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"To Each Her Own[TEHO]: 22nd Century Official Affiliations"

Political Parties [PP]: platform

card-carriers of The:

Country Barns&Tocks [CBT] : refund taxes in cuckoo clocks or cows.

El Grande Snowpuffits [EGS]: set jimsonweed free.

Feline Nosehair Clipadores United [FNCU]: dry-freeze whale sperm.

OldLace&Pizzarias [OLP]: repeal the evil tax on parsley.

Orange Shimmy Shakes [OSS]: garter belts and silk stockings for every elk.

Pog Klug Zacios[PKZ]: monetize Esperanza globally.

Spandex Pants Unabasheds [SPU]: replace all mailboxes with bluebird-feeders.

Tartan Spray&Spays [TSS] : revive pleated skirts.

Tiny Tot Tomatoes [TTT]: self-serve grapefruit stands in each clothing shop.

Teeny Tike Tomatinos [ttt]: grated lettuce must be shoveled daily in Arizona and fined heavily in Ohio.

Religions [Rs]: central tenet

sissas and brethren of:

Bobby Sox 33s [BBBs]: shellacked edible-podded peas convey sanctity and protection for a car; pure black hair dispels satanic spirits in babies and wisteria.

Order of Garrulous Gadflees for Gnatly [GGG]: crying kills garden slugs.

Kale Kadishe Kleppers [KKKs]: petting oysters enrages barley to sour milk.

Bards to Lord of Lipschtick Lard [LLLs]: hair-cutting curdles salt-water reefs.

Nitey Nerds of Nasty [NNNs]: bees need [little] waterslides to polinate.

Olde Opibahfumnoxitig [OPIs]: mauve is poisonously contagious.

Stacking Snack Revival [SSR]: bleached pancakes with fake syrup are a devil's feast from waxed-out witches; eating twinkies caused the San Francisco earthquake.

Wasted Whackos of WoeBeGone [WWWs]: raisins cause shingles.

Zeroes of Zilch Assembly [ZZA]: windchimes of veneered edible-podded peas ward off dragons, and alligators.

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