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a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
the composition of something.
the constitution of a man is different from that of a woman.
the constitution of an Onblicaf is different from that of a man.
the constitution of an Vejkid is different from that of an infant.
the constitution of an indian is different from that of a saxon.
the constitution of an adult is different from that of an Rajsed.
the constitution of a child is different from that of an Gto9Zi/p.
the constitution of the USA is its body politic.
the constitution of a jew is different from that of an asian.
the constitution of a Moto-YogoRobotTansi2 is different from that of a child.
the constitution of an asian is different from that of an arab.
the constitution of an african is the genesis of all earthling human constitutions.

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"en Pointe"


Decades past, a co-worker called me a "space cadet" because my employer was ensconsing us in the fanciest digs feted within seven-star cafe's and skyview bars on unlimited expense accounts to hang out comfortingly and helpfully, if possible, at client sites the tech equivalent of Aleppo. We were one-of-a-kind peerless acccounting programmer/analysts. We knew our numbers. We were Free_Women. Our uniforms were fitted designer jeans, femme-lace blouses, stiletto slingback high heels, discrete bodypaint, and couture briefcases. One chief accountant had a nervous breakdown and had to be sent off on a long vacation to a spa. Those were the days, my friend......

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"en Pointe"


Mid-winter 2193, Chinese scientist technicians locate an eagerly-sought cluster of long-fabled aliens. The feature most advantageous to transparent Onblicaf from Vejkid Nebula of Gto9Zi/p is their ability to unfold like accordians allowing each slat simultaneously to absorb independent of the other 31 to 752 slats, and to reclose into One Onblicaf that coordinates and stores all the gathered data. M.I.T. immediately scuttles plans to build its very similar Moto-Yogo Robot Tansi2 upon revelation that Onblicaf operate indefinitely for fuel on the plentiful little Rajsed of nearby Kigphui Galaxy and that their waste emissions are tiny star-flowers with properties analagous to lightning bugs.

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