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"Mandala of each unique individual/person"

by Jeannette Harris

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SECTION I Details, Details (Pearls for Pigs) -- SECTION II Politics (Atrocities and War Crimes)
SECTION III Theory (The Theft Myth) -- SECTION IV Inevitable Consequence (The Alcatraz of the Truth)
EPILOGUE Souls for Sale (Arsenic for Syphilis)
References (Parting Shots/Life to the Power of Infinity)


Details, Details(Pearls for Pigs)

This website -- what expanded into ACR (A Country Rag) from its original incarnation as OSCR (
O Shenandoah! Country Rag) -- was a serendipitous idea rolling around in my mind for a time [while temporarily sidelined by accidental disability and incurring around $10,000 in medical expenses paid off in full personally thereafter, from further development and management of an established and successfully popular small commercial contract painting business] until it became in April 1996 an incipient webpage, which developed then -- by a design I chose thoughtfully and implemented surely and intentionally over time through effort and learning and becoming personally proficient in internet protocols and coding algorithms -- into a site for which I recruited writers from that region and worldwide. dirt road 1994, click for 'Deer Hunting' article Due to relative residence isolation from sophistocated technical assistance and to the evolving but limited newness of the World Wide Web, internet and micro-computer software and hardware in everyday use, glitches to digital catastrophes related to all that, separately or interactively, were mine alone to diagnose and deal with expediently. Telephone assistance from "help centers" became notoriously inaccessible and inadequate during that period. I also designed regularly appropriately atmospheric graphics, managed weekly updates of the content including necessary editing for structure and spelling, and worked daily to promote it with positive recognition throughout that region to globally. Sometime subsequent to creating its overall form and format, I began successfully selling advertising in it also -- not the easiest of tasks in the nascent environment of the worldwide web when it was much less known and accepted as an integral part of our social, commercial and technological environment -- and creating those ads, which were completely new in concept and structure. Additionally, I created and modified compatible local sites for clients associated with this one. I also designed and printed invitingly pleasant brochures acquainting residents and visitors with its content and the cost of advertising, distributing them in person to travel destinations, most particularly regional chambers of commerce. around the world in acquiring links to it for increasing recognition and on-line visitation. domestic goat -- click for story 'Gorland's Ridge' To increase positive awareness and access I wrote and distributed press releases to media outlets and contacted sites In addition, of course, to all of these endeavors I also wrote for it myself as well -- devoting six days a week from 12 to 16 hours daily in work that I truly loved and believed was a positive direction in encouraging the best talents and interests of all involved as either participants or readers. To increase/encourage positive recognition for that region, the website and commerce for its advertisers, I applied for and received numerous national listing awards for excellence in content and design, including from Britain's prestigiously historic Encyclopedia Britannica (one of only two sites created/managed globally by a woman and chosen as a "Best of the Web") -- a long-respected, world-reknowned resource for reliable information. Inadvertently, they were correct in regard to the true nature of the Shenandoah Valley and its residents, and I had been presenting a false positive image of a mindlessly moronic and abusively amoral place and people that insisted subsequently on showing its and their back side to me and to the world.So be it. Sadly, America and Americans have devolved there undeniably into the criminal crap on evidenciary display amongst valley residents now who'll irrefutably sell out private and national principles for a buck, a job, disingenuous local prestige, misplaced personal power, and assets they have knowingly no legal or moral right to claim or derive income from.

