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Seasons of Somewhere

by Jeannette Harris


The throne of Apostle Peter is a raft drafting on waters of a swirling globe barefoot to the keel at the side of Christ Jesus. Say His Name.
Say His Name.
Say His Name.


"let it ride"

from the deranged despair of goaded ghouls crunching on molded shreds of dread denied over years stanched tight now against a galling wall boiling hapless over fears belied that devoured toil hid on tears to run free where indigo blues flutter again in forever-shuttered bursts of time drizzling through eons nuanced into air and breath shattered for sages of another future to peruse and ponder and regret. you missed it. you missed it all. ----------------------------

"on the griddle"

what is most crucial of redressable grievance? that our President is black, or that the earth is flat and sliding off its fulcrum, or that exinct grey wolves are gnawing glacial holes into naked backs of Aztec and Mayans? any second is triage. this isn't a test; it's the show. ----------------------------


casting into the horrors. is this you, or you, or you, or you? a true friend for the end comin' round the bend. roll the die, lay the lie shore to shore, hook 'em through the eyes. riffle to rift, set it adrift till we dine on capers and roe. let it go. what's left isn't for sale or holding. our plate is full of grace for the last amen or howl. eat your rosary, swallow the sign. one at a time we bow to the now creeping up the stakes for vines unattended scrawling to portend of paring. wave goodbye across the sleep of keeps foregone to the long so-long. let it go. let go. go. forget. what's left isn't for sale or holding. for God so loved the world .... ... fishers among men.

© Jeannette Harris, February 2016. All rights reserved.