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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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Made in the USA by American citizen/taxpayers

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"To each man a song, born into his blood and vision -- the working force, the fire of spirit. To each his gift, the song that he is committed to sing in his time on earth. Yet a man must hear it forming and feel the composition of it along the strings of his soul. In the quiet and secret places of his heart the music waits. Voices he does not know sing it to him when he does not watch, and those bells that rang in other lands, in other times, ring yet to reach each soul.
"But he must take along his soul into the riven, quarrelsome streets and into the furious arenas where he meets with life. And there is no place to hide.
"And music, so gossamer and tender, born of innocence and frail substance, is thrust into the forge and laid upon the anvil, and struck there with hammers and beaten upon from divers directions.
"If he cannot protect his song and slip away from the destruction of his soul, if he cannot hide from the clamor and the weight and the heat, then he is lost.
"If the calloused hand of circumstance reaches inside him and scrambles the notes, scattering them to the lost reaches of his soul as the planets are flung through the heavens, then he is doomed and lost.
"And if the searing finger of despair reaches in to cauterize, to seal up his soul, and the cold wash of fear descends upon him and his metal has no temper, then he will not live.
"For of what use is life if a man cannot find the lost knowledge of himself, or put together again a song that has been broken and scattered, or restore his soul?" -- The Song of Samuel, And Scatter the Proud by (now-deceased Asheville NC reporter/novelist and ACR friend) Lewis W. Green [a Cabalist]

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