Winning The Future Through Education

Hank Zimmerman 2010, click for 'Children's Hour' story digital: Fire Monster by jH -- click for multi-media 'Thrash Rock and the Re-emergence of Magic and Miracles Art Collection Visuals & Verse' Much of what observers described variously as the site's "lovely lyricism" and sometimes "pizazz" -- and later as its "freshness" and "gorgeousness" -- has originated as an inadvertent consequence of association and influence from the person who is its CCC (Corporate Creative Consultant) and Internet Project Manager emerita(Manage Lune), Pennsylvania-native Hank Zimmerman (long-time independent professional performing musician, tech contractor and currently managing owner of a regional commercial website, promotional weekly podcast and ever-streaming internet advertising television channel, covering such Valley areas as Luray, Shenandoah Park's Skyland and Harrisonburg). Of course, in addition to professional work I also attended personal and home obligations, including maintaining gardens and a pleasant living environment for people and animals, domestic and wild. The site exuded a positive image of the Shenandoah Valley--former "breadbasket of the Confederacy(capitol:Richmond VA)," and was popular with resident readers and others elsewhere nationwide and around the globe. In the context of those facts, subsequent events are absolutely incomprehensible, to me at any rate, but they are also undeniably true. Perhaps this is as good a place as any to note that I grew up in and around Boston MA (and to a lesser extent Manhattan NY and coastal Maine),site of the original historic "TeaParty," ocean waves, click for 'Blessings,' also published in 2002 FOCIS art compilation leading to our Revolutionary War of Independence as the sovereign U.S.A. from British rule, foreign domination and taxation, and imposed legislation--an international mecca of educational and artistic excellence for nearly 400 years and founding center for ideals and values of the Republic later codified by distinguished cross-country,post-colonial intellectuals in our Declaration of Independence and shortly thereafter in the lake fishing photo, click for 'Never Name Something You Might Have To Eat' story Constitution of the United States of America, graduated subsequently from Richmond's Virginia Commonwealth University with a 3.76 grade point average (allA's in my major, Psychology, comprising over fifty perecent of independent research, clinical and course work), belonged by invitation for many years to a prestigious national honor society, scored in the 99th percentile on my graduate record exam verbal portion (and 78th in mathematics), wrote and managed government and commercial accounting software, was invited to join Mensa without test examination in 1997, and have had an IQ measured in the genius range since grade school -- devoting all of those God-given gifts, along with financial support, as well as possible to good causes and good purposes.

graphic:'Escape,' acrylic on glass by jH-- click for enlargement It is true, as a long-time Mountain Empire friend commented, that for a native of Tennessee (as the treatment facility in Staunton VA referenced me on their 2003 official documents) I did and do indeed "act a little bizarre." Anyone anywhere throughout my lifetime who talked with me personally at any length knew better than that about my origins, widely-defined and, of course, my Boston born-and-raised mother was alive at that time conveniently locatable locally for verifiably factual consultation. Like most 21st century life travelers I have also an extensive official "paper trail" through formal entities governmental, educational and employment-affiliated easily accessible --as well as reputable personal acquaintances throughout -- for dispelling any delusional dementia about my true past and current identity and/or cognitive-emotive state. Several Tennessee friends and neighbors, one of them with a doctorate and extensive professional experience in clinical anylsis and remediation, were stunned and shocked to learn that Virginia and the Valley had unsupportably institutionalized and drugged me psychotropically. By convention and each man's choice, I assumed the last name of two past husbands legally, as did my mother with three. This is not an uncommon or " bizarre" circumstance for women of the post-modern era internationally. Not by any stretch of the most insanely paranoid minds are these easily-referenced, legally-recorded and multiply-documented names "aliases" for nefarious purpose but rather a statistically common reality amidst our general population.

Raised in New England, a region (like the Mountain Empire of which it is a part) reknowned historically for that quintessence of patriotic American spirit/identity-- "rugged individualism"within the cooperative building of self-supporting democratic communities -- persistently violent criminal attempts to enforce a mindlessly numb, foreign conformity of attitudes and behavior found/find no fertile ground in me, no profound sympathetic agreement.

