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Opicem Galaxy Star 075mk.x9,t NewsFlash! or "No, Everything's Fine Dear."

Our safely distant Sapphire jet probe to poor little planet Earth indicates hominid extinction has degraded and accelerated horribly since our last daring glimpse into the shattered edge of God's awed Universe and our patiently tactiturn Cosmos drifting in the divine breath. As last reported they continue to multiply mindlessly beyond sustenant resources of the gray-brown orb wobbling in the weight of trash excreted into its burning biotent by poisoned and incoherent lowest lifeforms that are "losing it" to the terrifying extent they are defacating in and otherwise debasing their own shrinking supplies of H2O crucial for bathing and drinking and feeding the scaley game that is their incipient dietary native essential protein, oil and mineral -- and sometime playmate friend. We predict species demise soon following its last interactive pummeling and caging of its own. Left undisturbed by the crazed explosion of unfortunate hominid evolution, Earth self-healing toward happy habitation by higher sublimities like us Opi 075mk.x9,ts is projected probable in just (0x5p)/8.2j7B hollygolitely years. Plan your packing and reserve a preferred port-o-sphere today! Our galacian guides are on standby ready awaiting your buzz-bit to flit to what will be known as Sky Zit 7x7 By 9!

Black Alert: DO NOT INSTRUCTIVELY HISS ON REPLACEMENT OF CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS AND PRISONS WITH BREEDING OF TRUE CHARACTER, CLEAR LOGIC AND INNER MORALITY!! We are looking forward to Opicem 075mk.x9,t vacation basking on its hominid-exterminated and restoratively cleansed hilly rills by newly gleaming streams!

Code Red News Update! Frightened Earth scientists replicate NO Evidence of linkage between intelligence and skin color or constructive talent and genital conformation or ethical acuity and earwax buildup. The Charming South secedes from all its universities and sentences any C. S. outed as being a "scientist" to maskless Gulf of Mexico scuba diving patrol to locate and apprehend the misbehaving Probability-Of-Zero.

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"The way of the Cross is not easy, yet it is the tuneful, the rhythmic, the beautiful, the lovely way."
-- Edgar Cayce, Association for Research and Enlightenment

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