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"One God"

"Manifest Destiny: Possible Dreams on Dry Land"

(Open source theses, from caring concern for all species and for our spatial home, at the insecure edge of my knowledge/talent base)

Our current international mobilization is not another crusade of Christians against Muslims; it is a Holy War of Earth's people (Christians, Muslims and Jews et al) of the One God against satan materialized (ISIL/Daesh, currently).
Peace needs to be restored in the homelands of Earth's human migrants -- who range through students to scholars to successful entrepreneurs to store clerks to sobbing toddlers to weary workers of all kinds-- and a marshall plan implemented there, so the migrants can be welcomingly repatriated voluntarily to live in and help rebuild healthily the socio-economies of their own native nations and cultures. Leaders from Arab, Judaic and Western worlds need to consult together on agreeable terms of stable restoration and implementation of a procedural plan.

The bigotedly war-mongering imperial "white" West (led by America's charging Bush/Cheney, and post-colonial monarchist Britain's Blair and the past-hegemony monopolistic cult of Rome's Vatican -- and by manipulatively hawkish HRC) is largely responsible for the current "mess." It needs to pay for and support viable solutions before The Mess deluges and drowns us all. Perhaps this planet-engulfing plague is our answer from the god of abraham to the pseudo-christian "holy wars" against god's muslims and jews initiated in that "lost decade." Oddly, the divine message Christ Jesus spoke, to be scribed later by apostles, was delivered originally in Syrian Aramaic and from that transliterated into ethnic grammars and lexicons worldwide -- while the judeo-christan holy books are written initially in hebrew, and greek -- geo-linguistic site of western civilization's first government operational in democracy of theoretical analyses, legal structure and resident citizen commitment.

The logical fallacy of atheism's inherent acknowledgement of divine dominion negates its reality. If I insist that clouds don't exist, doesn't that acknowledge something we call a "cloud" IS in our similarly shared sensory perception? Paraphrasing an ancient saying: There are no atheists at death's door; our last cry is to the creator god to save us or to to help us through matter's final agony.

Diseases, mental (political/religious) and physical (economic), spread like wildfire in our crowdedly interactive contemporary world and times. We can't keep our finger in the dike, or redundantly repair or reconstruct it, to avoid the tsunami's immensity. This living world is in mortal crisis, and delusion is not triage effectively, survivably.

The profoundly pagan militarism of the "born again" era in this country was actually a cleverly disguised and perpetrated effort to rebirth expansively the southern master/slave Nazi Confederacy in collusion with "catholic" monarchies globally. That has failed here, and we struggle now in the distended swath of stewing aftermaths planetwide of those disastrously destructive paths to inimical ignorance and torturous intolerance.

We have continually altered massive natural systems to serve temporal demands as if we could readily address any fatalic consequences which has proven to be fallacy in theory and fact.

Stable peace arises from and rests upon self-supporting, non-usurious industry at the micro and macro levels. Economic models based on multi-faceted thievery and flimflam trickery are necessarily war belligerant and profiteering. It is solely significant to paid officials with vested interest in and guaranteed benefits from any Political Party or Theocratic Structure which organization has the correct, or most popularly saleable, analyses and answers to socio-economic, and/or spiritual, difficulties shouldered by the majority of residents every day. Dogmatic allegiance to any of those entities is dehumanizing and potentially deadly. "It's how we play the game, not who or what wins at any discrete point, that matters most significantly in the long run."

It is the duty of honorable governance to structure supportively paths to basic self-sustenance for resident citizens and/or employees.

An argument as to rightness or wrongfulness of any idea or belief (mental/spiritual path) cannot be won longlastingly in the material realm (militant war). That is a futile confusion of dominions. Still-festering border/religious/political wars worldwide are examples of that truism.

If Jane kills Ralph who refuses to say or believe that oranges are a subset of the genus tomato, that does not make avocado trees produce tangerines nor change the minds -- for practical reasons in daily life -- of Ralph's neighbors in regard to citrus or vegetable gardening, marketing, nutrition and cuisine. If only plum and tomato growers are allowed to survive for producing citrus, the resultant scarcity of that will likely increase the incidence of scurvy for all. Nature's yin-yang revenge may later be called "karma" by combatants arguing either side of ideation with a sword.

Demonstrably the best proven production economy is based on making and marketing with fair-wage worker/s markup goods for which there is an innate need, including delightfully beautiful and/or interesting art/crafts. Stock shares are meant to be a popularized means of crowdfunding with deferred loan interest in the form of dividends and stockvalue appreciation honestly calibrated/calculated. Wall Street has turned that into a betting parlor for horse races.

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