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graphic: oil painting by author's grandmother, Marjorie May Scranton, of summer home  coastal Casco Bay ME My following historic residence on Jonesborough's central Main Street incorporated little by little what was left of my furnishings (after the Shenandoah Valley's insistent criminal predations of everything purchased there over two decades or so) which included nearly all that had belonged to my family. In the process of moving and unpacking, I discovered some heritage treasures that had been kept out of sight in that prior rough environment and was able finally to enjoy and arrange them again safely, along with others more familiar, for myself and neighboring friends and acquaintances who stopped by to visit and chat nearly daily. Within that expanding community I met skilled and schooled artists, and more artists through artist referrals, whose work contributed to changing for the better ACR's scope, content and appearance over ensuing years. I also created at cost a summary, flowered farewell chapbook, "Best of OSCR," for its main Shenandoah writers and produced about twenty copies to order that were enthusiastically received by their purchasers including Sheldon Wimpfen and John Waybright. The Jonesborough Visitors Center bought a few copies also for display and resale along with a few dozen artfully typeset and colorfully covered, self-produced chapbooks of my writing, mostly poetry, entitled "Chrysos," "Senedo Seasons," and "Gifts." author 2002, click for 'Bateaus' story Staircases were hung with my grandmother's large charcoal drawings; fine but fragile imported antique crystal and china rested in a newly-purchased primitive-style display case; sterling pieces were used once more by myself and company; old and newly-acquired handcrafted rugs, native and foreign, covered wood floors; more artwork went up than had previously, garnered from local acquaintances, galleries and shops, and additional ones I created while there with help, instruction, encouragement and affection from schooled compatriot artists like Margaret Gregg, John Charles, Ginger Stone, now-deceased craftsman Joe Grindstaff, and many others generous with their time and talents. Jonesborough TN 2000, click for 'Hometown Taste' article We attended together in varying group conformation symphonies, theatre productions, university classes and presentations, smaller musical events, home and restaurant parties, and travel to venues of interest in nearby states North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Southwest Virginia ("the heart of Appalachia") and West Virginia as well as within Tennessee. Out of many "high point" happenings, I'll choose a lavish ten-day Appalachian State University guided alumni fly/cruise excursion with Carolyn Moore and her family from Canada's Vancouver B.C. through Alaska's Inland Passage with fascinating stopovers in three very differing coastal outpost communities. A subsequent visit in Bellingham, Washington and stay at an incomparable and amenably designed nearby White Rock resort in British Columbia are also noteworthy as unusually delightful during a time of wide-ranging pleasantry, learning and accomplishment private and communal. After six years there, I became extraordinarily comfortable and happy with all the amenities of town and those spread around in its vicinity, as well as enlightened and inspiring regional residents and back to my college days' weight, health and overall vigor due to fresh air exercise and a well-balanced lifestyle withhearty, fresh nutrition -- despite continuing and relentless criminal harassment and abuse from individuals in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, of which my Mountain Empire "family," old and new, were well-aware and dissenting, naturally.

'Liberty Enlightening the World,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' Almost all of the enumerated illicit Shenandoah Valley behaviors, activities and attitudes were consequent to using, or attempting to use the Emergency 911 service -- recently installed and administered on my telephone involuntarily by Shentel (Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, Edinburg VA) and the Page County Sheriff's Department, equipment listed in my name since 1983, in the house I owned in my name as recorded there in 1978 and 1984, and that well-known as a fact by neighbors, friends, family, and acquaintances there and elsewhere during all that time, and paid for as billed for two decades by me -- for its purpose as advertised lengthily and nationwide of protection for homeowners and their property, thereby inadvertently stumbling into the pernicious corner of criminality that is Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and its criminally collusive, complicit and compliant "citizenry" who, among other things, are apparently afraid to compete fairly and legally in the marketplace or otherwise. guineas in the garden photo, click for 'What's A Poem?' Someone (me, at the time) who owns their own well-maintained home with productive flower and vegetable gardens, well cared-for domestic animals, and properties mortgage-free, has substantial investments in stocks, bonds and rental real estate, her own successful business, an honors college degree, exemplary employment and credit histories, heritage possessions dating back several centuries, with no history of arrest or incarceration or suspicion of anti-social or pathological behaviors, and working to encourage healthy artistic expression and community involvement through and with a steadfast faith in God and historic national principles is hardly leading a radical or criminal lifestyle and very obviously didn't and doesn't want to do or choose that.

