O Shenandoah! By Faith Alone rose
O Shenandoah! By Faith Alone

Widely varied in size and structure, picturesque houses of worship cling throughout generations to the Valley's hills and hollers. There's an echo of faith in everyday conversation and an ancient devotion steels Shenandoah residents in courage, humor and grace as they struggle with weather-related and man-made catastrophes.

"Look At Him"

By Eunice Soper

The ship was riding out a storm at sea. The Mediterranean, which can be serene and blue and peaceful, was now black with the fury of the elements. Waves were dashing over the ship, vying with the wind in buffeting it from stem to stern.

The passengers were frightened. One approached the captain. "Oh, isn't this a terrible storm! And night is coming on! It will be a terrible night!"

"Yes, it will be," replied the captain, "but we have a good ship, and plenty of room out here at sea."

Just then lightning flashed and another blast of wind rocked the ship.

"Just look at that storm!" quavered the frightened passenger.

"No!" exclaimed the captain. "Don't look at the storm! Look at the ship!"

He knew the power of the sea, but he also knew the strength and seaworthiness of his ship.

Every day we face dangers in our lives. Every day we have to make decisions for right or wrong. Every day we have problems that loom up as big as the waves of the stormy ocean. We know that we are not always as strong, either physically or morally, as we might be, but there are times when we are especially fearful. Things look dark for we see no solution of our problems, and we become discouraged and frightened.

That is the time to cease looking at the storm. The storm is there, all right, and it is fearful. The problems are big. But turn your back on the storm. Look at the Ship to which you have entrusted your life. Look at God, to whom you have given yourself. Share your fears with Him. Tell Him your problems. Let Him make your hard decisions for you. Then turn and face the storm. it will still be there, and perhaps with fury. But now you will know that you are safe because you are in the hands of God, who is much stronger.

"They that go down to the sea in ships,
that do business in great waters;
these see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep."

Psalm 107:23,24.

Eunice Soper has written many devotional books, mostly for children. Semi-retired from professional service worldwide for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, she and her husband, Francis, radiate peace, strength and practical good-heartedness from their adopted home in the central Shenandoah Valley.

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"Look At Him" Eunice Soper, 1997. All rights reserved.