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"Alcatraz" Collage

Autumn 2015: Everything that ACRInc is now -- and all that's developed within a nearly two decade interim only because it exists -- began simply with me and this little "original Valley's home page" cyber-emergent live on the WorldWideWeb spring 1996:
O Shenandoah! Country Rag Home

which soon grew to
O Shenandoah! Country Rag Table of Contents

continuously online intact amidst
these historical events

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Historic ACRInc --click for Anon-CS PixArt For me the mental image that singularly encapsulates our fin de siecle "lost decade" is of the foremost mathematician -- who is "black" and American -- in_the_world pushing his clunker car, having been run out of Nashville and Vanderbilt by the born-again KKK basically, up a snowy rural Maine driveway from a computer science teaching position. Like me and too many others, he had lost his upscale personal possessions and prestigious professional career hostage to a viciously vile y2k fascist revival of charmless southern inhumanities and innerfamilial criminal insanities. He's an expert researcher/speaker on the Black Panthers also. And a Harvard, and Oxford Universities, PhD. And past-imperfect Green Party rep official.

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nytimes exposures-norman-bush

florin anna jameson drawings



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