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Pastiche Meiosis

Between its incipience in April 1996 as O Shenandoah! Country Rag and the ACR, Inc. present, this site has had a total of 56 sections, twelve of which only exist now in its archives. From an original 17 developed during ACR's first year on-line it's expanded into an array of 24 dynamic and 25 relatively static ones today -- plus its cover, table of contents, and banner pages, also all updated and archived quarterly, for a total of 47 web sections plus prior content saved into ACR's Word Preserve and Up-To-Date sections. A reconstructed chronology of this history follows.

* Current dynamic sections 
#* Current static (pretty much) sections 
~~ No longer used but in archives [(nnnn)=last year updated]

1996 (17 total)
* Cover 
~~ Dirt Road Journal (1998) 
* Backwoods Recipes
* Table of Contents 
~~ Valley Scenes and Trivia Questions (1997) 
* Country Reckoning 

~~ Share-A-Bit (2002) 
* By Faith Alone 
* Country Talk 
~~ Webbed Woes (1997)
~~ Zine Scene (2003) 
* Rustic Refrain 
~~ Through The Looking Glass (2001) 
#* Triplink 
#* Word Preserve 

1997 (6 new) 
#* Appalachian Scenes 
* Holler Notes 
~~ Distilled Spirits (2010) 
* Occasional Treats 
~~ Homespun Humor (1999) 
~~ A Muse 'N' Toon (1999)
1998 (7 new) 
* Rivers Side 
#* Links to Appalachia 
* Gloria!
* Appalachian Home 
* Country Calendar 
~~ Another Side (1999) 
~~ Rural Review (2009)

1999 (4 new) 
* Gas Lamps and Cobblestones 
* Native Days 
* Mountain Empire 
* Whole Woman
2007 (3 new) 
#* Site Credits 
#* Site Scene
* Banner Page
2008 (3 new) 
* A Different Drummer 
#* Appalachian Ecology 
* Jubilation Jazz

2009 (4 new) #* Quote Closet * Peaks of Utter * Winding Road #* We The People #* Pastiche Meiosis 2010-2012 (17 new) * Up-To-Date Archives * Get Away Tales #* Key Search & Mobile Media #* Our Music #* American Folk Supersection #* BFA Altar #* Mandala Supersection #* Mandala Meditations Supersection #* USA Mountain Empire Map & Tour Supersection #* Bridgeworks #* Bizarro News #* Baubles and Bubbles Sound & Light Show Stages 1-20 #* Spirit Self #* Mobile Media & Key Search #* Jobo TN Digital Folk Art Village #* Faith Evangelene Supersection #* [15]Supersections #* Supersection Guide #* Digi Dimensions 1-10 #* Jazz Notes in the Misty Blue: A Mountain Empire Anthology * Every Day Matters
Initially, content of this site, then an ad-supported small commercial business, was archived and updated weekly. Beginning in 1998, that was modified to non-profit and content-updated monthly and, from 2007 to the present, as a non-profit corporation to quarterly and annually. The editors of A Country Rag have been: from 1998-2007 Heather Jett and Carolyn Moore; from 2007-present Dr. Gwendoline Fortune. Its internet project manager ((Manage Lune), informally nearly since inception and, officially from 2008 through 2010, has been now-retired Hank Zimmerman.

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