead. It is also an ethically-challenged region in which the well-educated and specifically knowledgeable are accustomed by tradition to taking financial advantage by obfuscation and/or belligerant privileged position of those more ignorant and less-skilled. Conducting and developing a reputable small commercial business, and independently wholesome and responsible private life, are undermined regularly by miserably difficult, distatsteful interchanges that pass there unquestioned and unexamined for everyday social interaction, personal and professional, accepted and enacted as normative by Valley natives and "fellow travelers," including those who've moved into other regions. click for 'Aischk! Love Story Pomes&Tunes' In this criminally-acquiescent and aggregiously-bigoted region females have been ticketed traditionally for trumped-up violations "forgiven" on the spot in return for sexual "favors" to arresting traffic officers, and sometimes attorneys subsequently involved, who also ignore transgressions like drunk driving and speeding on the part of "the boys," males in the reigning clique of interdependent felons and miscreants. Some federal government officials from southern states have enmeshed that familiar amoral and illegal structure of distorted inner-relationships into their metro D.C. lives and career dealings, as depicted vividly and unforgettably in classic novels like Robert Penn Warren's All The King's Men. Into that generally pugnaciously putrid strata of revoltingly repugnant reprobates came the criminally pretentuouus and obnoxious, often obscene, "white" male tech twits intent on getting rich and in control, or else, on the fast cash lane of the new Internet Highway. The Valley Mennonites are oustanding, culturally interesting and spiritually insightful exceptions to these misfortunately commonplace and sleazily aberrant approaches to integration of commerce to community. Of course, factually and historically, the United States of America hasn't been considered and voluminously chronicled over the past 150 years often as "good and great," a global economic, scientific, educational and military powerhouse, a "beacon of light" to the struggling world because the criminally treasonous, bankrupt Southern Confederacy won, but because it lost to the ultimately victorious, principled, industrious Northern Union whose courageously self-reliant citizenry bailed out repeatedly multiply-unfortunate and aggressively hoggish, alternately tyrannically haughty and penitently penurious, servile Dixie.

 digized acrylic wall board -- click for poems/short story 'Triptych' Since the Constitution of the Confederacy is identical to that of the USA, except in its provisions for African slavery and since that document prohibits the importation into the CSA of more captives from Africa, it's apparent that Confederates intended to make the breeding and sale of their bondaged African population a cornertone [see the infamous CSA "Cornerstone Speech"] of their quasi-capitalist economy, their "product" for export to new territories and/or states they hoped and planned to convince or badger or capture into being slave-holding. President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation effecting all extant and potential states/territories of the Union cut off that "market" avenue of production and profit as a legal possibility for increasingly destitute "Dixie," milling its unbacked paper currency in panicked stacks of worthlessness against an unlikely and financially-essential, ultimate and decisive CSA battlefield victory for its socio-economic survival based on unpaid and forced slave labor. Virginia and Virginians, owning disproportionately large numbers of captive Africans, had the most to gain or lose economically amongst extant slave-holding Confederate states in the diabolic plan to traffic and profit in the trading of homegrown human flesh, blood and bone, so financially/spiritually desperate in this pursuit that Confederate-born children were sent into the lines to fight and die for it in a New Market battle commemorated with much festive fanfare, regalia and revelry annually there. As Confederate "whites" became dependently accustomed for the lazy support of their lavishly grandiose properties and lifestyles on the produce and product of fascist slave labor camps still preserved on the grounds of plantations like Jefferson's Monticello, it was essential to protect and vastly promulgate the unsupportable myth of innate Gentile superiority over other ethnicities, and males over females, in that regard to rationalize their brutally enforced subjugation and submission to the theft of their bodies, work and products for the material benefit and perverse pleasure of the "white man."

Flag of the USA -- click for 'American Folk' The current sesquicentennial is a marvellous opportunity for all of us citizens in the USA, and elsewhere, to commemorate and celebrate Union victory over forces of the shamefully daemonic Confederacy, an entity globally and universally regarded as despised and despicable (the dependently, subserviant darkness that exists only to test and prove, define and delineate the light), which brought on four years or so of tragedy, carnage and financial catastrophe by criminally firing without any "just cause" on the federal property of South Carolina's Fort Sumter, an offensive and intentional hostile military action which forced deliberately President Lincoln's hand as Commander- in-Chief to protect and hold USA territory as a sworn, legal Constitutional imperative of his duly and fairly elected position as USA head of state and our triumphant Navy and courageously stalwart Army of the era.

Star of David, 2002 acrylic by jH -- click for ACR 'Faith Evangelene' supersection The dishonorable and diseased CSA will not rise again but the southern states that comprised it may by distancing themselves from those discredited and defeated beliefs, diabolic socio-economic ways, and monstrously atrocious psycho-spiritual legacies.

'Cherish and The Jackal' digized acrylic -- click for short story 'Gorland's Ridge' Virginia's Central Shenandoah Valley is a place of average topological beauty overwhelmed by the undeniable ugliness and concerted unpleasantness of spirit, mind, heart, soul, and history of its criminally confused and contorted post-Confederate residents. Its polluted and poorly-protected river, while charming in sections is, for most part, shallow and narrow and stone-or-muck-bedded -- hardly awesomely majestic or adventurously wild like those of other regions. The same is true of its share of the smog-encrusted, bug-infested not-blue Blue Ridge -- like stunted foothills in comparison to other ranges nationally and worldwide. Naturally, I couldn't recommend the area, based on my own exhaustively detailed and thoroughly documented experience of cascadingly catastrophic consequence and that of too many others seduced unwarily by a vision of wholesome "country" and "rural" tradition and existence, as a heathfull site for residence, employment or investment of any kind. It is instead inarguably a catastrophically polluted and putrid clump of churlish and championless chumps littered with false glitter and faked glamour in a place overrun infamously with males, and females, so repulsive, revoltingly deplorable and unlikeably unacceptable that the only way they can get sexual attention is by rape, sneak attack and kidnap, threat, bribery or purchase rather than voluntary consent or delighted assent and who appear uncorrectedly to "know no better."

NO slavery/tyranny/racism -- click for enlargement
click for ACR 'American Folk' supersection graphic:coffin draped with the Flag of the United States of America
click for ACR 'American Folk' supersection graphic :coffin draped with the Flag of the United States of America

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