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"WHITE RAP: Legal Issues"

"Guns don't kill people; people kill people."

The trigger we need with retro-urgency addressably to ameliorate is the one unpredictably inside of seemingly-random human beings driven to unrestrainedly free explosions of dysdirected bellicose violence by our afunctional socio-economic and spiritually specious atmosphere of chaotic rage and disaffected frustration, cataclysmic desperation and chronic exasperation within pressure-packed unliveability of mind, emotion and materiel without rational hope of aware recognizance or effective triage. Restricting "over-the-counter" weaponry purchase and ownership treats, impotently, the symptom without identifying or curing the causative disease at its source/s. "Feel good" artifices to superimpose a spurious supremacy over the "nature of the beast" distract from significant reaches of real solutions.

Our culture deifies War and glorifies its manifestations historically as an integral aspect of our traditional identity. We war heroically for absolute eradication against Poverty, Drugs, Specific Illness, Illicit Business, Inimical Ideologies, Alien Nations/Foreign Tribes/Outlier Religions and War itself. We don't expressively salve or soothe those probably innate aspects of experiential humanity on Earth. Peaceful Coexistence is the exception, not the norm or desired goal of our intrinsically conflictual interactions with formatively materialized Life. The level of intensity to that dynamic determines its degree and dispersion of positive or pernicious consequence and that is the critical measure to which healthfull triage must attend.

What does "cool" mean in Street Talk? Those levels in riveting facets of the inescapable human condition are within enjoyably interesting ranges of comforting revel for the "average cat" on their hustle home, or their walk to work, or their path to party, or their lurch to love.

In Country Talk, it is traditional to respond "Tol'able," meaning tolerably okay or comfortably fine, when one's all around health is inquired of. Cool.

#blacklivesmatter Residents maimed and murdered by legally armed police officers or prison guards tend to be one-on-one phenomena so victim numbers are not included, or considered, usually in "domestic terrorism" gun-violence statistics. What triggers that too-common community carnage?

There is Absolutely No Evidence that We The People of the future are appreciably wiser or more insightful or basically different in our profoundest nature than the 17th century Founders of our Constitutionally-structured nation. By "people," they meant human beings; there were no corporations back then. Our Bill of (Ten) Rights is as clearly stated linguistically as the Bible's Ten Commandments. Neither are multiple-choice queries; they are intended to function successfully in concert all together.

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“WHITE RAP: Legal Issues” ACR, Death Throws #One

___ by Jeannette Harris

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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