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'Spirit Self,' digital graphic by jH -- click for enlargement A Country Rag
Index of Acrylics and Etcetera, Part 2 (2007-2010)

More on exhibit at Jonesborough Fine Art Gallery, Old Town Hall, Main Street, Jonesborough TN. See its website for photos and more info.


by Jeannette Harris

12/20/10 suture staples -- click for other photo view

1/5/11 -- click for Computer Graphics Part 1
Caption suggestions:
"I didn't tell them anything." -- Laurie
"You should see the other guy." -- Dallas

1/13/11 -- click for enlargement

A Country Rag
Index of Acrylics and Etcetera, 2007-2010
click for Computer Graphics Part 2

and 2000-2003click for Acrylics Part 1

click for 'Test Driving Obamacare'

and 2011

"Reaching for the stars" -- PT Laurie

Click photo below for newACR super-section Baubles and Bubbles Sound &Light Show

February 2011 -- click  photo for new ACR super-section 'Baubles and Bubbles Sound & Light Show'
February 2011 -- click for Aischk! 'Tunes (cartoons)
Click photo above for Aischk! 'Tunes (cartoons), parts 1-Miscellaneous

and 1996-present Digital Graphics

click for part 1, digitals

 click for article/essay 'Mandala of Each Individual' "Artists are peaceful people, generally -- concerned and preoccupied with creativity, divine expression frequently, as well as the communication of real human experience -- and often become 'sacrificial lambs' in a corrupt world committed to murderous acquisition and exploitative consumption."


click for 'Chameleon:An Interactive Exploration'

by Jeannette Harris

(click on icons below for enlargements)

  1. Land of the Blue Mist

  2. High Country

  3. Nana

  4. Pacman 1

  5. Pacman 2

  6. Cherokee multi-media

  7. Creation collage multi-media

  8. Easter

  9. The Left Hand

  10. Home

  11. The Broken Vessel multi-media

  12. Jewel in the Mechanics

  13. Faces

  14. After the Storm

  15. Shangrila

  16. Star Wars 1

  17. Star Wars 2

  18. Flower Power

  19. Escape on glass

  20. Journey To The Sun (New Jerusalem, Excalibur and The Holy Grail) multi-media

  21. Fire and the Double Helix

  22. Sun Shine digitized acrylic

  23. Prism on copper

  24. Mandala

  25. Music collage multi-media

  26. Wall Street collage multi-media

  27. Alien oil pastel

  28. Faceless

  29. Flower Fall 2

  30. Flower Fall 1

  31. Us collage multi-media

  32. Heartless multi-media

  33. Coffee collage multi-media

  34. Puddle of Love

  35. Rainbow People

Flower Ring Snake

On Cycling Through Fusion and Fission,
Space and History,
Individually and Collectively
An Essay on "Writing Naked"

from the source beyond iterations of
paradise and grace, the garden of good and evil

"I see [labels] as tiny paintbrushes that give us form, for without them, we would stand naked, emperors in our new clothing, the shimmering, vibrating essence of life. Which is what we REALLY are, of course."
-- Julie Savage Parker in the first word, WNC Woman, February 2008

click for story 'The Last Pheasant'

Sound based meditation is a meditative practice based on ancient teachings that utilizes the human voice to produce sounds that quiet the mind and comfort the body. Experience has shown that sound based meditations release creativity, facilitate consensus building, and generate feelings of validation, compassion, and a connection to a greater truth. Sound based meditations are universal and non-denominational in nature, transcending ethnic, religious, racial, and linguistic barriers. Modern science and ancient wisdom each recognize the fundamental role of vibration as the very foundation of matter. The specific vibrations of sound based meditations have improved the lives of men, women, and children in remarkable and practical ways. It is an ancient technology retooled for the challenges, complexities, and uncertainties of the 21st Century.
--The Great Octave Foundation

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Original text and graphics c. A Country Rag, Inc. and Jeannette Harris, Jonesborough TN, 2003, 2010.