digital: ArtDeco guitar by jH -- click for story 'Instant' On the other hand, the deputy at my door in response to my Emergency 911 call that evening had absolutely no legal right to even touch me without my permission, nevermind to arrest me, or any other person subsequently facing similar situations. That is criminal behavior on his part. It is an assault by an officer, with deadly weapons, derelict and negligent in his or her sworn duties on an unarmed homeowner seeking protection he or she is entitled to by law and has paid for through taxes and in some cases voluntary contributions in interests of order and civility as well as involuntary telephone bill charges monthly. outdoor bonfire 1997, click for 'Kiln' story I had met that officer outside my front door with a calmly correct statement and totally legal and peaceable request: "This is my house. I just want my husband to leave." Those are two straightforward declarative sentences -- eleven words, twelve syllables -- that even an individual with merely a grade school education can comprehend easily. As was and is visually apparent to any not blind or otherwise mentally-impaired, I am 5'4" and small-to-delicately boned. My ex-husband is 5'11", extraordinarily large otherwise, and unusually muscled. There could be no doubt, then, in any clearly observant and responsible mind as to whose endangerment might be at stake in the circumstance at hand. On my ride in the back seat of a squad car from my house to Page County Jail, I asked the arresting officer why I was in handcuffs, saying, "Do you think I'm dangerous?" He laughed and said, "No," apparently unaware or unmindful that handcuffs, and jail cells, are for threatening criminals not harmless citizens asserting their legal rights and requesting help for themselves and their possessions in securing that. It's very sad to be that oblivious to meaning, reason and purpose in existence. The officer, and others, had no real idea or conception of what his responsibilities were in his paid official profession and no legitimate oversight by superiors obviously. While I was being booked and mugged, nearly all of the deputies were laughing and joking in amusement. This might be a sign that they were "high on something," as depriving a citizen of his or her liberty under any circumstances should not be a matter of joviality and humor, but rather one of severe and serious gravity as that is our most precious right of all and the basis of our existence as the "land of the free and home of the brave." There is nothing brave about taking away the freedom of a small woman who calls for help with a very large man with no legal right to be in or on her property, nor anything responsibly free about negating the Constitution of the United States for perverse enjoyment and comedy. No place has ever been more "over the edge" in this country to my knowledge than that one, which later wanted an honorable memorial spot for a slave block in its center, having at least poetic meaning for everyone, including the criminal "officers of the law" who caused all of this harm for so many healthy people, children, environments and things.Oddly, a few local deputies were aware personally that property belonged to me, knew me on sight and visa versa, since I'd given one permission as the teenage friend of a neighbor to ride his backcountry vehicle in those fields and to fish from its inviting riverbanks. Another was a jailer, spouse to a clinical coworker with whom I'd become earlier close friends. Naturally, I recognized magistrate John Huddlston as the individual who'd spoken with me across a Skyland dining table during a recent Chamber of Commerce get-together insistently about his use of "the artificial insemination of bull semen" on his cattle farm.

'Life2,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Computer Graphics' These are bizarre and berzerk mindsets and directions in those whose positions charge them with enforcing law, order and civil rest, to the natural disturbance and dismay of all in the end, not one of whom would stop in their tracks, despite numerous pleading and warnings from me and on my behalf for over 12 years, and consider the consequence now deafening and deadening to surviving and survivable circumstance. Although I requested the name of that arresting officer from my attorney several times with the stated intent of attempting to have him reprimanded at the least for his behavior and it not be repeated with other citizens, he never provided that information although he'd have had easy access to it. Being arrested under those circumstances hurt not only physically (handcuffs are awkward and left bruises on my wrists, as leg shackles did on my ankles additionally some six years later) but mentally and is therefore evil. No people ever went so proveably, insistently, perversely and long-lastingly insane en masse as the murderous and avericious criminals who constitute the majority residents, working and otherwise, of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and whatever that earns for that place and its recalcitrant inhabitants who could instead have been known worldwide as one of the best and most beautiful in the world.

'Truffles,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' To a sane mind then and now it's the perpetrators all along of these indignities, inequities and illegalities who needed therapy, medication and conscientious supervision, as well as removal from their offices in some cases. Not me, although I never sought or wanted to have written on my gravestone there anything to the effect of: I told you from the beginning that I was right and you were wrong all along your paths of devastation and destruction, incurring also not only the wrath of God but good and decent people everywhere still living and to be with power-hungry grabbing and depravity. That will always be a place held as an example of what nobody really wants in living or visiting conditions for their own self-interest and that of their children, a monument to what should never be done or pursued again by women and men and particularly in this country with its glorious history of belief in and laws preserving responsible freedom, something not demonstrated by nearly anyone there. It will take a long time to clean up a place that became so increasingly dedicated to slime and crime at every level of comprehension and encounter. I'll always be sorry that happened to a region and residents I truly loved at the time and wanted the very best for in every fruitless effort I made toward that end.

