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In an america I'm not sure exists anywhere now except in memory or history text.... Since 18 years of age, I got a lot of interesting satisfaction and involved enjoyment, unquestioningly, out of working, making my own money, paying my own way, making my own financially responsible decisions. While "coupled," I almost always paid half, at least, of living expenses. It wasn't a "feminist statement," but a matter of personal choice and taste and comfortable preference -- and ethics.

I've also enjoyed my 3-4 quirky little, humanely service-oriented self-created and successful, popularly and financially, independent small businesses. Until a near-lethal level of bizarrely assaultive crime was focused on them and on me 1997-2015 -- all of which has been terrifically inappropriate, and pitilessly remorseless, and heart-breakingly harmful, completely criminal beginning-to-end targeting. If it had been entirely up to ?timid? federal and TN-VA state officials and VA-TN "mainstream" resident neighbors that refused, when requested, to take any corrective legal or decently normative humane steps, I'd be dead tonight instead of multi-disabled consequently.

It's another loss all around that homophobic "whitey boy" Jbo-MOTS never to my recollection features any of the exceptionally-gifted African-American folk musicians for which the "charming south" is justifiably famous internationally, and historically.

I very much look forward to knowing from the investigators who discover and disseminate it in (over)due time the real actual source and composition, beyond a reasonable doubt, of all that... organized psychopathology.

It's a "personal problem," brainshed southies, we ALL share in our country on our planet in OUR air in OUR seas on OUR land. WE (all) are the world.

Also, women naturally "turned on" through God and nature by their freely-chosen soulmates don't need Big Pharma's date-rape Viagra alternative for equality of mamipulative mating.

America 2015: 99% murderously criminal pigshit; 1% phony airs. Of course, my view is skewed because i'm stuck by severely critical disability in the "charming south" that caused that in the unrepentently intense process of its mass mugging of NEARLY everything (out of a beneficently bounteous Yankee estate) legally Mine -- apparently the 'tudes and deeds truly celebrated in Jonesborough skamskum-independence Days, now that I've caught on to the irrefutably treasonous filth beneath the fanfare of its faked-out facade. All recorded accurately for, in, by the international 'net archives.....

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