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A Country Rag chick The Warp

"The Ph Warp of Galactic G"

As she closed her eyes to die finally, Greta knew in an evil instant as Barry leaned to murmurate care over her limply damp hair in parting that she'd not lived or loved at all for nearly forty years. A sparkle of Phineas shone from her teens to gleam her gratefully home again to the wren of cozied duplexes huddled in angled rainbows circling Highland Park, parenthetically pleading for grander grounds and lightened rooms to air youth's grievances in timorously papered walls of Grandma's whim and Auntie Pat's choosing. Phin held her swaying under a shower of the stars they'd dreamed to touch in a day and bed all of their own secreted in clouds pouting of the storm raging to whimper in the flitting flame of fickle light for life tethered and strewn in whisps listing of intent around a millenially-mottled mourning globe.

"Mud in your eye!" Phineas doused the fire at the end with Jupiter-sized champagne. Clasping fingers and palms, they swam under silver bubbles to the pungent cork bobbing in waves of irridescence to the answer that held the thrall of seething seamed and stitched to the hem of a golden gown that had clothed earthly life stumbling to stutter toward a curtain call unrevealed and irrelevant to stellars passing by.

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"Everything is possible. Pass the word."
-- Six of One, by Rita Mae Brown

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