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by Jeannette Harris

"Fits of Sleet are not a 'War on Women'"

Future Vision: Do the majority of americans want a socio-economy based on the massah-slave and/or lord-serf models? The Republican Party adopted by former Whig Abe Lincoln has become in actuality pseudo-confederate and quasi-feudal in underlying motivational philosophy and true structural direction. In establishing healthily distributed and balanced power, our economy, like its political government, needs functionally active structural checks and balances -- i. e. labor unions to curb excesses of free market businesses, and visa versa, plus everyday enfranchised consumer/producers monitoring both with correctively voluntary activities.

Welcome to Pure Evil (i.e. "civil war"). Most of the "perps" [psychopaths and sociopaths] recorded below (and elsewhere) were and are far from being faceless strangers to me. See especially chartre and binking

Tell us again, ReichWingers, how terribly worse ISIS is in evidentiary deed, publicized thought and archivally recorded methodologies than you all: keeping in mind that your invasively vile criminal behaviors by armed force, bi-state kidnapping, multiple grand larcenies and felonious imprisonment have rendered my healthily graceful body unable to walk, dance, play the piano, see to drive, swallow, talk or sing functionally well, and it is numbly paralyzed from the interior center out to left extremities. All my computer work is completed via one-handed "pecking," necessarily since October 2010. The only pharma I've taken since hospital release is daily regular aspirin and otc vitamins -- despite excriuciating neurological, and emotional, pain (consider "childbearing gender" for a possible clue). See omniguide

Alleviating non-pharmaceutically the multi-dimensional pain va-tn-dc criminal ReichWingers have forced on me is interestingly challenging. See acrylics two

And, although i've enjoyed it lifelong, I can't cook safely either with all these ReichWing-imposed physical disabilities. Essential daily household tasks are performed outstandingly by regularly-scheduled, necessarily, homecare aides. I had previously enjoyed routine home maintenance tasks in and around the five houses I've owned, and sundry apartments rented.

Tell us again, too, how piteously difficult goodness and obedient divine worship is for you "born again" [Roman Catholic-culted] ReichWing "Christians" robed, crowned and bejeweled from Rome. See faith

But my hair has grown back beyond shoulder-length to its wavily natural and healthy brunette. And my mind and memory are sound and cognizantly clear. Peeps continue to delight in my heartily spontaneous laugh, at appropriate moments. I'm still assistively generous but more wary about to whom.

Tell me, someone, for the ReichWing gangbanger muggers of diminutively-elderly pre-disabled women what is "fair and just" punishment -- acceptably allowed to civilized enlightened humanity, I mean? It's The Belsen-Bergen (and JimCrow lynchings) paradox. Will "We're Sorry" suffice satisfactorily for everyone? See lynchpin and the crop

"Patty Hearst" note: Wives are not slaves to have their real identities demolished via criminal abuse to a remake of their husband's. Jesus advised us to be our true, real, actual and authentic selves, especially at death. If anyone's curious to know how determined I've been not to be forcibly culted by the DC-Tennessee-Virginia Valley's [Roman Catholic] ReichWing "Christians" into being "born again," but to be as *God* --not_they -- created me, they might consider the deliberate labor, energetic effort and devotional time I invested circa 2007, after breaking free from their criminal nightmare drugged-out entrapment physically, in Chameleon reconstruction. See chameleon

Neither Virginia or Tennessee or D.C. feds have to this date ever prosecuted or punished the "perps" most egregiously and brazenly responsible criminally for my multiply cascading and current disabilities, despite ample evidence and longstanding offers of cooperative assistance-- whatever that situation truly portends and implies about our governments and country and majority "citizenry."

The Perfect Karmic Retribution for the repulsively vile, heinously harassing pile of whitey boys and their girls that have done all this to me and my props over nearly two remorselessly focused and intensely intent decades is .... utterly untreatable and totally incurable e. d. everlastingly, and generationally. I'm sure God's creative genius can and will devise more innovatively fair and unthinkably just and unspeakably appropriate atonements for the embarassingly incredible list of crimes enforced and embraced by the copiously described and minutely delineated "perps." Amen. Sincerely, Who-Is. See resume

New & improved web content worldwide since ACRInc's site birth in April 1996 is kinda like having too many goodies in the frig and cabinet. It's our 21st century version of "a moveable feast" of the feed-your-head variety! There are lotsa excellent links and outstanding embeds throughout ACRInc's frequently updated site for tastefull directional hints. See cave art cafe'

