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#doj I'm in mourning, which may be healthy if not too prolonged, for all I singly and rightfully owned and lovingly cherished (mostly for my whole life on earth), that was stolen by armed force at the behest of government officials in Page County Virginia October 7, 1997: the last day I was truly free and robustly healthy in my own home on my own land there.

No one but me has ever been formally/officially arrested, charged, fined or otherwise punished by criminally insane elements of "law enforcement" for all those violently vile crimes and anguishingly painful losses and heart-rendingly unrecoverable damages which cumulatively have rendered me disabled, severely and interactively, now at age 71.

Free logo for A Country Rag links r.i.p., Fourth Amendment, and now it seems, oddly, to be a globally overwhelming phenomenon.

see Mandala of each unique individual/person: reference resources

Free logo for A Country Rag links This ACRInc cover page will stay online through January 3, 2016, to commemorate the 1998 day I was finally able to recover my Shenandoah Riverside house, furnishings and land by Court Order, although it was all trashed, grand larcened and looted -- never restituted -- with the encouragement and protection of never-prosecuted Shenandoah Valley "law enforcement" personnel and lay "citizenry."

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