A Country Rag ~ Word Preserve Volume 5

mixed media by Jeannette Harris

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Appalachian Home

by Dory L. Hudspeth
"Zee's Dumplings," "Jewelweed," "Ghost Stories on the River," and "Disclaiming Poetry"

by Frances Lamberts
"On Reducing Our Personal Waste Footprint"
"Hearing the Scientists and Heeding their Call"
"Speaking About Trees & Our National Forest"

By Faith Alone

by Eunice Soper

"When Spring Returned," "Horrible Example," "Show and Tell," and "School of the Hereafter"

"Deaf Ear," "Voice in the Dark," "Nuisance," and "Miraculous Stick"

"Character-Filled Work," "Swimming Without Lessons," and "Son of a King"

Country Reckoning

by John Willets
"A Search for Justice"

by Wilson Roberts
"Against the Dying of the Light" Part II
"Against the Dying of the Light" Part I

Distilled Spirits

by Richard Ballon
"That State of Grace," "Philosophical Shortening," and "Old Friend"

by Jeannette Harris
"And there'll be dancing..."

by Jessica Brenner

Gas Lamps and Cobblestones

by Scott Nicholson
"Moonshiners And The 'Deliverance' Banjo Boy"

by Carolyn Moore
"Shannon: A Travel Journal"

by Jeannette Harris


by karol cooper
Interview: "Highland Renaissance"

by Gary Carden
"Dancing in the Dark"

by Harold Janzen
"Solitude and stillness," "All that I can do," and "On the surface of lake water"

"The high-tech buzz surrounding the Net obscures the fact that it isn't really all that new an idea. More than 200 years ago, Edward Gibbon coined an apt phrase for the epic confrontation between Enlightenment philosophers and Christianity, then the world's dominant cultural force. The rebellious, idiosyncratic, and quarrelsome thinkers of his time, Gibbon wrote, were determined to be autonomous: to reach their own conclusions, set their own agendas, and have their own discussions "beyond the Holy Circle" of theology. Learning ... The Internet moment is a monumental one. It isn't about computers. It's about great and deep change-only just beginning-permeating almost every aspect of business, society, and culture. The fact that this moment coincides so precisely with the arrival of the new millennium is not just a staggering coincidence but a great convergence, one historians will be sorting out for centuries...." -- Jon Katz, Zdnet

Holler Notes

by Carolyn Moore
"A Moravian for Appalachia"

by Don Silvius
"The Missing Families" and "Rules from 1794"
"Martyr or Traitor?"

The Line Cellar

by Rufus Skeens
"Loss" and "Dry Fork Psalm for Grandpa"

by John Waybright
"Under the Knife" and "Recovery Note"

Mountain Menu

Main Courses
Side Dishes

Native Days

by John Quinnett
"Granny Poems"

by Gwendoline Y. Fortune

by Jeannette Harris
"Daughter of the Stars"

Occasional Treats

by Ray Arrowood
"Pssst! Hey buddy, want a hot tip?"

by James Owens
"Memory," "Love Poem in Spring," "Insomnia," and "After Grief"

by Red Slider

Rivers Side

by karol cooper
"La Voix des Femmes: The Saga of Violette Wakeland"
Part One -- Part Two

by Barbara and Steve Eberly
"Things That Matter," "Uneasy Rider," "The Director as God"

by jessica clarke
"Taller," "Beyond" and "Satisfaction"

by Gwendoline Y. Fortune
"An Extended Invitation" and "Walking in Fog"

Rural Review

by Gary Carden
"Straying from the Path"

by Don Silvius
"Door to the Soul"

by Gary Carden
"As Precious as Tears"

Rustic Refrain

by Jeannette Harris
"The Reservation," "Hologram," and "Resource"

by H.m.Jobst
"Wildcrafting Medicine from Mother Earth"

by Gary Carden
"The Uktena"


Through the Looking Glass
consciousness ~ reality ~
responsibility ~ freedom

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