An Appalachian Country Rag--Gloria!

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A Country Rag Gloria!

multi-media by Margaret Gregg, Abingdon VA
Graphic: multi-media by Margaret Gregg, Abingdon VA

by Mirandy


"Past and Future"

One year ago today I said my first little speech over THE NATIONAL FARM AND HOME HOUR. I had been on local Radio for some time but that was my first chance to speak my mind clear from one ocean to the other. I was so scared I raced like a horse headed for the barn, but as time went on I was able to slow down a little and the fact that at the end of the year I am still with you means that many of you have sanctioned my Remarks.
Radio is not the one-sided thing it may seem. You -- the Listeners -- are the Better-half, and I count this the happiest year of my life in that I have been able to make thousands of friends all over our broad and beautiful land. I know you are friends because you have written and said so in many heart-warming letters. So many have asked for my little talks and suggested that I have them printed out in a book that I finally took your advice -- and here they are -- the cream anyway, the rest looked pretty thin since they have had time to set.
I hope you-all enjoy them a little. I hope some copies will be read by our boys and girls in Far Off Lands. If any of you want to read from them at your Grange or Club, I will be proud to have you, but would appreciate it if you will mention that you heard it on the NATIONAL FARM AND HOME HOUR, which program together with THE BLUE NETWORK gave me permission to have them printed in book form.
As to the question is Persimmon Holler real -- Do I live in the Ozarks -- Do I have a family and farm, and all just as I say? It is all real but I don't live there NOW. I still raise children, chickens, and garden, but do it on a California lot. However, nothing is ever lost as long as have our memory, so it is no trick at all for me to close my eyes and be right back Home.
I love the Good Earth and the people who live close to her are my kind of people, so I feel very proud that among the important information from the United States Department of Agriculture, the fine music and other things, they daily spare a little time for me on the NATIONAL FARM AND HOME HOUR.
God love you all, and fare-ye-well,
MIRANDY, Preface to Breezes from Persimmon Holler, 1943

Folks, howdy -- The War News keep a-coming pretty good, don't it? The papers are going to be mighty dull reading when this War ia over after all the Excitements we'uns have got used to.

I was reading a few interesting items in our County-seat paper. A Mr. Wilburforce said, "I dare not marry, the future is so uncertain" but he said that in 1801 so I reckon he might as well went on and wedded. And another fellow said, "There is scarcely anything around us but Ruin and Despair." William Pitt said that, but not lately... that was in 1806. And here's a good one "Nothing can save the British- Empire from shipwreck." We all thought a couple of years ago and this was Anthony Shaftsbury speaking in 1848.

And Benjamin Disraeli -- I always heered he was a right Smart man, but in 1849 he said, "In industry, commerce, and agriculture, there is no hope." Now, just one more -- In 1852 the Duke of Wellington said, "I thank God I shall be spared from seeing the consummation of the ruin that is gathering about us." Well, shucks! don' that make it seem kind of Foolish to get too upset over things? Troubles come and troubles go but the World has weathered them all so far, and it'll weather this Spell, too.

Y'know in the beginning, People was in small tribes fighting amongst their-selves half the time. Then some of them made Friends and joined together, and they had some Peace, till one Tribe would get out and fight with another Big-Tribe. Then some of them found it was to their advantage to co-operate and small States come to be -- and then Nations.

It seems like every change took fighting, and suffering, and bloodshed. Well, -- if we can get even some United Nations out of this travail we are in now, I reckon we'll all agree it's been worth what it cost. That's what Wise-Heads are figuring on... some system for making the Nations talk out their differences, and a International Police, so the minute any Country gets to feeling-their-oats they can just clamp down on 'em.

I reckon if that's the outcome even the Mothers that's got sons in the war, and the women with Husbands in it, will feel that their sacrfice was worth while. But this Uniting of the Nations is going to be even a longer and slower and more discouraging road than the road to Victory.

The trouble is in People. We can make over the world but we can't make over People. We've had a Government of freedom and equality for hundreds of years now, and there still is plenty of people in This Country can't think of nothing but their own selfish advantage. What can we expect of People all around the world that have been ruled so Harsh and Unjustly for centuries they can't help but be mean and narrow-minded and grabby. Not that we dare give up with a "holier than thou" feeling -- and leave 'em stew in their own grease. We tried that too long. We just got to realize it's a long road we got ahead of us and not expect to get to the Promised Land over night.

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