'Child's Play,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' Altogether in their totality these long-running and illegal activities constituted inexplicable hate crimes against me -- my life, liberty and property -- and crimes against humanity, including mass torture and murder, in their ill effects on people of all ages cross-country and worldwide, and on land and atmosphere. It's a place and people best forgotten as ever existing anywhere on Earth in their and its utter and remorseless, merciless and pitiless depravity of mind, spirit, heart and soul, it all being a very bad and potentially sickening memory for everyone everywhere. The traditionally-accepted penalties for such an accumulation of undeniable and heinous crimes as these is prison, public trial recorded and documented for researchers and historians interested in phenomena such as these, and death, most mercifully by lethal injection now. It's worth noting that all of this exhaustively documented and widely known illegality was committed by Caucasians against Caucasians most predominantly, providing witness and experience that that race is certainly not superior to any other known in any age throughout history. It also provides absolutely no evidence that men are superior to women in morality, ability, intelligence, or even common sense.

'Rain,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' Many involved in these crimes were/are "Christians," including "born-again Christians," who didn't take to heart or believe in the practical application of basic, repeated and long-standing Biblical injunctions like "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself," and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," or consider the effect their behaviors might have on their own mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, female cousins and granddaughters or even themselves in the long run in creating a toxic atmosphere for all. That the "major players" have repeatedly rejected any positive, constructive and conciliatory gesture is also common knowledge among many. Some "Christians" apparently believe that Jesus, in the building profession as a carpenter by trade, approves of the abuse and denigration of women, denial of their rights and liberty, and refusal of protection for them from harm. That seems, though, hardly likely as, by all accounts, his favorite disciple was Mary Magdalene -- purportedly of "the oldest profession" for women, and some men -- whom he found, saved, taught The Way, and kept by his side until earthly and material end. So, "in the name of Christ," we may safely honor, discernibly, femininity and females, in times past at least sometimes known as "the better half."

'Life,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' It's worth noting also in passing that a citizen client hires and pays an attorney to perform a professional job -- to represent them and their truth using intricacies and skills of law in which they're degreed, certified, and have expertise -- not to harass or abuse them, verbally or otherwise, or treat their customer/consumer with hostile contempt (another fairly pervasive, and somewhat suicidal Valley attitude in a world of many options and offerings in the marketplace far superior to those available there), or to undermine the intent of legislation passed to create and maintain law and order in the best interests of individuals and communities and based upon true identity, behavior and property ownership. They are not hired either to delve aggressively and unwelcomed into the client's personal lives nor, in this case, to make mockery of a law passed due to the rampant and also well-documented domestic abuse of women and children to further abuse one and negate the meaning of legislation enacted in an effort so stem the tide, to alleviate and correct that unfortunately poisonous and sometimes lethal interpersonal sociopathic disease of attitude and behavior, frequently learned from observation and experience. Following the first criminal adjudication as being without merit, and without consultation, notification, or copy to me, my civil-case attorney Sam Price sent a letter sometime after I regained my larcenied home through the Court's intervention from its illegal three-plus month seizure, to my erstwhile spouse, who hadn't the funds, demanding payment from him of a specific dollar amount for half of my house furnishings. Although I only learned of this event seven years subsequent, it does accept and acknowledge that those were taken wrongfully. I don't know to this date to whom the check was to be made out and delivered. My Court-appointed attorneys from Shenandoah and Page Counties, and funded by those localities, six years later treated me with civility, active concern and honestly good legal service in absolute contradiction of the earlier one I'd paid previously to represent me, but who didn't at all really.

