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On Cycling Through Fusion and Fission, Space and History --
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An Essay on "Writing Naked"

from the source beyond iterations of paradise and grace, the garden of good and evil

Mask of God The Father
Graphic: Mask of God The Father

"Don't kill the messenger."

According to various religious texts, an ungendered, infinite God created the darkness and the light, and rules them and everything else, except when Divinity exhausts Itself and ceases to be. Chaos ensues, nothingness, nobody, just unformed space with no such thing as time.

Then, time begins; the creation of worlds, universes, galaxies and God; the male and female Judaic divinities; minor deities; oceans and rivers, lakes and streams, mountains and valleys, deserts and plains; dualities (Gemini) and Armageddon; the evolution of finite plants and creatures great and small; amoebas through dinosaurs and Lucy standing upright on an African field; Christ, the Marys and disciples, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Muhammad, all the Hindu gods and goddesses; saints and sinners; all the dictators throughout history; democracies; an exponential number of skirmishes and wars; tribes through standing armies, armadas; the rise and fall of nations and empires, city-states; great historical figures of war and peace; Hitler, Ghenghis Khan, Atilla the Hun, Caesar, Alexander The Great, Rasputin and the massacre of nobility, Stalin; the kings and queens of Britain and Russia; the emperors and empresses of China; Greece in the ancient world; art from painting on cave walls through Greek and Roman statues, oriental designs, Michelangelo, Picasso and Andy Warhol; Egyptian rule, pyramids and collosi; chanting through symphonies and operas; the everyday everyman's art of jewelry, household goods, and folk tunes; the Oracle at Delphi; cathedrals and gospel choirs; temples, synagogues and churches; plagues and pograms; rafts and canoes through freighters and ocean liners; Atlantis and The Bermuda Triangle; walking, running and leaping to automobiles, race cars, supersonic flight, space travel and stations with explorations to other planets and galaxies; herbal medicines through wonder drugs and micro-surgeries; the average human lifespan stretching from 18 years to over 70; the population of islands and continents from Africa to the earthwide diversification and sometimes extinction of ethnicities; multiplication of philosophies, religions, and cults; the Knights of the Round Table and the Holy Grail; Muslim and Christian holy wars; peasants and aristocracy; laborers and professionals; the wheel through computerized, robotized factories; the abacus through micro-chips; Persian hieroglyphics through Esperanto; tents through skyscrapers; domestic agriculture and husbandry through world markets for the capitalist distribution of goods and services; kinship groups through multi-nationalism and East versus West economically and spiritually; loincloths through haute couture and spacesuits; the development of language from interpersonal gestures and gutteral sounds through digital and satellite communications internationally; the average increase in individual human size from under four feet in the first hominids to over five in homo sapiens sapiens; fire for light through incandescent and fluorescent bulbs; leaves for fans through central air conditioning; fire for heat through oil, natural gas, electricity, nuclear plants, and solar panels; natural intercourse through worldwide exploitative commercial pornography and prostitution, including of children; papyrus through publication and dissemination of books, newspapers, pamphlets, and magazines throughout the nations; non-linguistic Stone Age culture through a multitude of languages and dialects in the Information Age; stone dams through hydroelectric ones; spears and bows and arrows through nuclear fission and fusion; the devastation of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Chernobyl with radiation illness and death and the potential end of the world; micro and macro economies and social structures and their intermittent annihilations and reconfigurations; DeSoto; Columbus and the small settlements at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown through world hegemony for the United States, the one and only Super Power -- militarily, culturally, socially, economically, and politically, but not religiously; a national microcosm of the world composed of international immigrants and native peoples with all their differing cultures, religions, mores, social and familial configurations, gender and generational relationships, traditions and superstitions, crafts and festivals; our Jungian collective un/consciousness and memory beyond words and pictures, the Gestalt and details of the morass before creation, the emergence of form and substance, life and humanity, and their evolutions, revolutions, inventions and interactions throughout millenia.

Who knows how many emanations of Divinity and mystery, universes, galaxies, worlds, lifeforms, realities and histories there have been or will be?

"Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
-- Matthew 5:3

Graphic: Radiated Flower
Radiated Flower

Note: The author's astrological sign is Libra, the scales of balance and justice. On the ground at this specific place and time, she needs to wash dishes, vacuum rugs, clean the bathtub, take out garbage, balance her checkbook, update a calendar of coming events, and organize or discard items in the piles of papers, books, magazines, brochures and newspapers scattered around the livingroom couch, on some of which tasks she's fallen behind due to experiencing a lack of joy in the endless iterations of necessary housework against which she procrastinates, creatively and communally, instead.

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