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June 2013 -- Happy Spring/Summer
to our Native World!

ACR,'The Nest' -- click to enlarge
(Click header above for ACR's 'TheKitchenSink' Playroom SuperSection)

jH graphic icon 'Making It Back Home' -- click for Jobo TN Digital Folk Art Christmas Village 2011-2012

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ACR, Alchemy
For clear background to read text throughout ACR, run cursor over graphics display.

ACR-In-A-Box -- click for enlargement click for AIR ANNIVERSAIRE: A Dirt road Anthology MultiSection

(DoubleDose: Play simultaneously for unusual 3D-stereo effect)

Americana Travel Tweets PitStop Arcades, Hall A

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ACRInc FolkArt Interactive Puzzle Gallery -- JoboTN Christmas Village SlideShow MultiSection


DollopMall Shop of Shops

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click for hZ digi-collage ACR,'Sprach' -- click for enlargement

click for enlargement Click for enlargement -- ACR Getting Back Home

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Embedded video notice: Multiply-gifted and skillfully inspired hi-tech individuals and groups (who retain copyright claim) worldwide have shared freely their oustandingly extraordinary artistry, representing the felicitous intersection of our fields of knowledge in arts and sciences, within videos and on websites usually cited by web address toward the end of each. To find out details about a favorite and enjoy more of their exploratory expositions, check there. (Clickable listings in full-screen mode of related videos also at the end of each increase exponentially the possibilities for interactive viewing exploration and discoveries. You never know what unexpected treasure you may uncover!) Grateful blessings to all. -- jH

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ACR QuickStart CyberPort -- ACR Great Escape CyberTours

Historic Jobo TN Sacristy in the Rain--click for larger view ACR SuperPlane QuickLoad

Misty Blue Jazz Notes Cover

<>Americana Travel Tweets Anthology
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Jobo TN Village-In-A-Box

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