'Fire and Ice,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' The supreme law of the land is not the multifarious, sometimes conflictual, confusing and complex codes of Virginia or even the Constitution of the Commonwealth, but that of the United States of America, the predecessor and preemptive code of them all. Any law school graduate should know this very basically and profoundly as the most fundamental precept of legality in this country. A person who's passed the bar examinations in any state should, and at one time did know all that as an inviolable tenet of the republic and its territories. Those who have forgotten need to be disbarred until their memories are refreshed and recertified, if ever and not also imprisoned instead, as cognizant of that essential fact, along with others apparently mislaid along the way there. That some of those include prosecutors is a sad comment on the state of professional officialdom in Page and Shenandoah Counties. Since my ex-husband stated under oath (and truthfully, unlike the fantasy-prone deputy before him) that I was the one who called Emergency 911 and was also the sole legal owner of that property within the easy hearing of my attorney, the County Attorney, my mother and stepfather, and the Judge who gaveled the charge, "Vacated," as prompted and sensibly, there is no excuse for anyone subsequently to refer to my "having gotten off" a criminal charge. It was declared specious and subject to erasure from legal records, although that also was an additional monetary cost to me for making the mistake of believing that services promised and installed involuntarily would be provided as promised and sworn and authorized and honorably by deputies, magistrate, everyday citizens, and attorneys who in fact repeatedly refused to protect me or my property and instead did exactly the opposite in terms of widespread damages.

'Birds and Bees,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' The Virginia legislature had passed in 1997 a new law making it mandatory that, in cases of suspected domestic violence, deputies or police must arrest someone. They may have felt no need to add to that Code that, obviously, one doesn't violate the United States Constitution in the process by arresting the homeowner instead of the trespasser, which makes no common or human or historic sense. Unfortunately, that omission didn't take into account the dim(inished by alcohol or otherwise) legal minds of folks in Page County who couldn't see the forest for the trees. In a case of domestic violence, it is the trespasser who is at odds with law, equity and peace, not the homeowner who has every right in the world, or at least in this country (in most parts of it), to be safe and secure in and on their own property as guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment, in force for many, many years. The problem is the trespasser, not the homeowner. I'm sure sane and sober minds, including those with ultimate supervisory powers, will grasp this concept quickly and without real difficulty. But, to restate, it is the homeowner who has a right to be safe and secure, not the trespasser. For further edification I refer all to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. That provision is also incorporated, of course, in the now-defunct Constitution of the Confederate States of America. Just prior to reclaiming my house physically as a consequence of judicial review, I called Page County VA's Sheriff's Department and requested that deputies supervise my ex in leaving. They responded that they couldn't do that without a special Court order, essentially allowing it to be vandalized without restriction or consequence. It should not, of course, have required any extraordinary judicial action for them to perform their legal and sworn duties, as they had failed to do also previously. Quite a few years later I learned from my ex that he had been served nearly simultaneously by deputies, and unbeknownst to me at the time, with a trespassing warrant for being in and on my property, so obviously the Sheriff's Department was aware of the criminal situation they had created initially and are liable for by their conscious choices of actions in refusing to carry out their professional responsibilities as paid and promised repeatedly.Oddly, a few local deputies were aware personally that property belonged to me, knew me on sight and visa versa, since I'd given one permission as the teenage friend of a neighbor to ride his backcountry vehicle in those fields and to fish from its inviting riverbanks. Another was a jailer, spouse to a clinical coworker with whom I'd become earlier close friends. Naturally, I recognized magistrate John Huddleston as the older man who'd spoken with me across a Skyland dining table during a recent Chamber of Commerce get-together insistently about his use of " the artificial insemination of bull semen" on his cattle farm.

'Ocean Fantasy,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' Oddly, in some sense Page County "law enforcement" agreed with the above since it much later filed and served a trespassing warrant against the person refusing to leave my property and causing various damage to it and me. In other words, at least a few people realized in retrospect if not at the time that it was he, not I, who was behaving illegally and had no right by law of country and Commonwealth in or on my property without my explicit consent and should have been arrested, if anyone was, in the first place, not me. Unfortunately, legal beagles there learned nothing from that experience and subsequently arrested a male neighbor when he called 911 for assistance with an unwelcome interloper, only in that incredible case, he was also ordered to stay at least 300 yards from his own property for a few months while it was squatted in by a person with absolutely no legal claim to it.

