A Country Rag--Baubles and Bubbles Sound & Light Show-6

A Country Rag Baubles and Bubbles

Sound & Light Show

Stage six -- Pacifica Patio

Multiply-gifted and skillfully inspired hi-tech individuals and groups worldwide have shared their oustandingly extraordinary artistry, representing the felicitous intersection of our fields of knowledge in arts and sciences, within videos and on websites usually cited by web address toward the end of each. To find out details about a favorite and enjoy more of their exploratory expositions, check there. (Clickable listings in full-screen mode of related videos also at the end of each increase exponentially the possibilities for interactive viewing exploration and discoveries. You never know what unexpected treasure you may uncover!) Grateful blessings to all.


Native American Clipart supplied by First People - A large site about Native Americans and members of the First Nations.

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