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"TriageMaster Quiz"

Triage Master quiz

choose best first choice action.

1. you're belatedly carrying a loaded tray of soups to ravenous dinner guests seated on the patio when your nose begins to itch uncontrollably while the new kitten throws herself at your ankle, claws first, meowing and through the glass sliding doors you see lightning crack as the first drops of a hailstorm fall, you....

a. ask the kitten to open the door for you, please, so you can scratch your nose.
b. yell to the guests for them all to come inside right now.
c. lean over carefully to place the tray by your feet and pet the hungry kitten for soothing it while it laps up the nearest soup.

2. as the phone rings, showing a return call from the plumber, newly potty-trained Christine -- all set in her party dress for the influx of schoolbuds playing on the lawn -- indicates frantically that it's her time to go, you....

a. demand sternly that Christy stop crying about every stupid little thing that isn't perfect in her world.
b. recoif in the nearby mirror to answer the telephone with your sexiest drawl.
c. look down frowning and wave goodbye out the open front door.
d. pointing to the lilac bush, push Christy swiftly out the side door.

3. GeorgieBob is home from work at mid-day with an infected sore foot when your twin sister calls to emergency-borrow your car as GeorgieBob insists he can ride his bike just fine to deliver little SammyPete to Crosstown Nursery School on time, you.....

a. hang up on sis.
b. heat SammyPete's bottle and pray he falls sound asleep.
c. serve GeorgieBob another cooler full of six-packs.
d. grab a glass of wine and Petie's backpack as you prepare to hitchhike twelve miles.

4. your left arm is in a cast from GeorgieBob's recent encounter of the seventh kind with cousin Betsy's birdfeeder and you've slept funny again on your right one so when you prop yourself up to a sitting position you slide off the bed onto your head and the fostercare great dane-mix puppy licks your unprotectable face soaking wet, you.....

a. spit back at Rover.
b. somersault your hips and legs toward the wall.
c. use the cast to scoot GeorgieBob's cooler closer to your parched-dry mouth.

if you answered "c" and/or "a" to all, Mr. Darwin looks forward to meeting and studying you.

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