'Order,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' To summarize, there do not seem to be any truly thoughtful or educable brains in the heads of legal personnel in that somewhat isolated "pit" of the Shenandoah Valley, who have run amuck repeatedly without reputable supervision by keener, more logical and insightful souls. It has been apparent for years that honorable oversight and guidance were needed there as its infamous "bad joke" of a legal community careened dangerously and pathetically out of control until the whole concept of legality became a mockery and pseudonym for chaos and criminality. The crime, again, is with the trespasser, not the homeowner. This is a simple concept and I believe even the totally stoned can "get it." The magistrate under which "enforcers" are employed and "supervised" has a PhD, not usually a sign of limited brain capacity or even unfamiliarity with real law. Dr. John Huddleston is, however, a long-time and devoted supporting member of that region's conservative Republican political party and perhaps that explains his inability to correct errantly harmful activities against citizens who happen to be Democratic affiliates. In that case, it's necessary to remind everybody that the proper arena for political debate and disagreement is in civil discourse and active enfranchisement, not by engaging in flagrant criminality, especially where it may be lethal or nearly so.

'Star of David,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' It seems apparent with hindsight from locality to nationally that there were no criminal depths of violation and depravity to which extremist partisans of the Republican Party would not delve and go to grab and keep power illicitly, which is a truly sad commentary on their lack of dedication to real democracy, civil liberties, and this country's principles and ideals since its founding, what has made it in the past great historically and worldwide and will again without wo/men who have no real allegiance to it in their minds, hearts, actions or lives.

The Crap Chute

Once upon a rhyme

there was a turd named Jerry
that thought he was a very
desireable feller
as a caterpillar
who'd  be soon a butterfly
and cried
and died
because he couldn't move
to grow and get food
for his wings.

-- jH

Once upon a chime

there was a turd named Sherry
that thought herself a very
beautiful bella
as a caterpillar
who'd  be soon a butterfly
and cried
and died
when she couldn't move
to grow and get food
for her wings.

-- jH

'India Melt,' digitized acrylic -- click for prose poems 'Senedo Seasons 1997' Shenandoah Telecommunications Company [official corporate motto of these "macho" muscle men: "our size is our strength"], which installs Emergency 911 services involuntarily on telephones and receives enforced monthly income for that from ownership is legally liable for its misuse, of which they have been very and undeniably aware for over a decade now. As a criminal market competitor, surreptitiously, to my commercial website OSCR, unbeknownst to me until late spring of 1998, Shentel was the ISP, carrier of all my legal, professional, business and personal communications via e-mail, my major form of formal interaction then. digital: Fire Monster by jH -- click for story 'When There Were None' Those e-mails were subject to perusal, deferral, destruction and/or distortion by Shentel personnel, and I know that at least some were never delivered to their intended recipients for whatever reasons and perhaps others were never delivered to me. Deputies and police officers need to be taught and tested upon their knowledge of Constitutional, state and local laws. They can't reasonably and conscionably swear by an oath to enforce what they don't know and haven't learned previously. Their superiors also need to be examined for legal acuity too for the same reason, from sheriff to commanding officer to magistrate, and all regularly. Otherwise enforcement is hazy, random and befuddled at best, personally idiosyncratic and self-serving at worst. They also need professional remuneration and stability that provides some immunity to temptations of bribery, manipulation, and other criminalities, similar to teachers in best schools and communities. When I was young, they were referred to as "officers of the peace," or "peace officers," and were generally trusted, depended upon for keeping real law and order, and looked up to as guardians, friends, and even teachers, not as feared storm troopers capable of any sudden misdeed or targeting. In an emergency situation, I recommend contacting a trusted friend for remedy rather than employing 911 service based on its well-documented and widely-experienced history of dismally disastrous dysfunction.

'Cherish and the Jackal,' digitized acrylic -- click for 'Index of Acrylics' These altogether are more accurately described as "war mongerers" and war profiteers without rules or remorse, intent on all the terrors and horrors of battle, adding "insult to injury" wherever and whenever possible, and playing their deadly game to the last man or woman or child left standing, if they prevail. Fair, Constitution-based criminal courts, lawyers, judges and juries will decide the fate of those involved and civil courts will no doubt relieve them of their ill-gotten gains, however many years or decades those proceedings may entail. It is important that unthinkable activities like these never again be entertained in the minds or actions of anyone in this country for the ultimate best interests of future generations everywhere and that an example be set of that historically as well.

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