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click for enlargement Southerners in the main are criminally insane -- and many will verify that perception with alacrity -- from childhoods mired generationally in sordid abuse, cunningly fearful lies and terrible interactional secrets where discerning right from wrong, true from false is not held in high regard and may be punished instead with merciless cruelty. The contorted "charm" that obscures uncomfortable subterranean realities and teetering confusions divertingly dissuades inner and outsider focus on the rotten fruit at the core like 'coon scat dipped in vats of hardening chocolate.

The astounding number and variety of casually-pursued, never-prosecuted crimes, monetarily incalculable for all, against me and ACRInc over nearly two decades of fitfully flippant tristate disruptions documented decisively and witnessed widely -- from libel to looting, aggravated assault to attempted murder, kidnapping to copyright infringement, robbery to rape -- cascaded to a consequence of irremediably monstrous harm are reflectively indicative and ineradicable testimony of these verities also. Lawyers, legislators, and other personnel of "law enforcement" are seldom exceptions to these undeniable observations of moral turpitude and twisted trepidation engrained as marketable crops throughout traditional "Dixie" where an historically corrupted courthouse tends to center each town with injustice guarded by arms and chains and codes crafted of barbarous inhumanity where any movement from the frieze of filth frozen over deadening eras and eerie decades lashed to a forgotten fog of never-foregone fraud is contemptuously crushed. Where "friend" denotes quiescently cartel-complicit accomplice.

They're sorry but that's Just How It Is in the damned south where not adjusting or conforming to that culture of shamelessly normalized crime is a crime to be defined and docked for derivative spoils as another crime in description. Wayfarer beware.

The embarassing demolition of loss in a bankrupting war of incivil juxtapositions begun to expansively institute and defend a usuriously sadistic socio-economy based on monopolistically protected breeding of human slaves for market profit and stolen labor to serve in trade for trivially vain and frivolously slothful "white (male) Christian"overseers, dressed to kill in an unjustifiably heartless social order based on nothing more meaningfully substantial or differentially significant than skin color distends still egos of both genders and deranges their sexual mindsets and deeds.

Delineations based solely on appearance are fraught anomalously throughout nature with complexities and contradictions confounded in subvisual chemistry of the food chain from beet to behemouth and bat, from amoeba to anemones in the field and forest firs filtered of rays distilled from our sun where spirits whistle universal truth on the wind in each branch of the family tree of life, calling from the storied volumes of akasha unhinged and unbound by the line-items in man's estate of the ground: Let it be, from woven word to solstice song, croak to growl, yip to yeowl, lace to crinolated lawn, dream of dread to dawn cascading down, species to spawn, grin to yawning sum. It is done, by God. So be it. Amen.

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click for enlargement Mountain Insight: If Jesus returned to earth, G.W. and The Southern Confederate Gang of Reich Wingers would try to "convert him to Christianity" as a Jew to "speed up The Second Coming" for making the world safe for goy TWS [Trivially Wanton Senselessness] -- and probably crucify him again for not conforming to or accepting Christianity. Then wonder, after a long while of stargazing, why their righteous plan didn't work, TWSs [Trivially Wanton Senselessness syndrome] being "a hard nut to crack" -- one of those ethnic diseases passed along recessively by legendarily incestuous southerners in their DNA, apparently, like sickle cell anemia in Africans.

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