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"spirit & soul"

"spirit & soul"

i think what has defined -- now systemically dismissed, debased and belittled -- America/ns [bigender and cross-ethnicity], perhaps uniquely, is a kind of "against all odds" CAN_DO spirit and rugged individualism. we are still a youthful country amidst a lot of old to ancient ones globally. we're not "quitters," which may work against us when we've chosen a wrong course -- to become the self-defeatingly surly obstinance of the mule fallen in a ditch banging itself uselessly against earthen walls.

historically we're a contentiously judeo-christian nation, socially and cognizantly. protest/ant values are the basis of our major judicial codes, as originally written and intended. even our Native American "First People" are ethnic migrants from, arguably, Mongolia by way of the Bering Strait, and Africa -- like all of us as genetically human, however we first arrived here generationally. perhaps we pre-damn/kill ourselves in refusing to obey the biblical injunction to honor our fathers and mothers of Africa that "our days on earth be long."

there is no basis in the gospels for abusive denigration of females. Christ Jesus enacted respectful and thoughtful care toward his mother and Mary Magdalene. and other women and girls in the stories recounted. Saul, the earliest anti-christ contender for the christian church throne of Jesus-designate Peter, decreed trivially silly laws for the distaff side he condescendingly disliked and restrictively decried following an aneurysm on the damascus road that told him he should satanically defy the word and will of his divine master and seize dogmatic/directional control of early assemblies of Christ.

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