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Word Preserve ~ Volume 4

"...Well, I think consciousness is a multi-dimensional force, and the world of the popular imagination, the dream world of gods and spirits is being dominated by the culture industry of images and information. The technology that supports that is vampirically drawing attention and energy to sustain itself in a way that you might consider demonic. But I think that there are finer layers of awareness and consciousness that are actually being expanded, at least within some groups, by technologies that are showing us how our brains, and so reality, works and is maintained.... I think the developed world is due for some very weird reactionary forms. Enthusiastic schizo symptoms - an increasingly mean and selfish form of Darwinism, saying we're just selfish genes trying to compete in a hostile environment. Such old ideas will be recycled in even more pernicious forms. I think that we're going to find ourselves relating interpersonally with machines, whether or not they're actually alive or conscious in a way that scientists can debate about...." -- Interview with Eric Davis, Fortean Times

Graphic: raised paper, Margaret Gregg, Mill 'N Creek Studio Gallery, Limestone, TN

Appalachian Home

Scene Questions & Answers
Stand Up!
Through The Looking Glass

by Carolyn Moore
Just For Fun Art


Another Side

by Jeannette Harris

"That Home Town Taste"

"A Tough Game"


By Faith Alone

by Eunice Soper
"Following The Light," "The Little Lamp," and "When The Deserts Bloom"

"Silent Messenger," "Weakest of the Weak," and "Messenger at Work"

"Cowardly Rooster," "Grand Canyon Mule," and "When Nobody Loves"

Country Reckoning

by Heather Jett
"The Essential Woman: Using Herbs"

by Daryl Lease
"Dirty Old Ben"

by Jonathan Bentley Eccard
"South River," "five minutes until three," and
"Gideon's Gilead"

by James Ross Wiley
"Hans & the Whiskey Rebellion"

Distilled Spirits

by James Ross Wiley
Autumn Leaves, Winter Arrives" and "Great-Grandpa Was a Moonshiner"

by Jeannette Harris
"The Mote in Descartes' Eye"

"Children's Hour"

"kol isha"


by Gary Frink
"A Courier's Adventure in Old Jerusalem"

by Janet Buck
"Deserted Apertures of Time"
and "Mountain Fever"

by Janet Buck

by Patricia Talbert
"The Fiddle: 'Voice' of Appalachian Music"


"I think that our faith is full of atheists and agnostics.... Not enough of them have really had an experience, have really been embraced, have really felt themselves dissolve in the midst of a prayer and felt that the prayer was praying them.... A great religion affirms other religions. A great culture affirms other cultures. A great nation affirms other nations. A great individual affirms other individuals, validates the beingness of others. "
-- Leonard Cohen, interview, The Jewish Book News

graphic: Monk, wood carving, Don Muscher, Luray, VA

Holler Notes

by Don Silvius
"A Little Mystery?" and
"Birth of a Legend"

"The Strength of a Team is Greater"
and "Little League - The 1999 Season"

"High Tide, April 1863" and "Brock's Gap"

"Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?"

The Line Cellar

A Muse 'N Toon

by Don and Sandy Smith




"Road Maps"

Occasional Treats

by Irene Culver
"The Cure," "2001" and "Singing"

by Doug Tanoury
"August Rain," "Salome Dancing For Herod," and "At The Waldorf"

by Jane Bowman
"Red Joe Martin," "Drought," and "Cousin"

by Daryl Lease
"Millenium Madness"

Rivers Side

by jessica clarke
"Wanting," "Passing relief," "What they'll meet"

by Grace Willetts

by Jeannette Harris

by MaryAnn Hazen
"My Slippers" "Cricks" "April"

Rural Review

by Don Silvius
"Everything You Want" and
by Scott Nicholson "Die With It In You, Frankie"

by Don Silvius
"The Best Music You Never Heard

Rustic Refrain

by Ray Arrowood
"The Appalachian Trail: A How-To Guide"

by Ron Elliott and Diane Elliott
Take A Pretty Picture

by Jim Morgan
Ducks Unlimited

by Seth Abramson
Three Poems

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graphic: Salt House, watercolor by Vera Jones, Jonesborough, TN.
Now that day has wearied me,
shall my passionate desire
be received by starry night,
kindly, like a weary child.

Cease, hands from all activity,
forget, brow, about all thought,
my senses, all of them,
would now sink in slumber.

And, unwatched, the soul
would hover on free wings
to live, in night's magic circle,
profoundly and thousandfold.

-- "Beim Schlafengehen" (On Going to Sleep) by Hermann Hesse

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