Three Bears by Ginger Stone "Many of us believe that there is too much technology in the world today, and that technology is the major source of our environmental pollution. It is the abuse of technology that should be our major concern. In very simple terms a hammer can be used to construct a building, or to kill another person. It is not the hammer, but how it is used, that should be our major concern. -- Jacque Fresco, The Venus Project

Graphic: Three Bears, collection of David Peyton, columnist for The Herald-Dispatch, Huntington WV; acrylic on canvas by Ginger Stone, Jonesborough TN

A Country Rag Word Preserve ~ Volume 1

A Rustic Refrain

"Indian Relics"
by Don Muscher
"Dressing A Deer"
by J. Harris
"Nature's Bonus: Wild Mushrooms"
by Frank Slivinski
"The Art of Knife-Making"
by Fran Varnum
"History of Shenandoah Nat'l Park"
by William J. Blanke

***By Faith Alone

by Eunice Soper

"Looking Over"
"The Shattered Vase"
"The Pretty Girl"
"Tomatoes for Sale"
"The Grasshopper"
"The Impassable Wall"

Country Reckoning

"Food For Thought/Dec"
by Julie Gochenour
"Spirit and Flesh"
by Grace Willetts
"Food For Thought/Oct"
by Julie Gochenour
"The Loch"
by Grace Willetts
by Anna J. Star
by Hank Zimmerman

***Rivers Side

by Jeannette Harris

"This One's Gonna Break Your Heart"
"The Last Pheasant"
"Wood Ducks"
"T Is For Tides"
"Never Name Something..."
"Idyll: Two Voices"
"Sweet Pea"

Purple Flowers: Casey, by Vera Jones
Graphic: Purple Flowers: Casey, watercolor by Vera A. Jones

She sweeps with many-colored brooms,
And leaves the shreds behind;
Oh, housewife in the evening west,
Come back, and dust the pond!

You dropped a purple ravelling in,
You dropped an amber thread;
And now you've littered all the East
With duds of emerald!

And still she plies her spotted brooms,
And still the aprons fly,
Till brooms fade softly into stars -
And then I come away.

-- Emily Dickinson,
She Sweeps With Many-Colored Brooms

The Line Cellar

Valley Seasons ~ Volume 1

***Stand Up!

Volume 1

***Valley Scenes and Trivia Questions


***Webbed Woes

by Jeannette Harris


graphic: Poppies, watercolor by Vera Jones
mill In dim vaults
long have I dreamt
of your trees and blue skies,
your fragrance and birdsong.

Now you lie disclosed
in glitter and ornament,
flooded with light,
like a miracle before me.

You know me again,
tenderly entice me.
My every limb trembles
with your blissful presence!

-- "Fruhling" (Spring) by Hermann Hesse


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