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A Country Rag Venom & Vibes: Sumptuous Cave Art Cafe' Backgrounds

“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” -- Jesus(John 7:37)

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"Venom & Vibes"

All holy books were written by what we call today in English "journalists" --scribes committed, usually at considerable cost in personal effort and self-sacrifice, to preserving in local writing on papyrus or stone bits of their era and place what otherwise would be savored and shared within the hardy oral tradition of indigenous ancients. Perhaps Jesus (and other Transcendant Masters), fully cognizant from foibles of the Written Word pinned inexorably into its grave, consciously stayed in the Spirit Path to breathe Divine Life and Eternal Truth through generations of continual change, commotion and chaos to come after his physical existence amidst us. The switching bytes that hoard words now international on waves stretching for cosmic infinity afford us flexibilities in transpiration and transformancy undreamed before conceived through plexiglass darkly in a stark "clean room" of machines yet unborne to their might in a day's night fixed to point our time toward destinies undefined by rigid line.

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The_Words by jean-paul-sartre

The_Words by jean-paul-sartre

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Free Forest (stage seven)
Jewel Cave (stage ten)
Desire Dormers (stage three)
Garden of Gorgeousness (stage five)
Wilderness Wetlands (stage eight)
Antic Attic (stage two)
Pacifica Patio (stage six)
Nesting Nook (stage nine)
Passion and Paradise Purity Porch (stage four)

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