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"Smug-A-Bug" Smuggery: Country TestSite

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"... I doubt he will be the nominee, but I also doubt that Hillary Clinton will be. I think Hillary Clinton has a superb campaign so far. Technically, her campaign staff — it’s as good as it gets. But we’ve really never seen a campaign .like this; it just continues to go down. Most campaigns always stop — like, they’ll go down, they’ll go up, they’ll plateau. She’s just going down.... For the first time in history, you have a socialist who’s closing it on a Democratic frontrunner. I mean, we toss around the word “historical”; we’ve had socialists [run for office] plenty of times but we’ve never had one do as well as Bernie Sanders. That strikes me as hugely important. And when you look at what’s happening in England, Greece, it seems to be part of something bigger that I don’t think is being properly appreciated...." --Stuart Stevens

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