The Site Credits main background is a DigitArt rendition of my living room in the Shenandoah riverfront home I bought, furnished, caringly loved, shared generously and owned solely through twenty years of nature's seasonal displays until treasonously ReichWing "high trash" criminals attacked it all and me multiply and mercilessly into my present condition physically of multiply-interacting disabilities. See air play

I hope, but doubt in my lifetime anyway, that the ReichWing gangbang muggers are all appropriately prosecuted and sentenced as inter/national law provides on earth for minutely-described and publically-witnessed War Crimes multitudinously redundant -- actually, and surreptitiously, since 1865. I don't care -- that's what I believe to be just and right. It isn't up to me. It's the actionable province of sworn, paid and educated professional legal supervisory reps, and God.

DUNNING NOTICE FROM ACRInc TO TN-JBOs: For your archivally-documented globally professional derelictions in universally acceptable services and in proficient civic management 2003-2014, causing catastrophically severe and pervasively permanent damage to me, countless real props, many other taxpayer-citizen human beings here and elsewhere, and to the natural environment. When and how do all of you and your kin plan on paying on this to regain your credit worthiness worldwide? minimal amount past due: $2,940,000=7x7 unforgiveably unatoned crimes x $60k+ larcened in cash and consumer credit w/o prepaid and promised responsible legal oversight. See preface and spirit self

(~ 971 words 6673 characters)

"The Draft"

Omerta: The southern civil war initiates inner-familially with an astounding level of normalized criminal abuse, verbal to alcoholic to pharmaceutical to physical -- including common incidents of belt-strapping, punching, marital rape and biological bi-gender incest, and escalates exponentially outward from that intimate core of "boot camp" home training with a continuing proscription of anxiously-expected secrecy and posed prevarication in socio-public silence enforced, if required, by more of the same. Byzantine relationships between individuals and events slide under a curtain of elaborately protective lies shared collectively on a twilight stage where real mates fantasy in a psychedlic orgy of conscious confusion embraced by brooding blood generating the next wave of obfuscation and obstruction to awakening, internal or communal, of truthful awareness -- all of which lends itself more in lingua anglais to freed graphics of poesy than stringently sombre analyses of explicative exposition.
How do we "grow" staunchly and honorably ethical people so that lawyers, judges and jails and courts and laws are only needed, and rarely, "in the breach"? The current epidemic of mordantly horrific and multi-maiming crime runs through all professions and levels of socio-economic status. Required family couselling to all new parents for education in acceptably decent (non-abusive) intimate interactions and financial responsibility?

For instance, classes on the practical, productively peaceful sense of adhering to the ten commandments God etched into stone for his beloved children so they might prosper healthily together and individually?

Rape is theft; theft is rape -- i.e. taking something belonging to another without the owner's voluntary permission.

Most peeps who've had their homes burglarized say they feel like they've been raped -- a stranger has rifled through their personal belongings, without a search warrant or their consenting knowledge.

The concept -- scripturally-based and legally-precedented within the church and in lay government-- that forgiveness for transgresssions is contingent on real atonement, to prove cognizant sincerity of "sorriness" -- e.g. return of and/or restitutution for stolen props -- has been mislaid in contemporary social interactions.

If welfare-recipients can be random drug-tested, so can lawyers and legislators and government officials/employees about which there is ample evidence of widespread "substance abuse," to receive taxpayer-provided payments and benefits.

(~1283 words 8879 characters, total)

"Concertina in the Park"

Here in the hollow husk of a formerly vibrant and cordially lively stars-and stripes small town where even the fledgling Ghost Town Diner and Our Daily Bread Luncheonette have, poetically, gone out of business for service to the junketing junkies lingering alone together.....to ignore the plight, again, of blacks in the Katrina of Detroit -- another past-glory major usa city -- unable to flush toilets or wash dishes, babies, clothes and themselves to succor banksters and hired-gun legal dealer gangbanger officials gorging on props and funds unearned by themselves, the shallow breaths of workers laid off from refurbishing Main Street to hide the abysmally shabby abominations toiling abashed inside, even the stray dogs have left to Look for Lost America while a sign leers from the other side of hell "Surprise! Welcome to the CSA!"

Ain't this yankee reconstruction turrible? Mabel mutters to the mayor......and then plaintively, "When will all the shoppers be back?"

(~~158 words 1002 characters)

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