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bon soir, Charlie Hebdo, les déchirures vous prennent au ciel.

nyt video/docs: Charlie Hebdo, Before the Massacre

nyt videos: paris-holds-moment-of-silence

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"Forty world leaders, including the Palestinian president and the Israeli prime minister, marched arm in arm in the vanguard of as many as a million people in Paris on Sunday in a somber display of solidarity and defiance after a shattering series of terrorist attacks...."

2015/01/11 -- world/europe/paris-march-against-terror

‘France Is Turned Upside Down’


This Is Satire: "May the spirits of the dead attend fairly and justly the charming southerners gathering together today where The Law can find them readily in their high trash piggybank soshul klubs for the born-damned generations that hate the God of Israel for not choosing 'pure white' them as most beloved and thus, from resentful spite, negate all divine commandmants to mock the words they read repetitively in farcical piety from books taken without recompense or honest attribution from Jews to beg more gold from their king they torture-murdered and stole to be their own -- after dying his hair blonde and lightening his skin, of course. Amen."
Adam -- who hadn't the strength of character and control of self to refuse The Apple, which will be chopped, shared and passed around on brass plates in symbolic obeisance to material and temporal ground -- will assume command to lead all sycophant charmers in a circular choral march to Hope, Dream.
Note of exception for congregants: A lion representing Judah will be sacrificed with solemnly silent pleas of absolution for free and salvation the pretty easy way at the S&M altar to our graven image of a cross we made to signal war with that God of Israel and its king in this year of OUR lord 2015, After David. Sunday, January 11th
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